New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (2023)

Product Details

2018 new 360 degree rotation adult and child ride swing happy rolling car

Easyfun 360 degree rolling car description:

The Rolling car is a pleasure product developed independently by Guangzhou Easyfun Animation Technology Co. Ltd.The player can drive the “rolling cart” freely and flexibly, rotate in place, roll forwards and backwards;the car is equipped with a gyroscope balance system, which allows players to remain upside down while rolling back and forth.

Can not only experience the adventure of a roller coaster ride back car, the feeling of pilot training, and listening ability and balance ability, it is a variety of experience in one of the players play to be bestowed favor on newly.

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (1)

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (2)

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (3)


1.Coin,card and remote start
2.360°angle rotation
3.Go front and back, up and down
4.Speed, playing time and sound volume adjustable

5.The world's first self- developed

6.Invention patent and registered trademark

7.Pilots physical training appliances

8.Self -balanced inverted

9.Cool and amazing lighting effect

10.Working time: 8 hrs

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (4)

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (5)

(Video) EASYFUN 360 degree Happy Rolling Car for playground amusement park

Easyfun rolling car parameters:

Product Name

Double players Rolling Car






2*300W(2 motors)


Chilwee Brand Lithium battery, 48V, 20Ah

Continue working time

5 hours

Charging time

6 hours



Start Method

Remote start

Light and Music

LED voice control music, intelligent voice music

(Video) USA customer feedback video Easyfun 360 degree rolling car

Max Load weight

200 kg


1 Set

Place of origin

Guangzhou, China

Suitable place

Amusement park, Indoor playground,Outdoor playground, Beach, tourist attraction,etc.


1 year, lifetime technical support

Easyfun rolling car advantages:

1.Invention Patents & International Patents

2.Free-riding roller coaster

3.Pilots physical training appliances

4.Gyro balanced inversion control

5.360 degree forward and backward tumbling

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (6)

Hot sale Easyfun rolling car to all over the world

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (7)

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (8)

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (9)

(Video) Square Amusement Rides 360 Degree Rotating Fantastic Leswing Happy Rolling Car

Guangzhou Easyfun Animation Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of 4D/5D/7D/XD cinema, 9D VR (9D virtual reality) cinema equipment, a series of VR simulators, outdoor parent-child playground rides, indoor arcade game machines and other amusement park equipment.

EASYFUN was founded in 2005 and located in Panyu District, Guangzhou - the center of China’s animation industry. Easyfun is an integrated company focusing on R&D, production, sales and marketing management. During the past over 10 years, Easyfun devoted itself to the most advanced technology in the world, and created lots of well-reputed 9D VR simulator products and popular arcade game machines. Base on global market, Easyfun already exported its products to more than 100 Countries.

Now Easyfun already set up a branch company in Indonesia, and also we have exchange and cooperation with USA team, Australia Team and Korea Team. Our aim to be a great internationalized company in entertainment industry.

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (10)

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (11)

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (12)

Easyfun Main Products

ⅠVR Simulators

1.1/2/3 egg chair 9D VR, 6/9 chairs 9D VR cinema

2.4D/5D/7D/XD cinema

3.HTC VIVE VR simulators

4.Motion car simulator, flight simulator, F1 simulator

ⅡIndoor game machines

1.Car Racing Game Machine: Like Outrun, Initial D5, Initial D6, Hummer, Need For Speed, 3D Sonic and so on .

2.Moto Racing Game Machine: Like GP Moto4, TT Moto, Attack Moto, Harley Motor, FF Motor, Lucky Motor, Kids Motor and so on .

3.Toy / Crane / Gift / Vending Game Machine

4.Redemption / Lottery / Ticket Game Machine

5.Exercise/Sport game machine: Basketball game machine, Air hockey table, dart machine, and so on

6.Shooting game machine: Hunting hero, Video shooting game machine, water shooting machine, ball shooting machine

7.Music & Dancing Game Machine

8.Kiddie swing rides

(Video) Easyfun 360 happy rolling car

ⅢOutdoor electric ride

1.360 degree Happy car, 720 degree Rolling car, Walking robot, Prince moto

2.Drifting car

3.Electric bumper car: Shoe Bumper car, Bear Bumper car, Caterpillar Bumper car, Mars chariots Bumper car, UFO Bumper car

4.Bumper car with effect: Bubble bumper car, Smoke bumper car

5.Plush Animal rides

Our Advantage

5.Ourcompanyhasacompletesetofsiteoperationmanual,canappointoperationandtechnicalteamtohelpopengamecenter, achieve profitmodelandprovidethelatestprofitplaninlong-term.


Q: What is the warranty of your product?

A: We offer one year warranty and lifetime technical support During warranty period if any part broken due to non-human factors, we will repair or replace it.After one year we also offer professional technical support, if you need some spare parts, we just charge you the real material cost.

Q: Can I have my own Logo on the machine?

A: Yes, we can make your Logo and put it on the machine. And for some products we have different design and different colors for your option

Q: What is the payment term?

A: The payment term is 30% deposit and 70% balance before delivery.After the 30% deposit we will start production, after finish production we will take photos and videos and every detail you want to see, then you make payment of the 70% balance.

Q: How long I can receive the machine after order?

A: If by air, it is about 5-7 days.If by sea, It depends on which Country are you from and where is your sea port, please ask our sales to check. In some countries we can help do door to door.

Q: Do you have office in my Country?

A: Now Easyfun already have branch company in Indonesia, so Indonesia can also buy the product from our Indonesia office. In some countries, we have some good friends to help us, please contact our sales for detail.

Q: Did you sell to European countries?

A: Yes, we have sold to more than 100 countries. Europe is one of our biggest market, all of our game machines and motion cinema simulators have passed CE certification.

(Video) 360° rotate happy car, happy rolling car

New 360 Degree Rotation Ride Swing Happy Rolling Car (13)


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