OBDAPP by stemei (2024)

OBDAPP by stemei (1)

automated vehicle codings

auto intelligence coding! Not only an claim, it's a our passion!
Choose from over 4.000 functions to optimize your VAG car!

OBDAPP by stemei (2)


worldwide unqiue lowering solution for your adaptive air suspension
set your car lower or higher as you wish!
show mode function and measurement data

OBDAPP by stemei (3)

DTC read & delete

-fault code memory read and delete - fault code history
- diagnostic protocol

OBDAPP by stemei (4)

vehicle codings

- fully automated vehicle codings
- factory reset
- quality of service

OBDAPP by stemei (5)

live data

- vehicle speed
- rpm
- pressure

24h @Nürburgring

OBDAPP by stemei (6)

OBDAPP is partner of ABT Sportsline at 24h race on the legendary green hell: Nürburgring
OBDAPP by stemei (2024)
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