South Korea: Fortune 500 leading companies 2023 | Statista (2024)

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South Korea: Fortune 500 leading companies 2023 | Statista (2024)


South Korea: Fortune 500 leading companies 2023 | Statista? ›

South Korea's most valuable company by a country mile is Samsung with a market cap past $375 billion, bigger than the economy of Qatar.

What is the leading company in South Korea? ›

South Korea's most valuable company by a country mile is Samsung with a market cap past $375 billion, bigger than the economy of Qatar.

What's the biggest technology company in South Korea according to the Fortune 500? ›

Samsung Electronics

What is the No 1 brand in Korea? ›

Samsung retained its title of being the most valuable brand in South Korea despite recording a decrease in brand value by 7% to US$82.7 billion.

Who are the top 4 chaebols in Korea? ›

Fictional chaebol families have been depicted in Korean dramas. The Lee family of Samsung, the Koos of LG, the Cheys of SK, the Shins of Lotte and the Chungs of Hyundai are household names that have tightly held the reins of the companies that are some of the country's largest private sector employers.

How many Fortune 500 companies are there in South Korea? ›

In 2023, the largest South Korean company as measured by revenue was Samsung Electronics with a revenue of over 234 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Hyundai Motor with a revenue of around 110.4 billion U.S. dollars. That year, 18 South Korean companies featured on the Fortune Global 500 rankings.

What is the Big 4 in South Korea? ›

South Korea's four largest business conglomerates – Samsung, Hyundai Motor, SK and LG – will likely return as members of the country's top business lobby group, the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI).

What are the top 10 largest companies in South Korea? ›

Samsung, Hyundai, SK Group, POSCO, LG Electronics, Kia, SK Innovation, Korea Electric Power, SK Hynix, and LG Chem are the top 10 biggest companies in South Korea based on revenue in 2023.

What are the big three record companies in South Korea? ›

K-pop songs have a limited shelf life

During the last two decades, the K-pop entertainment market was dominated by the “Big 3” K-pop entertainment agencies: SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. SM Entertainment has traditionally taken the lead in terms of size, number of artists, and revenue.

What are the big 3 companies in Korea? ›

The Big Three in K-pop refers to the three South Korean entertainment companies YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and SM Entertainment. These companies dominated the K-pop industry from the late 1990s to today.

What is South Korea famous for? ›

What is South Korea famous for? South Korea is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant K-pop music scene, delicious cuisine like kimchi and bulgogi. It is also famous because of the technological innovations from companies like Samsung and LG, stunning natural landscapes, and traditional arts and crafts.

Which luxury brand is most popular in Korea? ›

In 2021, Louis Vuitton was the most popular luxury goods brand in South Korea, reaching a sales share of over 31 percent. Chanel came in second, with a little over one in four luxury goods purchases being made from the brand.

What is the oldest brand in Korea? ›

Founded in 1896, Doosan is Korea's oldest company and has grown through numerous changes and innovations ranging from consumer goods to heavy and high-tech industries. Therefore, the history of Doosan occurred simultaneously with the history of economic growth and industrial development in Korea.

What are the top 5 industries in Korea? ›

South Korea: Economy
Economic TriviaSouth Korea is the most industrialized OECD country.
Top IndustriesElectronics; Telecommunications; Automobile Production; Chemicals
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