How to Find the Best Places to Travel or Relocate to Using Your Astrocartography Map — THE NOW WITH NAT (2024)

Astrology is all the rage. Most people know their sun, moon, and rising signs; some people have even had their entire chart read by an astrologer. Almost everyone freaks out when Mercury goes retrograde, and a few people are clued up on the intricacies of their Saturn Return.

So what exactly is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is the study of how cosmic energies play into specific locations. Here, an astrologer will assess your birth data in relation to physical places on the globe.

They'll determine which places affect you in the way they do and offer advice on how best to navigate destinations around the world. Armed with this information, you can use insights from your astrocartography chart to plan dream vacations, remote work trips, or permanent moves around the globe.

Already convinced? Book an Astrocartography Reading with Nat now.

What is Astrocartography?

Where astrology is the study of how natal planetary placements and transits affect us, astrocartography takes things a step further by transposing this information against a map of the world. Via an astrogeography map, an astrologer will be able to interpret where the planets were based, rising and setting at the time of someone's birth.

A sort of blend of astronomy and geography, astrocartography, also called astrogeography or locational astrology, will reveal which cities and countries will have the most significant impact on an individual based on the planetary motion across the destination.

For example, suppose you traveled to Tokyo and felt extremely confident there. In that case, it may be because you were under a Sun Line. Similarly, suppose you moved to London for a job but found yourself coming up against challenge after challenge. In that case, it may be because you were on an astrocartography Saturn Line.

How Does Astrocartography Work?

The astrocartography or astrogeography chart will map out where the sun, Moon, and planets were at the time of birth. It maps out whether the luminary (sun or Moon) or planet was rising, setting, at its highest point in the sky (called the culmination) or at its lowest point (called the anti-culmination).

Each planet, luminary, or celestial body has a particular theme, concept, or signature. For example, some are connected to money, others to love and romance, others to careers, and so on.

Understanding your natal chart in relation to astrocartography will help you see which places in the world are best for you in terms of romance, career, work, and general opportunities. Then, deciding to travel to these places, either for short trips or long-term stays, can be extremely impactful and even life-changing.

You may want to spend more time in places where easy, expansive, or generally pleasant energies are at play. For example, if you're pursuing creative projects, you could choose to travel where this energy is present. Similarly, you may want to limit time spent in locations where energies are difficult or tiresome.

All you need to get your free astrocartography chart is accurate birth data: your birth date, time, and location.

Head to and enter your birth data into an online astrocartography chart calculator to get your chart. Through the chart, you'll see planetary motions across the globe at the time of your birth.

Like a natal chart, understanding each of the intricacies can be challenging, so it's best to book a session with an astrocartography-equipped astrologer.

How to Create a Free Astrocartography Chart

Before intelligent software was available, astrologers would create astrogeography maps by hand. This process would take hours, days even, to painstakingly determine each planet or luminary's course juxtaposed on a map. Thankfully, all you have to do is head to and enter your birth data to generate a free astrocartography chart.

  1. First, you'll be asked to log in if you're a returning user. If you are a guest user, select the first option.

2. Next, you'll be taken to a screen where you'll be asked to enter personal data. You need to specify accurate birth data, including:

Your date of birth

  • Time of birth

  • Place of birth (country and city)

3. The program will automatically generate your astrocartography map. At first, you'll see a map of the world covered by criss crossing colorful lines. Each of the astrocartography lines represents the placement of a planet at the time of your birth. In addition, the map includes a key for you to quickly see which planet is represented.

4. There is a drop-down menu at the top of the screen that, when clicked, will reveal each continent. Select the content from the list and click Go!. This will bring up the respective planetary lines for each continent. Here’s an example of North America.

5. Next, you can get even deeper into the chart by selecting a continent and then inspecting the aspects further.

At first glance, an astrocartography map can look confusing and overwhelming. Although it looks like a soup of colorful lines, each marking has meaning.

If you want to really understand what these lines mean for you, it's a great idea to book a session with a professional who can interpret your chart for you.

How to Read an Astrocartography Chart

At first glance, an astrogeography chart will look like a series of lines running across continents and oceans. Each line is linked with a celestial body—either a luminary (Sun or Moon), planet, or similar.

Like astrology, each luminary or planet represents something—a particular energy of sorts. These celestial bodies connect with certain qualities such as love, finances, creativity, etc.

Astrocartography takes these energies and assesses where in the world they're at play. It is said that being physically near the line will amplify the naturally occurring energy.

A good way to work proactively with this energy is to figure out what you'd like to call into your life. If you're looking for love, creative inspiration, financial success, etc., first decide what your desire is, then find out which planet coincides with the desire, and finally, find where a corresponding planetary line lies. Places on or near a line are said to contain the energy of the connected planet.

Here's a run down of the planets and luminaries, as well as what the astrocartography lines mean:

The Luminaries:

The Sun Line: The Sun is representative of your personality, identity, and ego. Going to places where the Sun Line is active can help you find your purpose, increase your confidence, align with your best self, and generally live your best life. Locations where the astrocartography Sun Line runs could be places where things feel effortless, where you come alive, and where you'll have a natural sense of comfort and confidence in yourself and your surroundings.

The Moon Line: Astrologically, the Moon represents your emotions, your instincts, intuitive nature, and feminine energy. It also relates to things operating on a subconscious level. In astrocartography, the astrocartography Moon line will indicate places that may draw out these qualities within you. Traveling to a Moon Line location may make you feel more sensitive, more emotional, more in touch with your emotions, and possibly feel more nurturing or even vulnerable.

The Planetary Lines:

The Mercury Line: Mercury is the planet of intellect, communication, thinking, and mental abilities. When you travel to places that fall within a Mercury line, you may find your communication abilities are heightened. These are good locations to consider if you want to work on a project, pursue a new intellectual venture, write a book, or are called to feel expressive and communicate.

The Venus Line: Venus rules love, so traveling to a destination under an astrocartography Venus line can help you find love, romance, or partnership. Venus is also concerned with the arts, beauty, and all things aesthetically pleasing. Energies operating under astrocartography Venus lines may also bring you experiences of pleasure, sensuality, or beauty such as delicious food experiences, exposure to the arts, and cultural activities or luxury.

The Mars Line: Mars is the action planet. It is the natural warrior within us and comes along with intense and passionate energy. Places that fall under an astrocartography Mars line could bring about experiences flavored with this energy. They could be exciting, thrilling, or adrenaline-filled, or they could be combative, intense, or even aggressive. This energy isn't for everyone.

The Jupiter Line: The planet of blessings, luck, and abundance, wherever Jupiter is active, signals that fortune may be on your side. Traveling to places that fall within an astrocartography Jupiter line will generally be a great experience as the energy of Jupiter almost always feels good, effortless, and fun. You could experience expansion, success, and just all-around good vibes.

The Saturn Line: Saturn is a challenging planet, and so places that fall within Saturn lines can be tough. Saturn governs time, karma, structure, and lessons, and often its energy can feel restrictive and difficult because it is so rule-focused. Living under a Saturn line could bring out this energy further, bringing about challenge after challenge. The energy of Saturn forces you to grow up and evolve, whether you like it or not, through discipline and structure.

The Uranus Line: Uranus has particularly interesting energy to it. The energy can bring around change, often quite radical and unexpected change. The energy also has a rebellious feel to it, where systems, traditions, and rules are opposed. Long-term travel to a destination that falls in a Uranus line can bring about change in your life, but it's great for a short-term trip or vacation. Sometimes this energy can be too chaotic, leaving you feeling scattered and confused.

The Neptune Line: The deeply spiritual and intuitive planet of Neptune is related to dreams, the subconscious, and imagination. Astrologically, the energy can feel dream-like, mystical, or even magical, but it can also obscure things, feeling like information is hidden, like the full side of the story isn't available, or like reality is distorted. Neptune is known to be the planet of delusions, so sometimes what you think is real may be inaccurate. Living on an astrocartography Neptune line can be extremely challenging for some and can lead to a distorted sense of self or reality. However, Neptune is also a very spiritual sign. Others may thrive in locations where this energy is heightened as their connection to other realms or their intuition is heightened.

The Pluto Line: Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, and destruction. Energies in places that fall under a Pluto Line can be extremely difficult to handle, where deep personal issues that are typically hidden from plain sight seem to come to the surface. While tough to handle at the time, this could be beneficial as the healing will lead to lasting growth and development.

The Chiron Line: Not a planet or luminary, Ciron is a comet. Astrologically, Chiron is concerned with deep healing. Heading to a place in the world where Chiron is active could help you bring about healing both for yourself and others.

The Nodes:

Also not planets, the North and South Nodes refer to the nodes of the Moon in relation to the Earth's orbit.

The North Node represents destiny, fate, and the work you've incarnated to do, while the South Node hints at karma, past lives, and the lessons you've already learned.

Astrologically, both nodes will fall into specific zodiac signs, which can give indications as to what these past lessons and current expectations can be. From an astrocartography perspective, visiting places where the North and South Nodes are active can emphasize these energies.

The Four Cardinal Points:

As well as planets and luminaries, there are four angles or cardinal points that should be taken into consideration. These cardinal points, the Midheaven (MC), Lower Midheaven (IC), Point of Ascendant (AC), and Point of Descent (DC), are also present in your natal chart.

  • Midheaven (MC): This has some of the strongest energy to influence you socially and within your career.

  • Imuni Coeli (IC): Related to the fourth house and impacts things like home, family, and communities, the IC is concerned with your sense of belonging.

  • Ascendant (AC or AS): Like the rising sign or Ascendant in your natal chart, the ascendant in your astrocartography chart represents the first impression you make or how you present yourself to the world.

  • Descendant (DC or DS): Associated with the seventh house, the house of partnerships, the Descendant can relate to one-on-one relationships and represents what you attract and experience with others.

Within the astrocartography map, you'll see four Sun Lines, four Moon Lines, four Jupiter Lines, and so on. Each planet links with each of the cardinal points to give even more depth to the astrocartography/astrogeography reading.

For example, traveling to a place that has a Jupiter IC line can bring more blessings into your home or family life. Traveling along a Jupiter MC line can bring big expansion and abundance to your career.

Deciding Where to Go Based on Your Astrocartography Chart

Astrocartography is a fascinating art and study that can be highly beneficial. It's a widely practical tool that can be used throughout life.

You should have your astrocartography chat read if you are:

  • Planning to relocate. If you are considering moving somewhere else in the world, having a firm understanding of your chart can help you make this decision. If you have a choice of where to move, assessing your astrogeography chart could give you a great idea of places in the world that'll work best for your natural energy. For example, places where Jupiter is active could present great opportunities for growth, excitement, and abundance. If you are relocating to a specific location and don't have a say in where you go, such as landing a job with a new company in a set area, having an astrocartography chart reading done will give you insight into whether there are particular energies at play in this location, and if so, how best to work with them. Permanently relocating is a big step and decision, so definitely get a relocation astrology reading!

  • Planning a vacation. Short trips are always a good idea, but why not plan a trip around a planetary line? This can bring you even more excitement, spontaneity, and fun.

  • A digital nomad. As a digital nomad, you're pretty much constantly on the go and are always looking for a new place to work remotely in. Planning nomadic stints in places around IC lines could be great for work and business success, while planning to travel around Mercury lines are awesome if you're working in marketing or communications roles.

  • Planning a destination wedding. Got big plans for your special day? Make sure you check out the energy at play in the destination of choice and find out how best to work with it.

  • Feeling stuck. Sometimes, life can feel a bit low. If you're currently feeling stuck or are in a rut, astrocartography could be a great way to bring a bit more joy and forward motion into your life. Tap into energies from places around the world where you have a strong Jupiter or Sun signature, and start incorporating the places' energy into your day-to-day life (more on this below).

Using astrocartography is a great way to be really intentional about your travel plans. Book your reading and start planning trips based on unique energetic, astrological signatures.

How to Make Use of a Place's Energy Without Traveling to it

If you're unable to travel to a location that has promising energy, you can still tap into the energy of the place in other ways.

Familiarizing yourself with the culture of the place is a great way to start. Consider eating food from that destination, learning the language, listening to music from the area, buying books written by authors from there, or watching movies from the destination.

You could also consider applying for a remote job at a company based in the area, or you could befriend someone from the destination. Either way will bring the energy of the place to you without having to actually visit it.

Book Your Astrocartography Chart Reading

Astrocartography is a great tool to use to guide your short or long-term travel plans. It can give you a fresh perspective on places to visit or to add to your bucket list.

Having your chart read can also give you insight when making big decisions about your career, your love life, or relationships.

Knowing which astrocartography lines are active in the city you're currently in or are planning to move or travel to can give you an idea of the forces at play and how best to work with them. If you're a digital nomad, planning your trips to find places that best align with you is a no-brainer.

If you are wondering how to read your astrocartography chart, working with an astrologer who can read an astrocartography map is recommended. This will bring you deeper insights into your life and the places you should consider traveling to. An astrologer will help you by developing a game plan for incorporating the correct energy into your life.

Book an astrocartography chart reading online with Nat. She'll assess your chart and help you decide where you should venture next.

Astrocartography chart readings are currently on a donation, pay-what-you-can basis. Book your online reading here!

How to Find the Best Places to Travel or Relocate to Using Your Astrocartography Map — THE NOW WITH NAT (2024)


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