Here's Why a Broken Sunroof is More Dangerous than You Think (2024)

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Here's Why a Broken Sunroof is More Dangerous than You Think (2)


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Here's Why a Broken Sunroof is More Dangerous than You Think (3)


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  • June 16, 2021

Here's Why a Broken Sunroof is More Dangerous than You Think (6)

A broken sunroof is unsightly, but is it dangerous? Keep reading to find out why a damaged sunroof is more dangerous than you think.

How Do Sunroofs Break?

Sunroofs can break in any number of ways, some of the most common in Salt Lake City being:

  • Chips – Chips happen when a bit of glass is taken off your sunroof by a flying rock or bit of debris.
  • Cracks – Cracks happen when the glass in your sunroof begins to split apart after sustaining damage.
  • Complete break – A complete break occurs when the entire pane of glass that makes up your sunroof moves out of place or caves in completely.

Dangers of a Cracked Sunroof

A cracked or damaged sunroof is never a good thing. Some of the most common dangers of a damaged sunroof include:

  • Limited protection – If your sunroof is severely damaged, your safety within your car could be compromised. If the sunroof is no longer able to protect you, you could be subjected to flying debris on the road or inclement weather.
  • Further damage – Even small chips and cracks can turn into big issues. If not repaired right away, small cracks can become bigger and much more dangerous and costly to fix.
  • Weather damage – When the integrity of your sunroof is compromised, it can allow debris and moisture into your car that can result in mold, electronic issues, rust, and mildew.

Know Your State’s Requirements

Most states have requirements and regulations regarding the state your sunroof can be in. In some states, your car will not be able to pass a safety inspection with a broken sunroof, making it illegal to drive your car until it is fixed.

Temporarily Fix Your Sunroof

Although you should get your damaged sunroof fixed by a professional as soon as possible, we understand that you may need to use your car before then. Here are a few ways to temporarily fix your sunroof before you can get it completely repaired:

  • If the entire pane of sunroof glass has caved in, you can start by covering the hole left behind by taping stiff cardboard in its place.
  • If your sunroof is cracked or leaking, you can temporarily fix it by duct-taping a plastic bag under it to limit the amount of water that entered your car. You can also seal off individual cracks with duct tape for added protection.

Contact Utah Mobile Auto Glass

Your sunroof is an integral part of your car, so if you’ve got a broken sunroof, you need to get it fixed ASAP. Don’t take a risk; instead, get expert help and contact Utah Mobile Auto Glass today. We specialize in all different types of auto glass repair, including sunroofs, windshields, and windows. We’ll come to you and provide free rock chip repair if you’re within 25 miles of our Sandy location. Call us to schedule your repair. We proudly provide clients from Lehi to Salt Lake City, Utah, with fast, efficient service.


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Here's Why a Broken Sunroof is More Dangerous than You Think (14)

Here's Why a Broken Sunroof is More Dangerous than You Think (15)


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Here's Why a Broken Sunroof is More Dangerous than You Think (2024)
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