WRC 10: 10 tips and tricks - A Tribe Called Cars (2023)

Here are ten WRC 10 tips and tricks designed to help you drive faster. Or just spend less time on your roof upside down.

WRC 10 is now available on PC and console, bringing with it the latest official rally game from developer Kylotonn. And so I thought I would help those who have bought it with ten WRC tips – or any of the previous games.

Now these WRC 10 tips are not mind-blowingly cunning – just things that made life easier for me and that you may not know. Be sure to like and subscribe for more real car and driving game content.

1) Change your view

As much as I like the interior views for realism – even the one with the rigid hands on the steering wheel – I find the bonnet and bumper alternatives are the way to go. The former gives you an idea of the car’s width for precise turns while the latter removes all obstructions such as the bonnet and headlights.

Not only that, both views remove the need to worry about the windscreen wipers, provide the clearest view at night and in bad weather, and the engine note is usually better.

WRC 10 has camera settings so I would suggest raising the height to its maximum, decrease the field of view and switch off motion blur to help reduce the sensation of speed.

2) Turn down the sensitivity

Yet another practical tip I have found useful. Front end grip is particularly strong in WRC 10 and cars are light on their feet. If playing with a controller this can mean you steer too much, overcompensate and end up snaking. Or drive into things or over the edge.

By reducing the sensitivity of the controller, found in settings, you make life less snappy and that reduces the issue. Going one step further, hold the joystick forward and then roll it left or right when steering to further smooth your inputs and make them more accurate.

3) Take a break on braking

Next, braking. It is hugely important in rally for obvious reasons and it is easy to get into bad habits. While braking into some corners, known as trail braking, can be effective, generally it is better to lose speed before a corner for numerous reasons.

Firstly, it keeps the car balanced. Secondly, it stops the wheels from locking up or having reduced rotation, which can cause understeer. Thirdly, it means you can be on the gas earlier at the exit of a corner

You’re right, braking can be used to deliberately unbalance and rotate a car into a slide. But lift-off oversteer is also great and in the WRC games you lose a lot of speed simply by coasting and steering. Enough, I would say, to get round most corners while maintaining momentum for the next.

4) Drifting not always fastest

When you think of rally, you probably imagine going sideways like a lunatic. I do anyway. But the reality is that drifting is usually not the fastest way.

For rapid turns of direction at hairpins, it can work wonders. But while skids look good, think of the time you spend clawing for traction after you straighten up. It also puts greater strain on your tyres, which can be an issue on longer rallies.

Play WRC 10 a lot and you will realise when it is best to stay composed and when it is time to embrace your inner Tokyo Drift.

5) Car care matters

Mambo number 5. During a rally in the WRC 10 career mode, it can be easy to overlook the mechanical side of things. A few times I have forgotten to repair my car and, even worse, used the wrong tyres or forgot to swap them.

In WRC 10, the wrong or sub-optimal tyres make a huge difference to not just your speed and grip, but also how easy a car is to drive. Worn tyres will make cornering slower. Therefore be sure to alternate your front and rear tyres and swap in fresh ones whenever necessary.

Take a mixture of types, too, in case the weather changes or you end up partially on tarmac and gravel or mud. You could also venture into the car setup menu as the likes of limited-slip differential settings can affect how a car handles. Although the default is solid.

6) Use different graphics modes

If you have a fancy Xbox Series X, Series S, PS5 or a half-decent PC it is possible to play WRC 10 at 60 frames per second as part of the ‘Balanced’ visual mode. Double the frame rate of 30FPS mean smoother visuals and more precise driving.

Going a stage further, if you can stomach a drop to 1080p resolution there is a ‘Performance’ mode, which gives you 120FPS gaming for even smoother visuals. It will only work, however, if your TV or monitor supports 120Hz.

7) Spend skill points wisely

Numero sept. In the WRC 10 career mode you get to earn research points by racing and then invest them in different skills. At higher levels you get the full skill tree, which includes boosting your rewards and improving your car’s performance.

Personally, I boost my rewards early and then focus on improvements to tyres, downforce and other performance stuff. Staff can be useful, too, but I think finishing higher up the podium works out best for money in the long run.

You could also reduce damage costs if you drive like you have spent too long in the pub, but making money is not especially tough in WRC 10.

Take a look at all skills in the tree and see if there is one you particularly value based on the races you find hardest or an area of the car you think is weakest. Improved rain tyres being an obvious choice, for example, if you find wet races too challenging.

8) Start with lower difficulty

WRC 10 is more realistic than ever but while it is intuitive, it can be disheartening. Therefore I would suggest beginners turn all assists off to help you feel the car best, keep automatic gears on so you can focus on the handling and set a lower than default difficulty level.

I started with 75 and found myself finishing as much as 30 seconds ahead. If that happens to you, consider increasing it to the default 100 or maybe even above for a real challenge.

Personally I think it is better to feel good about doing well and then make life harder than be horribly off the pace and get frustrated. Although if you are the thrown in the deep end, baptism of fire type, then go for it.

Unfortunately at the time of making this video, there is no difficulty slider for the Anniversary challenges. In particular, that dreaded Monte Carlo one. So you will have to rely on good-old fashioned practice or throw your controller out the window.

9) Steer to a wheel

WRC 10 is definitely playable with a controller, as demonstrated by the fact each clip comes from me playing on Xbox Series X with the standard gathering of buttons. However, rally games come alive with a steering wheel and so it can be worth taking the plunge.

That is not to say you will be faster. In fact, it takes a lot of practice to match how quick you can be on controller. But a steering wheel will give you more of an understanding of the handling and be a whole lot more immersive.

Recommendations include the Logitech G923, Thrustmaster T300RS and the new T248. A wheel with a decent amount of rotation, 540 degrees or more, and force feedback are a must for me. But obviously expect to pay more even if you go second-hand.

10) Listen!

And lastly for my WRC 10 tips list, pay attention to the brave soul who sits a few inches away from you in the car. For he or she spouts wisdom that allows you to be faster. Learn the difference between a left 2 and a left 6 – no it has nothing to do with the gears.

If the co-driver says to be in the ‘middle’ over a jump, you can bet being either side will not end well. Hairpins require serious braking. ‘Do not cut’ means there is a deadly obstacle at the apex. Corners that ‘open’ let you accelerate earlier. Corners that ‘close’ require mid-corner braking.

Of course, the difference between a left 2 and a left 6 also depends on the car you are in and how brave you are. Some cars are better than others – or at least easier to handle.

A good indication is see what car tops the leaderboards – if it’s good enough for top spot, it should be good enough for you.

And that is it for my WRC 10 10 tips and tricks guide. Hopefully you found, one, some or all points useful. If so, give the channel some love. If any of you would be interested in more advanced driving techniques, let me know.


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Is WRC 10 good with steering wheel? ›

Absolutely! Logitech steering wheels are probably the best when it comes to WRC 10 thanks to the great force feedback, precision and awesome vibration features. There are also a high number of different Logitech wheels to choose from so you can find one that fits your driving style perfectly.

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Is WRC 10 hard? ›

Regardless of the difficulty setting you choose, WRC 10 can still be overwhelmingly challenging, and a bit too tough depending on the player's skill. Even as an advanced racer, the game itself doesn't balance out in the Anniversary mode itself.

How do you change the camera angle on a WRC 10? ›

Just turn the game wheel off, then go to the camera options (in game) and change the FOV or what not to your liking to make the cockpit camera look good.

Does WRC 10 have career mode? ›

Career mode is where WRC 10 shines. When starting in career mode, you can select your starting point. You can start in the World Rally Championship right off the bat or you can do a season in the Junior World Rally Championship.

Does WRC 10 have force feedback? ›

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Does WRC 5 Support steering wheel? ›

We are aware some steering wheels are currently not supported on WRC 5. The Dev Team is already working on the problem and doing the best to satisfy your expectations. Let us know which models you encounter problems with.

Why is my Logitech G920 steering wheel not working? ›

The first thing you need to do is to check whether the power cords are connected properly or not. And do ensure that the current is passed properly through the connected wires. You can use the multimeter to examine the current state of current passed through the wires. Further, make sure that there are no loose ends.

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Does Forza have rally? ›

Rally racing is one of the most challenging types of races in Forza Horizon 5. You need a special vehicle that can perform equally well on all types of surfaces, and at the same time provide you with strong acceleration, handling, steering, and braking.

What is the best WRC game? ›

Here are, in our honest opinion, the five best rally video games of all time, ranked.
  • Richard Burns Rally. Richard Burns Rally (2004) Developer Preview Trailer. ...
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  • Forza Horizon 4. Ford M-Sport Fiesta RS Rally WRC - Forza Horizon 4. ...
  • WRC 10. ...
  • DiRT 3.
Dec 15, 2021

Is WRC 9 better than wrc8? ›

WRC 9 had much better car handling and better FFB through the wheel , definitely worth the upgrade for me , way more enjoyable to drive the cars. WRC 9 is muuuch better than WRC 8. The car handling has become so much better and there is such a lot online stuff like clubs and weekly and day challenges.

Which is better WRC or DiRT? ›

The overall winner is DiRT Rally 2.0 because of the great physics, more variety of cars, enhanced sound, and dynamic visual effects. However, the force feedback system is relatively weak than that of WRC 9, but it is decent and all the other aspects outweigh this.

Is WRC 10 compatible with Xbox one? ›

+Offers in-app purchases. Game requires Xbox subscription to play on console (subscription sold separately).

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