A Complete Guide on Jobs in South Korea for Indians [2024] (2024)

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  • January 4, 2024
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How to get Jobs in South Korea for Indians?

I get that question all the time — almost every single day. Today, more and more people want to live and work in Korea than ever before.

You’re not alone if you are also drawn to the fascinating notion of working there!

This may sound like a far-fetched idea. Nearly too good to be true, even though the reasons for moving there are pretty obvious.

But the great news is you can make it happen with proper planning and preparation. This is despite being a not-an-easy goal.

People, especially girls from far and wide, including India, flock to Korea yearly to travel, pursue higher studies, or start a new career.

How easy or difficult is finding a job in Korea for Indians? Is it worth it? What do you need, and which visa to get? How to apply?

This article covers all you need to know about jobs in South Korea from an Indian perspective.

So let’s dive in and get the ball rolling!

Table of Contents
  1. Why work in Korea of all choices?
  2. Things to know before starting your Korean job search
    1. Work Culture in South Korea
    2. CV for the Korean job market
    3. Preparation
    4. Points to consider for jobs in South Korea
      1. (i) Working hours
      2. (ii) Holidays
      3. (iii) Government Tax rates
      4. (iv) The living costs
      5. (v) Big Cities
  3. Job opportunities for Indians in Korea
    1. (i) Teaching English in Korea
    2. (ii) Jobs in Indian companies in Korea
    3. (iii) IT professionals from India
    4. (iv) Language related to jobs
    5. (v) Office and other jobs for Indians
    6. (vi) Indian-specific work
  4. What do you need to get jobs in Korea?
    1. Do you need to speak Korean to work in Korea?
  5. Where to look for jobs?
  6. Indian professionals seeking employment in Korea
    1. Types of Visas
  7. Should you consider working in Korea?

Why work in Korea of all choices?

Instead, the question should be, “Why not?”

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Korea?

BTS, Kimchi, Gangnam Style, Cosmetics, Parasite, Squid Game?

You will be surprised to learn that there’s more to it than that.

As Asia’s fourth-largest economy, it has a thriving economy. It is home to major brands such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, KIA, POSCO, Lotte, etc.

South Korea’s economy continues to flourish at a stable rate. As a result, it is among the top 15 economies and the sixth-largest exporter as of 2024.

Besides the Korean economy, the popularity of Korean culture is also on the rise.

Mouthwatering foods, delightful Kpop, Kmovies and Kdrama, beautiful places, and high quality of life are reasons to get a job in Korea.

Your stay there will allow you to explore the unique culture and rich traditions you won’t find anywhere else.

You will also get a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn, practice, and improve your Korean language.

You do not need to enroll in a Korean course. Instead, you can study through immersion by speaking with locals and using the language in day-to-day activities.

Earning, learning, and enjoying all three together is possible by living in the place, the “land of the morning calm.” With so many positive factors, you will surely make lifelong memories.

Things to know before starting your Korean job search

A Complete Guide on Jobs in South Korea for Indians [2024] (2)

As you prepare to embrace your dream of going to Korea, having realistic expectations can increase your chances of achieving success.

Native speakers are better at understanding cultures than foreigners. So, they will always have an advantage. Thus, do not compete with Koreans, but focus on tasks that you are better at.

Identify a niche in which your skills and background can benefit the company.

For example, Indians will do better for a company that deals with India, South Asia, or even a region with many Indian diasporas.

You’ll be more beneficial as a foreigner with rare expertise in Korea. Also, you’ll be even more valuable if your work involves communicating with international clients, especially from your home country.

I’ve listed all the key things you need to know about employment in Korea.

So, without further ado, let’s get into more detail about getting a job in South Korea from India.

Work Culture in South Korea

Koreans believe longstanding respect, hierarchy, and humility should be incorporated into a modern culture without losing their core values.

Despite a steady increase in foreigners, traditional customs still prevail, especially in their work culture and approach to human relations.

They believe that spending time together builds strong bonds, so it is not unusual for the team leader to take them out for a meal or drink.

Team dinners, called Hweshik, are a regular activity to relieve stress in Korean companies. It also strengthens relationships between colleagues.

Koreans value respect even for strangers. So, if you meet someone for the first time, wait for a third party to introduce you. Then, you can address someone by their formal title and your own.

Hierarchy plays a vital role in work culture. It is, thus, common to see obvious distinctions in mannerisms between rankings. For example, they value seniority, both by age and profession.

CV for the Korean job market

South Koreans pay close attention to detail and are particular about certain things. Thus, many companies have standard CV formats and specifications.

South Korean CVs are short and contain specific keywords instead of phrases. Follow the standard format to the best of your ability.


The Korean people place a high value on appearance, etiquette, and manners. So, make sure you dress well and in a formal outfit appropriate for the position you are applying for.

They bow rather than shake hands when they meet. Only shake hands if the interviewer starts it. They will respect you if you are humble and confident.

An interview requires punctuality. Come to the appointment at least 10 minutes early. Bring hard copies of your English and Korean resumes if you can.

Points to consider for jobs in South Korea

Here are a few points to remember before applying for any job in Korea.

(i) Working hours

South Korea has a long history of working extended hours. They work longer than any other developed country.

Now, the maximum workweek is 52 hours. This includes a typical 40 regular hours plus 12 hours of overtime.

(ii) Holidays

The number of public holidays varies yearly, ranging from 10 to 16. Your paid annual leave also grows each year you work for your employer.

The company will award you some paid vacation if you rarely miss working days. Likewise, they will reduce paid leave if you are absent more than average.

(iii) Government Tax rates

Workers in South Korea must pay income tax and health and pension insurance.

There are two possibilities for foreigners.

Either pay a progressive income tax rate that varies between 8 and 45 percent or a flat tax rate of 19% on their gross earnings. So, if your income is high, a flat tax is better.

(iv) The living costs

The cost of living varies depending on where and how you live. For example, Seoul, the capital city, is much more expensive than other cities.

Public transportation and utilities are both reasonably priced. Korean food is substantially less expensive than western cuisine. Marketplaces and small businesses are cheaper than big stores.

Like outings and weekend trips, the lifestyle expenses are pretty subjective and depend on the person. This can increase the cost if you do not keep a tab on it or often indulge in pampering yourself.

(v) Big Cities

English-speaking foreigners and Indians prefer the capital city of Seoul because it is easy to live there.

Busan, Incheon, and Daegu are also excellent cities for opportunities since they are still expanding and in high demand.

Daejeon, Gwangju, Suwon, Ulsan, and Jeju are perfect options for those seeking a slightly lower cost of living. But savings also come with some compromises.

For example, you must speak Korean well to live in these cities. The home embassy or consulates may also be far away. So, you may not find your preferred restaurants or many people from your home country.

Job opportunities for Indians in Korea

A Complete Guide on Jobs in South Korea for Indians [2024] (3)

There are plenty of requirements in various fields in South Korea. Job opportunities are now more plentiful than ever before. Prospects for finding work are not limited to just a few industries.

It is not necessary to speak Korean fluently for some of these positions! Still, a higher language level can help you get better and more job options.

Don’t let that dampen your spirits. There are still many choices available to you. So, let’s look at some of the most popular jobs for Indians in Korea.

(i) Teaching English in Korea

Teaching English in Korea is the most popular job for foreigners. Because of the high demand, the requirement for ESL (English as a second language) teachers is immense.

You can work for government public schools like EPIK, SMOE, GOE, GEPIK, TaLK, private centers (Hagwon), or even universities. Many companies also hire English trainers for their employees.

You need a bachelor’s degree and English test certificates like TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA. And if you have teaching experience, it can be an added advantage, though not compulsory.

Applicants must be native English speakers from the UK, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, or South Africa. Indians are also eligible to apply as per the CEPA agreement between India-Korea.

But it is difficult to get an ESL job for Indians. Most Koreans favor natives with native accents. So, it would be tough to get one without a flawless accent, a teacher’s license, and relevant background.

(ii) Jobs in Indian companies in Korea

Many Indian companies like Tata Motors, Novelis, TCS, Wipro, Mahindra and Mahindra, Nucleus, and L&T Infotech have offices in South Korea.

The branches are spread throughout the country (Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Busan, Gunsan, Incheon, etc.)

They hire Indian engineers and professionals for jobs in South Korea. Also, some of them send their own staff from India to South Korea for temporary or long-term projects.

Irreversibly, if you are working in a Korean company in India, you can try to get transferred to Korea.

So, with some research and crafty networking, you might be able to convince your company to relocate to Korea. Of course, this may not be easy, but it is worth a shot!

(iii) IT professionals from India

There is a surge in need for skilled IT professionals and researchers in South Korea. As a result, many Korean companies are now keen to recruit tech engineers from India.

This includes programmers, software engineers, cloud, app devs, IA, etc.

Large companies like LG and Samsung have hundreds of IT experts from India. Thus, this makes it the most popular job for Indians in South Korea.

They also offer them above-par salaries, even by western standards, and provide incentives like free housing and food.

These IT specialists could make similar or even more money in Europe, the US, and India. Still, most work in Korea because they are fascinated with Korea and for their own personal reason.

You also do not need to speak good Korean. But, an elementary-level Korean skill is enough to work in this field.

(iv) Language related to jobs

Do you speak two languages fluently?

You can also work as an interpreter, translator, proofreader, content creator, or in jobs that require Korean language skills.

Of course, English and Korean are the most popular combinations. Yet, there is also a demand for other languages, including Indian, uncommon, and less popular.

Such jobs pay between INR 80,000 to 3,00,000 per month on average. It depends on the position, the experience, and the skillset.

A Complete Guide on Jobs in South Korea for Indians [2024] (4)

(v) Office and other jobs for Indians

The job market in South Korea is also growing, and new openings cover a variety of industries. This includes auto, shipbuilding, manufacturing, finance, oil and gas, healthcare, electronics, chemicals, steel, etc.

The startup sector is booming and expanding rapidly. As a result, Seoul has a flourishing startup ecosystem.

It has already spent 1.6 billion dollars on expansion in the past year. Even with pandemics, the government invests in and supports startups.

South Korea is also known for its markets, entertainment, marketing, sales, human resources, public relations, project management, and other crucial work lines.

Such professions require you to be an expert in them. So, employers prefer you over other applicants or locals in the same field.

Besides teaching and various white-collar and high-paying jobs in South Korea, there are also EPS of migrant workers.

Indians cannot apply to work under the Employment Permit System (EPS). This is because there is no arrangement between India and SK, unlike countries like Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

(vi) Indian-specific work

As the suicide rate and stress level rise, South Koreans are becoming more aware of the importance of healing treatments and relaxation.

Indian Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and ancient health remedies specific to India have attracted people from all over Korea.

The Korean craze has created many prestigious positions. Various healing programs are needed for these assignments.

Since India is one of the top exporters of such talent, you will probably find many prospects if you have outstanding skills and experience.

Are you working as a chef or manager in a hotel?

You can also seek Freshers’ jobs in Indian restaurants in Korea. You can also work in the Korean tourism industry that caters to tourists from India.

What do you need to get jobs in Korea?

All job options share some basic requirements. To work in South Korea, you must have a university degree. The 12th pass won’t be sufficient, mostly.

Your degree must be related to the job you are seeking. The specific criteria differ as per the company and industry which you intend to apply.

You may need a TEFL, CELTA, or TESOL certificate as an English teacher.

Likewise, some management roles may require prior experience, along with MBA. A good health record and no criminal background are also vital!

Do you need to speak Korean to work in Korea?

A Complete Guide on Jobs in South Korea for Indians [2024] (5)

Many Koreans in big cities speak some English. This is because most schools and colleges teach it. Still, they cannot speak or understand that well and can only read and write a bit.

Most full-time jobs in Korea require candidates to have at least an intermediate level of proficiency in Korean.

To qualify for these jobs, you must communicate clearly with others. In most cases, taking the TOPIK level 3 or 4 tests is necessary for applying.

An interviewer can still assess your language skills, even without that.

Most employers prefer hiring workers who speak the language or want to learn Korean. They can thus blend in better with their colleagues and the work environment.

Worry not if you aren’t yet fluent!

Several IT projects, teaching positions, corporate jobs, etc., do not require advanced Korean. Instead, a beginner’s language ability and familiarity with the field are sufficient.

Where to look for jobs?

You can search for job postings uploaded by employers online. The most popular websites are Saramin, Job Korea, Craigslist, LinkedIn, Global Korea Center, Work-Net, and People N Job, to name a few.

You can look into ESL-based sites, agencies, and job boards for teaching English. For instance, Korvia, Gone2Korea, Dave’s ESL Cafe, CIEE, English Work, Footprints, Teach Away, Teach ESL, Reach to Teach, Hands Korea, Work N Play, etc.

You can also find job vacancies in English-language newspapers such as The Korea Times, The Korea Herald, and The Seoul Times.

If you could manage the initial expenses after moving to Korea. Then, you might consider looking for jobs through newspaper listings.

This has the advantage of attending in-person or walk-in interviews and making a better impression on potential employers.

If you go through Indian or Korean companies from India, they will manage everything.

Indian professionals seeking employment in Korea

In 2010, India and the Republic of Korea signed the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA).

In the CEPA agreement, Indians in 163 professions can now work in the ROK. There are some benefits to this.

For example, if any Indian wishes to become an assistant English teacher in primary or secondary school. Plus, it is more helpful for Indians than applicants from other countries.

It applies if it is a non-English-speaking nation without aCEPAagreement.

HunetKorea is a website dedicated to hiring Indian professionals in Korea. The site provides information about visa applications and is a data bank for companies and candidates.

It serves as a bridge between companies in Korea and the finest talents globally, including India, who want to work in South Korea. It can also help with visa procedures.

A Complete Guide on Jobs in South Korea for Indians [2024] (6)

Types of Visas

Regardless of your profession and job, you need a visa to work or stay in South Korea.

Depending on the nature of the work and duration, you can apply for it. For example, E-1 Professor, E-2 Foreign Language Teacher, E-5 Special professional, C-4 Short Term Employment, etc.

Most times, you also require sponsorship from the company. There may be some other conditions, too, with specific visas. So, check out the exact requirements.

Indian students, whether self-funding or GKS scholarship, in Korea, can work part-time by applying for an S3 visa rather than having a D-type study visa.

You can only do this 6 months after arrival and need approval from your institution.

Should you consider working in Korea?

Getting a job in South Korea from India isn’t easy. Your choices are limited because of the language barrier, strict visa policy, average salary, finite job market, and distinct work conditions.

That’s why the number of Indians living on the entire Korean peninsula is lower than in small areas of Dubai, Toronto, London, New York, Sydney, or Singapore.

Yet, working in South Korea has many clear benefits.

For example, relish delicious foods, visit this spectacular place, enjoy unique cultural aspects, experience Hallyu, and meet friendly people. You will get another good reason to learn Korean.

And, of course, job prospects in Korea. So, despite some drawbacks, it is a big motivation for Korean enthusiasts to come from India.

A truly unforgettable experience is waiting for you. You may also discover that the rewards far outweigh the struggles you may encounter.

It’s challenging to achieve your dreams. But if you plan carefully and work on your profile, you may move to Korea someday.

It has always been my aim to ensure the accuracy of all information. Still, a few things are highly dynamic and might change. So check and verify on the official websites for updated information.

Are you considering South Korea as a job destination? Let me know what you think about it in the comments!

Looking for online language career counselling that can change your life for the better?Check out → Career Guidance

Vikash Gupta

I’m a linguist, lifelong learner, blogger, and fun-loving guy. I write at studyfrenchspanish.com, languagenext.com, joyofkorean.com, joyofchinese.com, and joyofjapanese.com.


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    1. Once you complete your course and get some experience, you can look for job opportunities there. But for foreigners, it’s not easy. The easiest route is to do some courses in SK or go through some companies. You also need Korean language skills to have a comfortable stay.


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    1. Well, to be fair, in most cases, they prefer native speakers even though Indians with required credientials are eligible to apply. You can keep trying in various ways to more number of academic institutions.


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        1. I do not know much about that.


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    1. Regarding the quality and popularity of Software engineering programs, many better options are there in Europe and the USA than Korea. Even India is good in this field. But it all depends on your goal. If you only want to go to Korea, you can consider it. Learn proper Korean and do research per requirement and budget. Job opportunities are fine, but not like western countries.


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    1. This is something you have to search for on your own. As a pointer, you need to be fluent in Korean.


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        1. You can study in Korea if you can afford it.


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        1. Yes, If you have good opportunities.


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    1. Usually, it isn’t easy to do a part-time job while studying in South Korea. You need an S3 visa and permission from the institution, and you can only do it after staying there for 6 months. Job prospects in SK are good, but only if you speak fluent Korean. For foreigners, it is always difficult there. So only go for study purposes, and the rest are bonuses, which may or may not happen as per your expectation.


    2. Usually, it isn’t easy to do a part-time job while studying in South Korea. You need an S3 visa and permission from the institution, and you can only do it after staying there for 6 months. Job prospects in SK is good but only if you speak fluent Korean. For foreigners, it is always difficult there. So only go for study purposes, and the rest are bonuses, which may or may not happen as per your expectation.


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    1. Yes.


      1. Hii sir,

        I am working in Amazon campany, as a graphic designer in India. I have 4 years of experience now I am a senior graphic designer in the USA. I can speak English and Korean fluently and English too. And I wrote the IAS exam also, can I get a job in South Korea.


        1. You need to find a Korean company willing to hire a foreigner and sponsor for the same. Despite having skills and experience, companies do not prefer going through all hassles, so they prefer someone with a valid visa and staying in Korea. Some possibilities always exist, but there are a fewer!


  28. I’m a nurse working in a highly profiled hospital from 2015. Is it easy for me to go to south Korea??


    1. It’s never easy for foreigners. Plus, to work there you need to be fluent in Korean.


      1. Hi Sir,
        I can speak Korean Language like as Korean and also speak English, so can I do the job in Korea?


        1. Language is not the only criteria for getting a job. At best, it can be a supplement with other skills and experience.


      2. Hi sir
        I am an Indian. I want be an English teacher in South Korea. I am TEFL certified, a good Korean and English speaker, and have a master’s degree. Can I become an English teacher in S.Korea.


        1. You can surely try, and it is possible. But chances are less as they mostly prefer natives from the USA, UK, Australia, etc.


          1. Hi Vikas,
            I’m Indian. I have MSc. and TEFL certificate. I want to be an English teacher in Seoul. But I don’t have B.ed or M.ed degree from India. Currently, I am living in Seoul on a dependent visa. Before coming to Seoul, I lived in Germany and Malta but had no teaching experience. Or say no such working experience. So is it possible to find English teaching jobs as a fresh English teacher in Hagwons?


            1. I am not sure if it is allowed to work on a dependent visa. Nonetheless, you can contact some of the local Hagwons with your resume from an ESL perspective and try your luck. You will have a better chance since you are already living there currently.

    2. I wanted to talk with you dear is it possible to talk.


  29. Hi Sir,

    Thank you for the insight. I am a professional with 5.2 years of experience in the FMCG and Finance industries. I plan to take my next career step and feel that South Korea is the perfect destination for my future endeavors. I was trying to register on the HUNET Korea website, but even though I referred to a few resources, I cannot figure that out on registering part. Could you please help with a few insights on that?


    1. I didn’t check in recent times, but this could be the link → register


  30. Hello Sir! I am Farheen from Madurai and I completed my master’s in commerce (M.COM). I have worked as a teacher for an elementary school for over a year and now working as a full-time freelancer as a Korean-English translator. So I would say I am an intermediate Korean speaker. But besides a teaching job, I would like to work in the HR field or marketing or jobs related to a management position. Do you think I have a high chance of getting a job in SK?


    1. It would not be easy.


  31. Hello!
    This is Hetankshee. I recently completed my master’s degree in statistics. And now I m pursuing a data analyst degree in India. Can you suggest to me how to get a data analyst domain job in Korea from India? I mean to say which domains (like marketing analyst, finance analyst, or any other) are good to settle in India?? should I have good work experience or as fresher, I can apply??


    1. I don’t have much expertise in this field. So, I can’t say. But as I said earlier, getting a job in Korea from India is not easy. To increase your possibility, you need to be good at the Korean language, along with relevant experience. Then, if that skill set is unavailable in South Korea, you have a chance to apply through various channels.


  32. Currently, I am pursuing my MBA. Which specialization should I should so it would be helpful for me to get a job in Korea And what are the skillset required for most jobs in Korea?


    1. I have covered most of the important points in this article. I’d suggest going through it.


      1. Hello sir, I am Debajani from India. I am currently pursuing MBA and my specialization is finance or HR. Please give me your opinion can I get a job in South Korea?


        1. I have already given my opinion in this detailed article. In general, getting a job in Korea from India is difficult unless you have skills that are not readily available in the Korean market. Besides, it is easier if you are good at Korean and are already staying there. You can still apply for numerous openings in SK from outside, but the chances of getting hired are usually slim.


    2. Hi sir, my daughter wants to join Korean language course; she is preparing for cuet entrance. Is there any private college for this course or Japanese language, which is her second preference for language study? Hope you will short out my query. 🙏🏽


      1. Yes, there are plenty of colleges and institutes offering Korean and Japanese courses. I can suggest a few names if you provide some location preferences.


  33. Hello sir, am Zeenat, I’ve completed my graduation and post-graduation as well in English literature, currently am doing my b.ed training. Am I able to do a job in south Korea as an Indian, I can speak 3 languages (Bengali, English, Hindi) currently learning Korean too. I keenly wanna move to South Korea. Any job opportunities in this qualification. Please help.


    1. Unless you have something to offer that is in demand and is not widely available in Korean job market, it is difficult to get a job in Korea from India.


  34. Hello sir
    I am Vishva from India. I completed my bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering, and now I want to do my master’s degree in South Korea. So is it easy to get admission there?


    1. If you can afford all the expenses, you can get admission. There are many private universities there. But Is Korea a right choice for you? This is something you have to decide.


      1. So are there any chances of getting a job with my bachelor’s degree?


        1. Low probability.


  35. Hello sir,
    How to find a job in the field of Physical education or sports /yoga trainer in south Korea. Master’s in the same field is already done.


    1. It would be difficult for a foreigner to get such jobs in Korea without being there. Perhaps, you can try some Korean-based job portals or recurting agencies/consultants.


  36. Hi sir i have completed my master’s degree in Biochemistry. There is any possibility to get job related to that. If possible means what can I do, sir?


    1. It isn’t easy to get a job in Korea from India. Korean companies prefer candidates who are residing in Korea with a valid work permit, speak good Korean, understand their work culture, and, of course, have the required qualifications and experience. So unless you have something that isn’t available in abundance in the Korean job market, it will be tough.


      1. I am an Indian girl I need a job in South Korea. I have two kids who need jobs in the future please help me with any job cleaning small jobs I need a job please help me help me kids. My BA degree has been completed. I am doing it to them in a way that people in India can take care of any job no matter small job please I need to job for my children’s future to help me.


  37. Hello sir
    Can an indian CA work in south korean companies?? I will be completeing my ca in 1 year can i apply for jobs after completing my whole course.


    1. The chances are pretty low. There isn’t any MoU between ICAI and South Korea, as far as I know. Plus, you need a valid work permit and reasonable fluency in Korean. It won’t be easy to explore such jobs from India unless you live there.


  38. Hello sir I am Akshata. I have recently completed my 12th and I am aiming to pursue a job as a research scientist in South Korea. Does research have scope in SK?


    1. Yes, it has. First, complete the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in the subject you’re interested in, then you can explore job opportunities related to that.


  39. Hello sir ,
    Im an IT professional. Completed my MCS and interested in job in Korea from indian company for a short period. Can you suggest me which company helps me to complete my dream?


    1. This is something you have to search on own. You can start with Indian IT companies having a foothold in South Korea.


  40. Hi sir,
    I am lubna from India. Currently, I’m studying 12th and I just want to just ask what jobs can I get in south Korea if I choose the BBA course. Or can u please suggest to me some best courses to study and easily get a job in South Korea?
    Thank you


    1. It is not easy to get a job in Korea from India. Unless you have the skills and experience required in the Korean market, it would be tough. One way is to go there as a student and find or try companies/agencies that offer jobs in SK.


  41. Hi sir,

    I’m from India, my husband got a job offer from one of the Korean companies and is planning to move. I’m an MBA graduate and presently an entrepreneur running a cake shop. Is it possible to start a home bakery business in Seoul, South Korea? Do we need any license for the same?


    1. I’m not sure about that. There may be certain restrictions and requirements to work in Korea as a spouse. Check with the concerned authority or any lawyer.


    2. Hello Mam,
      I’m also from India and wishing you to open your own bakery in Seoul successfully. Please contact me if you need an Indian staff for your bakery after starting. I’m good at cooking and have a diploma in civil engineering, interior and exterior designing plus iam good at some designing software . I know bakery doesn’t need certification, still I want to work in Korea so job is not a problem I will do any job that I can.


  42. Hey mam or sir. My name is Babita. I am from India. I want to work in Korea as an English teacher for kids. Recently I completed my graduation. Please give me your opinion can I get a job in South Korea.


    1. Difficult, I guess.


  43. Hello sir,
    My name is Shahla, and I am completed my graduation in BBA recently. I am looking for a job which can help me to do my higher studies and I want to settle in South Korea. Where can I apply for jobs which are related to my under graduation?


    1. It is difficult to get a job in Korea from India unless you tick all the boxes as per the the Korean job market. You also need a valid visa or a Korean company sponsors you. Going there for higher studies can be an option, and then you can try for the post-study visa.


  44. Hello sir,

    I am Sudha. I completed my graduate degree BCA in 2014. Currently, I am working in BPO. I want to get a job and settle in South Korea. I am searching for a course that would improve my career and allow me to get a job in Korea. Please suggest.
    Thank you.


    1. Difficult to say. There isn’t any specific course that enables getting a job in Korea. However, I have mentioned some pointers in this article that can be helpful.


  45. Hello sir
    I am Akansha, and I will be completing my 12th class next month this year. I want to pursue east Asian Studies full time. Does DU or any other Institute offer UG courses in East Asian Studies? I literally want to make my career in this. How to apply for this course? Are registrations open for this course?

    Will it be beneficial and scopeful if I pursue this?


    1. No. DU does not offer full-time UG courses in East Asian studies. However, you can try Jamia or JNU.


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