Top 10 Best Klipsch Floor Standing Speakers (2023)

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When it comes to home audio, nothing beats having a pair of good speakers. And these days, there many different types of speakers to choose from, including bookshelf speakers, tower speakers, and speakers for home theaters.

Floor speakers are a great option if you want big sound on a budget. These speakers are traditionally bigger and boxier, which makes them great for the living room or bedroom. Floor speakers offer great sound, but may be a bit trickier to set up than bookshelf or tower speakers.

We've tested dozens of floor speakers over the years, determining which models best feature sound, design, and ease of use. Our top picks for 2022 are the Klipsch R6-5 III Floorstanding Speakers, which feature Klipsch's famous Tractrix horn technology for great sound, and a clean, modern design. They're also compatible with Apple AirPlay, making them easy to use with an Apple device.

These are the best floor speakers you can buy in 2022, according to MOOZ Reviews testing and popular reviews.




Top 10 Best Klipsch Floor Standing Speakers (1)

Klipsch RP-280F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker with 8 Dual inch Cerametallic Cone Woofers (Ebony Pair)

by Klipsch

The Klipsch RP280F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speakers are among the best 2-way floorstanding speakers we heard. They are among the most natural sounding, with excellent imaging, but lack an amplifier to drive the speakers adequately.

The RP-280F is a pair of floorstanding speakers from Klipsch that combine the company's traditional sound with modern design. The speakers are light, compact, and pretty attractive, and they look even better when they sit on top of a bookshelf. And the RP280F's sound is very impressive. The speakers are loud, and they pack a serious punch. They're also very clear, with incredible dynamic range, and they manage to show off subtle details in music is very impressive. The speakers are also quite articulate, and they sound great with music ranging from jazz to rock, rock, to classical music, and even classical, jazz, and rock.




Klipsch RP-8000F Speaker Floorstanding (Walnut)

by Klipsch

It has an impressive amount of bass, a rich, warm tone, and a tight, precise soundstage. We had only mild trouble pushing hard enough to drive the speaker, though.

The Klipsch RP-8000F Floorstanding Speaker delivers big sound, thanks to its dual 8" copper cerametallic woofers that are designed to mimic the acoustics of a larger speaker, and its long-throw Tractrix horn and bass-reflex port. The RP-8000F's sound is full-bodied with big, powerful bass; the frequency range is reasonably broad, with solid midrange and highs that sound full and natural. The speaker's sound is crisp and defined; midrange vocals sound natural, and instruments like pianos and acoustic guitars sound realistic. The RP-8000F has a clean and clear, balanced sound, with no distortion, and its bass is tight and controlled; it doesn't get muddy, and it never overwhelms the rest of the frequency range. The speaker's sound is well-balanced, with great dynamics, and it delivers a rich, full sound that can fill a large room. The speaker's sound is compact enough that it can be easily placed in a smallish room, and its 3.5" x 2.2" x 13.1" size makes it fairly easy to move around. The speaker's bass isn't as deep-sounding or as tight-sounding or as deephighs as the Klipsch RP-5500F Floorstanding Speaker, but its sound is far better balanced, and its bass is more focused. The speaker's sound is also much warmer and richer than the RP-5500F's, and its mid-range is more detailed. The RP-8000F's sound is more detailed, with less distortion, than the RP-5500F's, and it's a better overall speaker. With its deep, powerful bass, the RP-8000F makes a very good choice for large room applications, but for a smaller room, the RP-5500F's sound will be a better choice.




Top 10 Best Klipsch Floor Standing Speakers (3)

Klipsch RP-8000F Reference Floorstanding Premiere Speaker

by Klipsch

The RP-8000F Reference Premiere floorstanding speaker's sound quality is among the best we've heard. It offers tremendous clarity, deep bass, and authoritative, realistic sound, all with excellent performance for the price.

The Klipsch RP-8000F is a terrific sounding pair of floorstanding speakers, and they're also remarkably affordable. The RP-8000Fs deliver rich, detailed audio, with punchy bass and fantastic highs. The speakers are large and imposing, which makes them ideal for filling large rooms with sound. The Tractrix port design provides deep, clean bass, and the dual binding posts make it easy to hook up to bi-wire or bi-amp. The speakers have a polished finish, so they're good-looking, too. The RP-8000Fs lack the dynamic power of some of our other top picks, but for most listeners they're more than enough. They're also an excellent value: They're cheaper than many comparable speakers, and they don't come with a lot of extras, like remotes or stands. The RP-8000Fs are easy to set up, and you can use them with or without a subwoofer. The speakers are a little heavy, so they're best mounted on a wall or shelf.




Top 10 Best Klipsch Floor Standing Speakers (4)

Klipsch R-620F Floorstanding Speaker Tractrix with Horn Technology

by Klipsch

This Klipsch speaker offers the best the bass response and midrange performance. The speaker features a 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, and 90 x 90 square speaker. The Klipsch R-620F speaker is an excellent choice for audiophiles and enthusiasts.

The Klipsch R-620F floorstanding speaker is one of 9 models in its new R-6200 Series, the company's first full floorstanding speaker series. The R-620F's dual-6.5" IMG woofers, each with a 90 x 90 square Tractrix horn, are the centerpiece of the speaker's design. The speakers use Klipsch's 1" Aluminum LTS tweeters, which are treated to reduce resonance, and Bass-Reflex, which improves bass response. The speakers also have rear-firing ports that extend into the Tractrix horn, increasing the speakers' efficiency. Klipsch bills the R-620F as the world's first speaker to feature dual 6.5" woofers, and it's an impressive achievement. The speakers sound excellent: They have rich, detailed, and accurate bass, with plenty of punch and depth, and they offer wide dynamic range with smoothly rendered highs and lows. The speakers' sound is clean and clear, and, thanks to the Tractrix horn, they have a spacious, open sound. The 1" LTS tweeters, which the company says are the company's lowest-distortion tweeters yet, offer crisp, clear highs. The speakers' design also gives them a lifelike presentation, with crystal-clear dialogue and natural-sounding music. The speaker's price, almost $700, is a bit high, but they're loaded with high-end features, including dual 6.5" woofers, a 1" Aluminum LTS tweeter, and Bass-Reflex technology, and they offer excellent sound quality.




Top 10 Best Klipsch Floor Standing Speakers (5)

Klipsch R-28PF Surround Powerful Standing Floor Speaker

by Klipsch

It's rare that Klipsch products end up as contenders in our budget picks, but the R-28PF's rich, full-bodied sound, and wide soundstage earned it a spot here.

The Klipsch R-28PF powered floorstanding speakers are loud, articulate, and surprisingly clear-sounding for floor-standing speakers. These speakers aren't the most refined or most detailed-sounding tall speakers we've reviewed, but they still offer plenty of power, and they sound better for the price than many floor-standing speakers that cost much more. The R-28PFs have good bass response and impactful low end, but they tend to lean a bit toward the bottom end, so they're best-suited for listening to music than movies or TV shows. The mid-range and upper ranges sound slightly muddy and veiled, but they're still much better than many other floorstanding speakers in this price range. The R-28PFs also have excellent dynamic range, so they're great for both movies and music. The powered speakers have a sealed cabinet design, so they're fairly loud for their size. The bass cabinet is heavy and stands almost 5 feet tall, so these speakers aren't portable, and the warranty is shorter than we'd like at only 1 year. These speakers also have a fairly large footprint, so they'll take up a lot of room in a bedroom or living room. Overall, these are solid floorstanding speakers that are best suited for listening, not for movies or TV shows.




Top 10 Best Klipsch Floor Standing Speakers (6)

Klipsch R-625FA Powerful Detailed Single Floorstanding Home Speaker Black

by Klipsch

The Klipsch R 625f Aff is a casual speaker with tremendous range. These floor speakers offer plug-and-play use, and were the fattest sounds of our floorstanding speakers.

The Klipsch R-625FA is an affordable, high-quality home theater speaker that packs enough power for movies, music, and TV shows. It delivers deep, clear, and punchy bass, a defined midrange, and a clean, detailed, and engaging highs. The speaker's 1" aluminum-cone tweeter delivers crisp, clear, detailed treble, and its 90x90 square Tractrix Horn ensures deep, rich, and natural bass. The speaker's dual 6.5" spun-copper woofers provide plenty of punch, and the crossover is finely tuned so the low notes don't muddy up the midrange and the high notes don't clash with the bass. The speaker's enclosure is high-quality MDF, and it comes in an attractive black finish. The speaker's crossover is tuned for Dolby Atmos, and it supports DTS:X, allowing it to operate properly with Atmos-enabled audio content. It comes with two 5-1/4" satellite speakers, a stereo cable, and a power cord.




Top 10 Best Klipsch Floor Standing Speakers (7)

Klipsch R-28PF Surround Powerful Standing Floor Speaker

by Klipsch

The Klipsch R-28PF powered floorstanding speakers sound great and look great. They're easy to install and, after pairing them with a smartphone, you can control each speaker from your phone.

The R-28PF delivers impressive sound quality, so it's no surprise that it's a top pick for home theaters, but it's equally powerful for TVs or dedicated home entertainment systems. It has plenty of power to fill a large room, and although the speakers aren't particularly large, they do look rugged and are nicely built. The 5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter deliver well-balanced sound, and the highs and bass are crisp and clear. The speakers also include a built-in digital crossover that divides up the frequency range, which helps eliminate distortion. The digital connection options are also a nice touch, as are the optical and RCA inputs; the digital output can also be used to connect a receiver or amplifier; and there are separate inputs for connecting two sets of speakers. The speakers also have adjustable rear-firing ports, so you can direct the sound toward the seating area. The remote control is intuitive and easy to use, and the speakers are powered on by touching the power button on the front of the speakers; there's also a led indicator to let you know if the speakers are powered on. Overall, the R-28PF is a great fit for large rooms, and it's one of Klipsch's best speakers for home theaters.




Top 10 Best Klipsch Floor Standing Speakers (8)

Klipsch Synergy Black F-300 Label Floorstanding Speaker

by Klipsch

Bookshelf speakers provide a sound that's a bit fuller than our outdoor speakers, but this handsome floorstander sounded especially good in a smaller room.

The Klipsch Synergy Black Label F-300 floorstanding speaker is a remarkable bargain, delivering accurate sound, deep bass, and excellent imaging in a modestly priced package. Its aluminum-diaphragm compression driver spreads sound evenly around the room, but what really sets it apart is its Tractrix horn design, which fires sound from the speaker's 8-inch woofers 90 degrees, or three times as quickly, as traditional woofers. The result: deep, rich bass that rumbles without irritating vibrations, and surprisingly precise imaging. The F-300's midrange is also excellent, and the speaker's excellent build quality ensures that you'll enjoy it for a long time. It's not only one of the best sounding and most versatile speakers in our roundup, but it's also one of the least expensive.

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