Shoreline Pedestrian/Bicycle Path | California Trails (2023)

This is the first trail review I’ve done that started with a detailed discussion of where to park and save money. Yes, the TrailBear is cheap – and threadbear. Yes, you’re not in Irvine, CA anymore, where you just had to find a city park for a trail head and go from there.

This is the Long Beach waterfront, an area filled with a convention center, the Queen Mary across the river, assorted tourist attractions, expensive “cutsie village” shopping, restaurants and many ways for a family of three to have fun and empty the wallet. Where you park will establish your “trailhead” for the ride. The smart move is to break out Google Earth and do a close fly-over of the roads and parking lots. Print out some photo maps. A smarter move probably is to head right to the far trail end at Belmont Shores and find parking there. "Far from the madding crowd" always works for us.

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You are at the end of Shoreline Village Drive. Ahead is the marina. To your right is the Shoreline Village pay parking lot. To your left is a really expensive parking lot. Turn right and drive out along the marina breakwater. There is parking all along the Shoreline Marina drive and around the marina. Most of it is for the tenants (tags on mirrors). Look for the signs. I have no idea how fast they will tow or ticket you.

On New Year's Day there was very little parking at the marina and lots in the various beach lots. In season, take that to the 4th power. There is a small amount of public parking (meters) scattered the length of the breakwater drive - $1/hour. You might find one open. Take it. $1/hour is the going rate in the city lots up and down the ride. In summer, you are probably out of luck finding anything.

No joy? Go back to Shoreline Drive, turn right and head toward the row of apartment towers on the bluff. Just at the base, on the right is a beach access parking lot ($1/hr.) with trail access and an eclectic demographic of denizens. Fair warning on the fauna there.

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Next option – up the bluff and right on Ocean Blvd. Cruise past the apartment towers to Cherry St. and turn left at Bixby Park. You might find free parking there. The next street leads down the bluff to a nice beachfront parking lot ($1/hr.). Further down Ocean Blvd. is the Bluff Park with free curbside parking and great views. You hike the bike down the bike ramp on the stairs down to the beach. Having done that, I would next use the sidewalk to reach Junipero Ave. and take the road down to the beach lot.

No parking joy? Kids whining? Head further SE. There is a lot at the Belmont Pier and another monster beach lot further along at E. Ocean Blvd. x Bennett Ave. with free curbside parking on the street and $ parking in the lot. There are smaller lots at La Verne Pl. and 54th Pl. – at the other end of the trail. You should find something. The smart move might be to figure that all the tourists are at the marina end, so you can find space at the other end of the trail. Bring lots of quarters.


It was a delight. This is a great beach ride. I like it a lot better than the 8 miles along Huntington Beach from Newport to Sunset Beach. Lot more to look at.

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This trail has views in every direction and miles of sand beach. The bikeway has two five foot lanes for the bikes and one lane on the side for foot traffic. However, expect to find bikes and people and dogs all over all the lanes. There is water and restrooms there. You will find plenty of them all along the ride.

No worry about that on any SoCal beach ride. However, they are built to a rather open view design inside with half height partitions and such. Privacy? Curious notion, that. The Wife rates them no better than a "being generous" *** on the Irvine Flushie Scale (***** being an Irvine park flushie, and the rest being downmarket from there. She regards Irvine flushies as the Gold Standard for parks.

0.00 miles/ 20’ elevation.
I started out at the tip of the breakwater, opposite Island Grissom. Saddle up and start riding up the trail, along the mouth of the LA River. The LARIO Trail starts over yonder and goes up the LA River. It has cautionary reviews, i.e, “Don’t stop for flats, water or finding a restroom.” One rider reviewed it and said that next time he would do it in a group of not less than ten riders – which sounds like a combat patrol. One should be wary of ambushes in the undercrossings. (TrailBear does not plan to survey it.) You could ride inland until the pricking of your thumbs indicate time to come about and make for home.

You have reached the base of the breakwater. Shoreline Village is ahead. It’s a fun place to explore – as are the attractions along the Rainbow Harbor just beyond it. The LARIO Trail starts there. You turn right and ride along the base of the marina, heading toward the beach. Opposite direction.

(Video) Shoreline Bike Path OPEN February 2021

You’ve reached the beach. It’s a great expanse of sand on both sides of the trail with views unfolding every mile. Ahead is Belmont Pier. Great apartment towers line the bluff, then they grade down to smaller units.

Base of the Belmont Pier. There is water out on the pier. Stop and pedal inland a bit. Check out the artful bike racks which the city has installed. Those blue pipe things that look like Kokopelli on a bike are bike racks. So is that great fish a bit further up the mall. What a neat idea.

End of the trail at the water fountain at East Ocean Blvd x 54th Place in Belmont Shore. Across the street is an aquatic park and the island community of Naples beyond. If you ride down East Ocean to the end, you will find another park at the tip of the peninsula with views to the mouth of the San Gabriel River beyond. The SGRT starts over there at a little beach park on the Seal Beach side of the channel. You can ride it to the mountains in Azuza.

Ride on,

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"Filling in the blank spots on the map."


How long is the bike path Long Beach CA? ›

This 3.1-mile bike path is a 17-foot-wide concrete trail on the beach, extending from Alamitos Avenue on the west to 54th Place on the east. Two six foot lanes are for bicycle traffic and one five foot lane is for pedestrians.

How long is Shoreline way? ›

The Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath also known as the Long Beach Bike Path is a 4.5-mile (7.2 km) path along the Pacific Ocean from Shoreline Village in downtown Long Beach, California to Belmont Shore, Los Angeles County. It was completed in 1988 and is used by walkers, joggers, and skaters.

Where do you park for the Long Beach Bike Path? ›

Park near the lighthouse. It's a great that the bike path is separate from the pedestrian path. There are 2 playgrounds on the route. The bikeride is flat most of the way.

Where does the Long Beach Bike Path start? ›

The bike path begins just outside of Parkers' Lighthouse in Shoreline Village, in view of both the _Queen Mary _and the Aquarium of the Pacific. For the first half-mile you'll cycle through the marina and see thousands of docked pleasure craft. After the path curves left and then right, you'll be on the beach.

What is the longest bike trail in California? ›

Teriffic, follows the American River from downtown Sacramento to the city of Folsom. It is suitable for bikers, walkers, families, and is paved and easy to navigate.

How long does 100 miles take to cycle? ›

Factors like the weather will also make a huge difference to how easy, or hard, your century ride will be. This means your total ride time could fall between anywhere from 4 hours to 10, or even more.

How long is the Bayshore Bikeway? ›

To complete the 24-mile loop around the bay, the trail links with on-street bike lanes and bike routes through Chula Vista, National City and downtown San Diego. Rather than complete the 24-mile circuit, families might want to loop back on the same path at Imperial Beach to avoid the on-street bike lanes.

How long is Huntington Beach bike trail? ›

Get to know this 15.7-mile out-and-back trail near Huntington Beach, California. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 4 h 35 min to complete. This is a very popular area for road biking, running, and walking, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring.

How long is coast to coast bike? ›

The iconic route travels 137 miles between the Irish Sea and the North Sea, from Cumbria to Tyneside, passing through the northern Lake District before climbing the Pennines and descending to the railway paths of County Durham.

Can you sleep in your car in Long Beach? ›

Long Beach, Calif. 10.18. 040 Living in vehicles prohibited: No person shall use or occupy any recreational vehicle, trailer coach, camper, van or other vehicle on any public street for human habitation or camping purposes. Why should I pay rent when I can be homeless and have the whole world?

Is Long Beach bike friendly? ›

Ready to ride? One of the City's most unique cycling spots is the 4.5-mile Long Beach Bike Path along the Pacific Ocean, stretching from Shoreline Village to Belmont Shore. Flat and wide, the paved path is great for all skill levels and has stellar views of the beach, Long Beach skyline, and Catalina Island.

Is it illegal to bike on the sidewalk in Long Beach? ›

It is unsafe and illegal in the City of Long Beach to ride on the sidewalk in business districts (LB Muni. Code 10.48. 070). Bicyclists must either walk their bikes on the sidewalk or lock them at one of the many convenient public bike racks.

Can Google Maps show cycle paths? ›

If you're wondering how to view cycle paths near you, Google Maps is one of the best tools you can use for free. Launch the mobile app, click the layers icon in the top right-hand corner and select the “Cycling” option under “Map details”. This reveals all of your local area's bike paths, lanes, and trails.

Where does the coast to coast bike ride start? ›

Beginning in Tynemouth, the trail travels through unspoilt Northumberland, skirts the edge of the Lake District mountains and passes through the vast Kielder Forest.

Where does the Santa Monica bike path start and end? ›

One of the most fun things to do on vacation in Southern California is bike ride on the Santa Monica beach path. The bicycle path also known as "The Strand" starts at Will Rogers State Beach and travels through all of the South Bay beach communities and 2 harbors: Marina del Rey and King Harbor at Redondo Beach.

What city has the best bike paths? ›

City Rankings
Overall Rank (1 = Best)CityOverall Score
1San Francisco, CA72.13
2Minneapolis, MN65.52
3New York, NY64.45
4Portland, OR63.4
54 more rows
25 May 2022

Can I cycle 100 miles without training? ›

Realistically, you do not need to follow a training plan to ride 100 miles. But if you do prefer to follow a more structured approach, it certainly won't hurt. We've even got a handy guide on how to build a training plan here.

How far can you realistically cycle in a day? ›

SPOILER ALERT: The answer is that you can probably cycle 100 km in a day. On a supported cycling tour on mostly paved roads with moderate climbing, this is an achievable distance by any able bodied adult.

Can the average person bike 100 miles? ›

Real Mileage

Yes, biking 100 miles in one day is doable. Some people can average 100 miles per day on a 15-day bike day tour. However, you should not expect to do other things aside from riding, eating, and resting during that time.

How long is the West Ashley bikeway? ›

The plan includes a detailed description of each unique segment of the 8-mile long greenway and proposed improvements along it.

How long is the seawall bike path? ›

About the Seawall

The 9 km portion around Stanley Park takes two to three hours to walk, or one hour to cycle.

What is the longest paved bike trail in the US? ›

Perhaps one of Minnesota's most standout trails is the 115-mile Paul Bunyan State Trail, which is the longest continuously paved rail trail in the country.

How many hours is Laguna Loop? ›

Explore this 103.9-mile loop trail near Manila. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 34 h 46 min to complete.

How long is Jones beach Bikeway? ›

Head out on this 9.2-mile out-and-back trail near Wantagh, New York. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 2 h 41 min to complete. This is a popular trail for road biking, running, and walking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day.

How long is the Laguna Loop? ›

Our full Laguna Loop Route is 205 kilometers long with a total elevation gain of 1,233 meters. Most of this route is flat, with one punchy climb at KM 96 crossing from Lumban to Kalayaan, Laguna, as well as the rolling hills starting at KM 176 when you start crossing from Cardona into Binangonan, Rizal.

How difficult is the Coast to Coast bike ride? ›

Is the Coast to Coast Cycle Route Difficult? The C2C route is moderately difficult. It's only suitable for people who have experience on long-distance cycle routes, but for those who do, it's challenging but doable. If you've only ever cycled to the store and back for a can of Coke, you won't be cut out for this trip.

Can you cycle the Coast to Coast Walk? ›

The C2C first opened as a formal route in 1994. It is a cyclist's version of Alfred Wainwight's famous Coast to Coast Walk, but follows a shorter route with considerably fewer hills. The route was designed by Sustrans and is now Britain's most popular long-distance cycle route.

How do I train for Coast to Coast cycling? ›

Make sure your longer bike rides in training include some hills. Seek out a range of hills, from long and gentle to short and steep. Once a week you could add in some shorter reps on hills. Find a hill that is not too steep and allows you to ride uphill for five to 10 minutes.

Can you sleep in Walmart parking lots in California? ›

There are no state or federal laws determining whether or not you can park in private business parking lots overnight. Some states have specific laws determining whether you can park in rest areas, though, and you can read more about that here. As of 2022, no US state has resolutely banned sleeping in a vehicle.

Where can I legally sleep in my car in California? ›

Is it illegal to sleep in your car in California? According to the California State Department of Transportation, it is legal to sleep in your car in rest stops for up to eight hours.

Why is it forbidden to sleep in car? ›

There's no specific federal law that expressly forbids sleeping in your car. However, there are federal laws that indirectly limit the instances in which sleeping in your car is legal: Private Property Laws: Trespassing on private property is a quick way to make sleeping in your car illegal.

What is the most bike friendly state? ›

Each of the 5 Bicycle Friendly Actions is an action that the League of American Bicyclists believes EVERY state should take. Federal data indicators on bicycle use, safety, and federal funding used for biking and walking.
2022 RankState
46 more rows

What should you not do when cycling? ›

10 Cycling Mistakes To Avoid
  1. Saddle height. ...
  2. Not fuelling for a ride correctly. ...
  3. Braking in corners. ...
  4. No spares or tools. ...
  5. Grabbing hard on the brakes. ...
  6. Riding too far, too hard, too soon. ...
  7. Poor bike maintenance. ...
  8. Unsuitable clothing.

Which beach is best for biking? ›

11 of the Most Bikeable Coastal Cities in America
  • Corpus Christi, TX. Corpus Christi boasts some of the best beaches in the country thanks to its stellar location on a bay in the Gulf of Mexico. ...
  • Hilton Head, SC. ...
  • Huntington Beach, CA. ...
  • Long Beach, CA. ...
  • Los Angeles, CA. ...
  • Miami, FL. ...
  • Myrtle Beach, SC. ...
  • Outer Banks, NC.

Is a bicyclist considered a pedestrian in California? ›

According to the California Vehicle Code 467, a pedestrian is “any person who is afoot or who is using a means of conveyance propelled by human power other than a bicycle.” In addition, the California Vehicle Code also includes in the definition of pedestrian any person who is operating a wheelchair (self-propelled), ...

Why do bikers not use sidewalks? ›

Many sidewalks are uneven, have gaps, and are broken. The unevenness of the surface makes it very difficult for a bicyclist to travel safely. If a cyclist is riding at high rates of speed and doesn't see one of these hazards they could run into it with little time to stop and be thrown off of their bike.

Can a bicyclist ride in a crosswalk California? ›

Though bicyclists may ride in a crosswalk, vehicles approaching the crosswalk need not yield to them the right of way. That's because vehicles must yield only to “pedestrians.” (Veh. Code, § 21950.)

Does Waze have bike routes? ›

They describe it as “Waze for bikes” – it's a mapping app that offers turn-by-turn directions, but it also invites users to evaluate streets along the way to to inform future route recommendations for others.

What is the best map for cycling? ›

Google Maps

Apple has done some amazing things in the world of tech, but it can't beat Google at mapping. Just like you use your phone on the fly to find places, read a few reviews and then go to the one you select, you can use Google Maps to do this too – and get there on bike paths and bike-friendly routes.

How do you know if it's a cycle path? ›

These are marked with a continuous white line and are supported by a Traffic Regulation Order that prohibits vehicles from driving or parking in the lane. Advisory cycle lanes indicate an area of the road that is intended for cyclists. They instruct other vehicles not to enter unless it is safe to do so.

How long is the Pacific coast bike Route? ›

Stretching for 2,540 km (1,578 miles) along the western shore of the US, the trail follows US Highway 101 as it traces the edge of the expansive Pacific Ocean. On the way it takes cyclists from creative-and-quirky Seattle in the north all the way to the sunny shores of San Diego in the south.

How long does it take to complete Coast to Coast trail? ›

It takes between 8 and 12 hours to complete the Coast to Coast Trail. If you are a fit hiker and walk roughly 5 km per hour including stops, you'll take only 8 hours. If you walk 4.5 km per hour and have a few breaks, you'll take 10 hours. If you walk slower and have longer breaks you might take up to 12 hours.

How long is the bike path from Venice to Santa Monica? ›

It takes about 15 minutes to bike from Santa Monica to Venice. Spend the rest of your day leisurely riding along the calm south bay and grab a bite to eat the Redondo Beach Pier before turning back north to return to Santa Monica. View the entire map of the Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail here.

How long does it take to bike 22 miles? ›

A reasonable average speed if you're riding on roads without traffic lights is going to be around 15mph, which is a little bit over 1.5 hours each way. "reasonable average" is going to vary drastically between person to person. Based on fitness, kit and what you're carrying.

How long is the Santa Monica trail? ›

Look west from Los Angeles you'll see not just the Santa Monica Mountains, but also the gateway to one of America's premier long-distance trails. Stretching 67 miles, the Backbone Trail invites nearby residents to explore surprisingly accessible nature.

How long is the Long Beach boardwalk one way? ›

Explore this 4.3-mile out-and-back trail near Long Beach, New York. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 1 h 14 min to complete.

How long is the Discovery Trail Long Beach? ›

Discovery Trail is roughly 8.5 miles long, and the official trail begins in Ilwaco Washington, we recommend starting the trail at the end, in Long Beach off of 26th street near the breakers.

What is the length of the Long Beach boardwalk? ›

With the ocean on one side and the bay on the other, Long Beach developed as a seaside community. By the beach on the oceanfront there is a 2 ¼ mile long boardwalk (built in 1914 with the help of some elephants), where, both in winter and summer, one can find strollers, joggers and bicycle riders.

How long is a lap at Long Beach? ›

The track is 2.1 km (1.3 mi) in length and features seven turns. Admission to the first event was free: "the free admission will afford everyone the opportunity to come out and witness this historic and unique event", Jim Michaelian, president of the Grand Prix Assn. of Long Beach, said in a statement.

Which boardwalk is the longest? ›

It's the world's first and longest Boardwalk.

Is Long Beach Boardwalk free? ›

Admission is free, but there is a per-car parking charge. There's a 2.1-mile boardwalk along the ocean, which is well-lit in the evening and regularly patrolled by the Long Beach Police Department. There is also a promenade on the bay near the Recreation Center.

What is the hardest part of the Long trail? ›

The third and final section was 86.2 miles in length and would prove to be the hardest section of the hike. The terrain would become much more extreme and we noticed our pace greatly affected by this. We climbed the tallest mountain in the state of Vermont during this stretch Mt Mansfield at 1,340m/4,395' in elevation.

How long is the loop at Discovery Park? ›

The Discovery Park Loop Trail is a designated National Recreation Trail, 2.8 miles long with an elevation change of just 140 feet.

How deep is the ocean off Long Beach? ›

Most of the bay is between 32 and 75 feet (10 and 23 m) deep. The seabed near Long Beach has experienced considerable subsidence as a result of oil extraction in the Wilmington Field from the 1950s onward.

Where does the Long Beach boardwalk begin? ›

Description. The Long Beach Boardwalk is listed officially at 142 West Walnut Street, Long Beach, New York. Free parking is available on the street.

How long is shoreline Long Beach? ›

Long Beach is bordered by 5 1/2 miles of clean, sandy beaches for you to enjoy.

Is Long Beach good for dating? ›

Long Beach is a great destination for all types of couples. Whether you're visiting or live in the area, this list of romantic dates in Long Beach should have given you some inspiration for your next couples' activity.

Is Long Beach cheap? ›

The cost of living in Long Beach, in particular, is known to be 43% higher than the national average. While it may not be the most expensive city in California, Long Beach is not considered cheap either.

Why do they call it Long Beach? ›

1888: Original residents of the foiled Willmore City renamed their town Long Beach, after its long, wide beaches, and the city became incorporated. 1902: The introduction of the Pacific Electric trolley caused the city to grow both as a resort and commercial center.


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