Is it Necessary for Cars to Have a Sunroof (2024)

One of the most iconic style choices for cars in recent memory is the sunroof. Whether it is to enjoy the beautiful summer weather or for added cool effect when out at night looking at stars, the sunroof was one of the most must-have features on vehicles of all kinds. However, whether a having a sunroof is a necessity for drivers or not is an entirely different question, it is important to consider the pros and cons and whether or not a sunroof is something that your new car absolutely has to have.

Sunroof vs Moon-roof vs Panoramic sunroof

Before going in to the pros and cons of a sunroof, it is important to know the differences between a moon-roof, a sunroof and a panoramic sunroof. You may think all of them are interchangeable but there are actually distinct differences between each one that make them unique.

Sunroof– Typically a sunroof is a solid, body-colored panel that either pops up or is completely removable.

Moon-roof– A moon-roof is a type of sunroof but instead of a solid, body-colored panel, it is a sliding glass panel. A majority of newer vehicles actually have a moon-roof as the older sunroof has mostly gone out of style with drivers.

Panoramic sunroof– This is a larger than average sunroof that is able to open and let in additional light and fresh air.

Pros and cons of sunroof that you need to know


  • Sightseeing– Obviously the biggest plus of having a sunroof in your vehicle is the benefits of improved views of both the sunlight or the stars, while also improving airflow on the beautiful summer days when all the windows are rolled down.
  • Improved Cell Phone Reception– This is a little less obvious but having a sunroof can lead to better cell phone reception in areas where it may be patchy or harder to maintain. Staying completely enclosed can reduce service capabilities so an open sunroof helps to improve your phone’s reception.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing– While superficial, it is true that a sunroof is an extremely aesthetically pleasing addition to any vehicle. Most drivers want a sleeker, more futuristic look for their car no matter if it is an SUV or a sedan or sports car and having a sunroof is a great touch for that.


  • Expensive– Should you have a vehicle with a sunroof and the sunroof become cracked or broken, it can be extremely expensive to repair or replace. Installing a replacement sunroof is also extremely difficult and a sunroof that has been poorly installed can allow leaks and excess noises from the wind while driving.
  • Reduced Interior Space– Having a sunroof can lead to less interior headroom, which is an issue for having taller passengers in the car. It does not affect every driver but for taller drivers it is an important thing to consider.
  • Excess Weight– Having a sunroof can add up to between 30 and 40 pounds of excess weight and stress on your car. This may reduce fuel mileage and add extra pressure and strain on the components of your vehicle, which can lead to more maintenance being required.
  • Added Mechanical Issue– A sunroof can be just another technical piece that is prone to breaking or leaking or requiring expensive maintenance or repair.
  • Irrelevance– Other than looking cool and adding nice views and sunlight, a sunroof is just an expensive decoration for a vehicle. If it fits your style and preferences than it can be beneficial but for actual function it is relatively ineffective.

In a nutshell

A sunroof is a great showcase for individual style and preferences and has become a staple of many newer model vehicles. While sunroofs add sleek design touches and are perfect for summer drives or night drives spent stargazing, they are not completely necessary to most drivers. The cons that surround sunroofs to some drivers make them unnecessary additional costs and risks to take on that is simply not worth it given the limited uses and effects they have on taller passengers and repair costs. For drivers that think they will utilize them often with minimal concerns high repair or replacement costs, who live in areas that are kind to sunroofs with less harsh winters and plenty of beaches, they can be a great additional way to enjoy the ideal weather while maintaining a sleek car design.

Is it Necessary for Cars to Have a Sunroof (2024)


Is it Necessary for Cars to Have a Sunroof? ›

In a nutshell

Is it worth having a sunroof in your car? ›

A sunroof is worth it if you want to enjoy additional natural light and air in your car's cabin and don't mind the drawbacks. For example, you'll have to clean and maintain the sunroof. On top of that, the panel and its components could become damaged over time and require replacements.

Do I need a sunroof in car? ›

One of the primary purposes of having a sunroof is to allow more light and air. Using the sunroof in the right way and right time can help you cut fuel costs. Turning on the air-conditioner throughout your journey might not be a viable idea. Air-conditioners consume a lot of fuel to cool down your toasty vehicle.

Is it mandatory to have a sunroof? ›

Car Sunroof Pros & Cons

More Ventilation: People suffer from suffocation a lot during the summer season, hence better ventilation is also necessary because a sunroof provides better and more air ventilation. It is installed by cutting the roof of the car due to which the strength of the roof of the car is lost.

What are the disadvantages of a sunroof in a car? ›

Having a sunroof creates one more way that water can infiltrate a car. Plus, because the sunroof is on the roof of a car and exposed to lots of direct sunlight, seals can crack or break, making water intrusion and water damage to your car a potential problem.

Is insurance higher with a sunroof? ›

Since sunroofs & moonroofs are often optional (and more expensive) accessories, it usually costs a little more to insure a car with one than without one. Another thing that affects the insurance price is your car's safety features and how it performs in a crash.

What are the pros and cons of a sunroof in a car? ›

Pros and Cons of Sunroof

A sunroof can make the interior space feel larger and keeps it well ventilated, reducing the need for AC. The opaque panel prevents the car from overheating on sunny days. Sunroof cons: A sunroof can add weight to a vehicle and leave less headroom.

Why would you want a sunroof? ›

Benefits of Sunroofs

Noise and Ventilation:Sunroofs provide the car with less noise than traditional windows. Thus, having the sunroof open would be less distracting than having windows open. Furthermore, having the sunroof open considerably helps the ventilation of the car.

Is sunroof difficult to maintain? ›

In most cases, these parts are easy to clean. Wipe them down with a soft cloth and re-lubricate them with lithium grease spray. It doesn't take long, and it certainly won't drain your bank account, but a little routine lubrication could improve the long-term health of your sunroof.

How much weight does a sunroof add? ›

Costly to Replace or Repair - Installing a replacement sunroof is a difficult task, and if the job is poorly done, it can allow leaks and noises to come through when driving. Excess Weight – Having a sunroof can add up to 30-40 pounds of excess weight and strain your car, which can increase your gas consumption.

Do sunroofs increase resale value? ›

Does a sunroof add value to a car? Depends on the car, model, age and buyer requirements. Some cars, eg Porsche 911 coupe with track preparation, would greatly devalue with a sunroof. Others, eg Ford Fiesta will increase with a sunroof.

Why don t new cars have sunroofs? ›

Sunroofs are largely outdated because of how they're designed. A typical sunroof is composed of a metal panel that can be tilted open or removed. It's essentially a removable/detachable car roof. When viewed from the outside, it looks like a lid on top of the vehicle.

What is the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? ›

A sunroof is a glass or metal panel that's installed in the roof of a car, truck, or SUV that slides open or pops up to allow light and air into the interior cabin. A moonroof is typically a clear or tinted glass panel that slides between the roof and the headliner and is often tilted open to let in the fresh air.

Can you put a sunroof in a car with no sunroof? ›

Yes, it is generally possible to add a sunroof to a car, but there are important considerations and steps involved in the process.

Is sunroof a problem? ›

While sunroofs are a great feature to have, they come with their own potential issues. And these problems can quickly become a nightmare – especially if your sunroof fails to close in the middle of a winter storm.

Are sunroofs safe in a crash? ›

As long as you use the included seat belts and other safety features, an open sunroof should not result in an accident ejection during a rollover or another type of accident.

Is a sunroof worth the extra money? ›

Benefits of Sunroofs

Noise and Ventilation:Sunroofs provide the car with less noise than traditional windows. Thus, having the sunroof open would be less distracting than having windows open. Furthermore, having the sunroof open considerably helps the ventilation of the car.

Does a sunroof add value to a used car? ›

More Resale Value: If you have a sunroof in proper working condition during the time of resale, without second thoughts you can quote a higher price.

How much headroom do you lose with a sunroof? ›

1.5 inches to 2.0 inches is my best guess, as mentioned. It will really depend on your individual proportions. There are people who are 6'5" on this forum who fit just fine in a sunroof car. And there are a bunch of us in the 6'3" range and a few shorter than that, that cannot fit comfortably in a sunroof car.

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