How To Look After Your Car’s Sunroof: A Complete Guide (2024)

A car sunroof makes your ride pleasant on a sunny day, but it is summer when car sunroof maintenance is most required. A single push and car roof can make your vehicle more spacious and comfortable.

Due to its design and style, its popularity is growing day by day, and more people are opting for car sunroof installation.

What Is The Use Of A Sunroof In A Car?

The sunroof in a car has advantages. It allows more natural light as compared to regular glass. It will enable more fresh air and keeps the inner temperature optimal. Sunroofs always have sun blinds to protect the internal cabin from heat.

Sunroofs differ in size, shape, and design. Some sunroofs are manually operated, and some are motor-driven, but all sunroofs need proper maintenance despite all these differences.

Car Sunroof Maintenance Tips: Upkeep For Used Cars With Sunroof

To look after your car’s sunroof, follow this simple guide:

  • Clean it regularly

A clean and debris-free environment is a must for proper functioning. Make sure debris or dirt does not build up in the sunroof.

  • How to clean sunroof glass?

Simple basic cleaning of the sunroof should be done regularly for proper sunroof maintenance. Clean the sunroof glass using a sponge and a cleaner. Avoid ammonia or vinegar-based products as they may be unsafe in warm conditions.

Wipe gasket and seal using a clean and damp cloth; this will prevent any kind of blockage and leakage.

Clean it regularly and correctly; even a single stuck stone can damage your sunroof.

  • How to clean sunroof drains?

This is not visible in your car, but your vehicle has drained. These drains protect your vehicle from any water damage. The sunroof has four drains, two in front and two in the rear. They collect the excessive water and drain it on the ground below the car’s surface.

Sunroof drains are very costly, so you should clean and maintain them very correctly.

  • Lubricate it properly

A car sunroof contains many moving parts, so proper lubrication is also a must for healthy functioning. Apply lightweight, heat-resistant grease to visible moving parts.

If the sunroof is sticking or moving slowly, then there could be a malfunction.

If you feel you can do it on your own, then go ahead; otherwise, seeking professional help is advisable because these parts are susceptible.

Such problems occur majorly in used cars with a sunroof or a later installed sunroof.

  • Regularly inspect the moving parts.

Inspecting the moving parts is vital for proper maintenance because even a tiny stone can cause significant damage to your car sunroof.

Look for any changes or malfunction or any debris build-up. Also, take yours for professional car maintenance every month.

  • Test for leakage

Leakage is a common issue with car sunroofs. If your vehicle’s sunroof is leaking, address this problem as soon as possible. Leaking a DIY on ‘how to fix a sunroof’ can put you more in trouble in case of leaking. Car sunroofs are very delicate and sensitive so seek professional help in case of leakage.

You can test for leakage on your own. Close the sunroof and pour some water over it. Check the inner cabin for any sign of leakage. Make someone inside to observe for a dent or looking spot.

  • Check for any weird sound.

A sunroof operated smoothly, so any kind of sound from it is not a healthy sign. If you hear any cracking or weird sound, inspect the sunroof for any type of debris or stone.

Be attentive while opening and closing the sunroof to ensure the smooth functioning of the car sunroof.

  • Seek professional help

Seeking professional advice is never a bad idea. Take your car at least twice a year to a professional to get the sunroof check. There are chances that you may miss any debris or any other malfunctioning of the sunroof.

Taking professional help may look costly, but it is better than replacing your sunroof.


Sunroof maintenance is essential for its proper functioning. Without good care and attention, your sunroof might start leaking or may get damaged. Panoramic sunroofs are more extensive than an average sunroof. Their popularity is also surging in car lovers, and panoramic sunroof maintenance is also similar to an average sunroof; only the surface area will be more prominent.

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How To Look After Your Car’s Sunroof: A Complete Guide (2024)
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