JJ’s House Review : Is Legit or Scam? 2022 (2023)

In the course of one’s life, there’re sure to be some special events – weddings, anniversaries, parties, etc. Special events deserve to be honoured with special looks. Thus, if there’re any days to throw away the “I don’t care” life and come out really fabulous, it’s those special days (I know this well, as I’m one who never wore eyelashes until my wedding day and have never worn them since).

JJ’s house advertises as the go-to destination for the supplies and fashion you need to make your special moments unforgettable.

The big question is whether this is just advert-speak, or whether it really has the fashion and supplies you’ll need for your special events. Also, what is the quality of its merchandise; does JJ’s House hold the kind of high quality merchandise that your special occasions deserve?

How about pricing; will you have to break the bank to use buy from JJ’s House? If JJ’s House have high quality merchandise and at good price points, what about the service; does it offer top service that we’ll want of the ideal online store (such as easy ordering, fast delivery, hassle-free returns, effective customer service, etc)? In the first place, is JJ’s House legit, or is it just another scam?

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Yes, JJ’s House legit. And also, they have been online for a very long time. You may continue reading to know why we said that the website is not a scam.

This JJ’s House review will examine JJ’s House in order to provide the information that will help you answer these questions and more.

JJ’s House review at a glance

  • Website: jjshouse.com
  • A China based online store founded in 2007
  • Online store specializing in women dresses, shoes, and accessories for special occasions such as weddings, proms, and more
  • Supports both standard sizes and custom sized product
  • Custom-sized dresses comes at a cost of $20
  • All dresses (including Standard sizes) are made-to-order
  • Production time is 8 – 11 days for Wedding Party, Special Occasion, and Celebrity dresses, and is 11 – 13 days for Wedding dresses
  • An order can be cancelled anytime before it ships; but the longer you wait the more expensive it is to cancel the order
  • Ships merchandise worldwide
  • Shipping cost depends on order weight, and shipping method selected,
  • Returns are allowed for only Standard Size products
  • Return request must be submitted within 7 days of delivery; and shipment of return package must be done within 7 days of obtaining approval
  • Customer support is available via email (service@jjshouse.com), telephone (+852 81990571) and live chat

What is JJ’s House – About

JJ’s House advertises as “the global leading online retailer for wedding gowns, special event dresses, wedding party dresses, and accessories”. It was founded in 2007; and is based in China.

JJ’s House operates exclusively as an online store, which means it does not have physical stores. If you take this fact, and add the fact that it is based out of china, you can guess that it offers lower price points. It definitely alludes to this, saying that it is where you can “get the best items for your events without breaking your budget”. JJ’s House specializes in formal women event dresses and supplies, from bridal gowns to evening dresses.

Is JJ’s House legit?

Given that almost no day goes by without someone falling prey to some internet fraudster, before making any online transaction it’s important to determine that the online platform is legit. Thus, the giant question is whether JJ’s House is legit. The simple answer to this is yes. Given some real “issues” that JJ’s House is contending with, some persons will feel otherwise; but our position is influenced by the following.

Our first check of a legit online store is usually legality. This is because stores that are 100% legal are less likely to be scam. Interestingly, JJ’s House ticks this box. It is owned by Readmob Technologies (HK) Limited, which is a registered Hong Kong company, with registered address in Flat/RM 901 Yip Fung building, 2 – 12 D’Aguilar Street, Centeal Hong Kong. Suffice it to say that the scam stores do not secure company registrations.

One check of a legit online store is visibility and industry-wide recognition. This is because the scam stores operate in the shadows. Interestingly, JJ’s House ticks this box, as it is globally recognized as a destination for formal occasion dresses and supplies.

Another check of the legit online store is the test of time. This is because the scam stores are generally short-lived. Interestingly, JJ’s House ticks this box. This is because it has been operating since 2007. Suffice it to say that a scam store cannot continue ripping people off using the same front for over a decade.

However, the ultimate check of a legit online store is fitness for purpose. This is because the scam stores are set up to rip people off; and therefore cannot deliver real and functional products when you place an order. Interestingly, JJ’s House ticks this box. First, there’s no doubt that when you place an order, you’ll receive delivery of real product(s).

Also, you’ll definitely find many reviews of customers who were satisfied with the quality of their orders. For this, JJ’s House ticks this ultimate box. However, it should be said that how well JJ’s house ticks this “fitness for purpose” box is another thing entirely. As you’ll find in the “complaints” section, there is a significant number of complaints of unfit orders (poor-quality), and these are compounded by issue with refunds.

These issues make some throw the “scam” tag on JJ’s House. However, it’s not hard to see that JJ’s House is a legit online store, albeit one that can do better in cleaning some significant issues that plague its.

Is JJ’s House safe?

JJ’s House is safe. Another important consideration in any online purchase is safety. Since you’ll be submitting sensitive information like your contact details and credit card details, you’ll want an online store that’ll ensure the protection of this data, and prevent them from leaking into the hands of fraudsters out there.

In this regards, JJ’s House says that it makes reasonable efforts to ensure security of users’ data. This include the use of firewalls as well as secure payment processors. It is safe to say that JJ’s house is safe.


Product Range

You’ll want an online store that supports a wide range of products, and even so for a niche site. JJ’s House is such a niche site specializing in dresses and supplies for special occasions. However, you’ll find a wide range of product categories; and in each category, you’ll find humongous selection. This ensures that you’re more likely to find a style that’ll appeal to you.

The product categories that JJ’s House holds are:

JJ’s House Wedding Party:

JJ’s House Review : Is Legit or Scam? 2022 (1)

Wedding Party – Bridesmaid dresses (Junior Bridesmaid, Plus Size Bridesmaid, Maternity Bridesmaid, etc), Mother of the Bride dresses, Girls dresses (Flower, Pageant, etc), Ring Bearer Suits, Matching Accessories (Jackets and Wraps, Headpieces, Robes, Wedding and Party Handbags, Bridesmaid gifts, etc)

  • Special Occasion – Cocktail and Party Dresses, All Special Occasion Dresses (Homecoming, Prom, etc), Matching Accessories (Headpieces, Jewelry, Dance Shoes, Shapewear, Sashes and Belts, etc)
  • Wedding – Wedding Dresses; shop by Silhouette (Trumpet/ Mermaid, Ball-gown, Sheath/ Column, Empire), shop by Trends (Beach, Vintage, Sexy, Boho, Elegant, romantic, Classic), shop by Popular Details (Lace, Long Sleeve, Short, Back Details, Illusions); Wedding Accessories (Veils, Headpieces, Wedding Shoes, Jackets and Wraps, Wedding Flowers, Robes, Sashes and Belts, Petticoats, Men’s Accessories, etc)
  • Evening Accessories and Jewelry – All Evening Dresses (you can shop by style or colour); Matching Accessories (Dance Shoes, Jewelry, Headpieces, Ceremony & Party Handbags, Bras, Shapewear, etc)
  • Shoes – Wedding Shoes (Pumps, Sandals, Flats, Closed Toe, Peep Toe, Stiletto Heel), Dance Shoes (Latin dance shoes, Ballroom dance shoes, Ballet dance shoes, Jazz dance shoes, etc), Women’s Shoes (Sandals, Pumps, Boots, Platforms, Wedges, Flats, Sneakers and Athletic, Shoes Accessories), Men’s shoes (Loafers, Oxfords, Boots, Slippers, Sandals), Girls’ shoes (Party and Formal Shoes, Flats, Sandals, Casual shoes)

JJ’s House Clothing:

JJ’s House Review : Is Legit or Scam? 2022 (2)

Clothing – Dresses (Casual dresses, Party & cocktail Dresses, Day to Night Dresses, Maxi Dresses, Bodycon Dresses, A-lines, Plus Sizes, Shift Dresses), Swimwear (Bikinis, One-Pieces, Tankinis, Cover-ups), Lingerie (Lingerie Set, Sleepwear, Bra, Panties,

  • Gift and Décor – Wedding Gifts, Wedding Favor, Wedding Ceremony (Guestbook, Ring Pillow, flower Basket, etc), Wedding Reception (Wedding Decorations, Cake Topper), Personalization Mall (Personalized gifts, Personalized Jewelry, Personalized Flasks, Personalized Glassware)

Product Quality

While finding a vast selection is important, you’ll want that high-quality items are held so that no matter what you order, you’ll not be disappointed. In this regards, JJ’s House speak big. Among its many blurbs, JJ’s House says: “we only provide the highest quality materials and designs in everything we deliver”. JJ’s House largely lives up to this.

There are many customers’ reviews that are about receiving orders and finding these to feature high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, and more. However, as it is to be expected of any fashion store, there are also a few quality-related complaints; and to be candid, though clearly outnumbered by positive quality reviews, these “few” quality-related complaints are not as few as we’ll want them.

Thus, it’s safe to say that JJ’s House offers high quality products, bar the occasional “insect in the fine wine bottle”.

Buying Experience

Everyone will want a hassle-free buying experience. Since this is online purchase where the buyer-retailer contact is the website, the website should be clean and easy-to-navigate. Thankfully, JJ’s House ticks this box.

The website comes with a simplistic yet attractive design. Many online fashion stores will require you to create an account to make a purchase. Because this requires submitting some information that will be saved on file, many customers will rather not create an account. JJ’s House caters to these customers by supporting “checkout as guest”, which do not require you to register and create an account.

To search for an item, you can use the menu or go straight from product sections in the homepage. There’s also a search button; enter something into the box, and it will bring you products related to your search enquiry.

When you find an item that you like, clicking on it will take you to its description page. This is where you’ll find all relevant details about the item. You can also view other product images shot from various angles, as well as close ups. More so, on many items there’s even a short video. You’ll also find delivery information on the page, especially the tailoring time of the product. If you like what you see, you can then choose your colour, and your size.

For most items, there’s a choice of standard size and custom size. If you click to choose your size, the Standard Size Chart comes up where you can pick your size. To go for custom size, click the “Custom size” button, and a page will open where you can enter your measurement. You can then add the item to your cart.

The choice is yours to continue shopping or to check out. During checkout, because having an account is not required, you only need to indicate your country, so that the applicable shipping cost and shipping time is generated. After that you can view your order, select your payment method, and complete payment.

Sometimes customers have a change of heart after submitting an order, and will want to change or cancel it. JJ’s House allows orders to be cancelled anytime as long as the order has not shipped. However, the longer from order submission you wait before you cancel; the more expensive it is to cancel.

For orders cancelled within 24 hours of payment, you’ll get a full refund. For orders cancelled 24 – 72 hours after payment, you’ll get 80% refund + shipping fee; for orders cancelled 72 – 120 hours after payment, you’ll get 50% refund + shipping fee; and for orders cancelled more than 120 hours after payment, you’ll only get refunded the shipping fee.

Special Features

How-To-Measure Feature

It’s been mentioned but it’s worth emphasizing. When buying from JJ’s House; not only can you order Standard sizes, but most of the times, you’ll be able to submit your measurements for custom-sized dresses. Since many persons find themselves off the standard sizes in one or more areas, custom sizes is really the solution to getting unique dresses that really fits.

What is more, getting your accurate measurements will not be an issue. This is because JJ’s House provides a “How to Measure” guide. You’ll find this in the “Size Chart” section of the product description page.

Short Product Video

It is said that online purchase is blind purchase because you do not get to physically assess the items before buying them. However, a lot of resources is being used to make it less blind; one of such is detailed product descriptions, and product images. A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. Thus, while detailed description is very important, product images speak volume. JJ’s House not only provide these resources but it does better; many of its products come with a short slow-motioned video. As we like to say; “a video is worth a thousand pictures”.

Fabric Swatches

JJ’s House really wants to remove blindness from your purchase experience; and so supports ordering of “Fabric Swatches”. While the product photos (and video where supported) will show the colour of the product; sometimes because of screen resolution, the colour that you see will be slightly different from that of the actual fabric. To eliminate this problem, you can order a Swatch; and a small piece from the fabric will be sent to you so that you can view the colour in person. However, ordering a swatch is at a cost of $2.00


As a buyer, one of the things you look at closely is price of the product. Given the realities of the times, shoppers will want online stores that feature prices that are competitive.

This is one area where JJ’s house shines. Among its advert blurbs, you’ll find that JJ’s house gives you “impeccable design at affordable prices” and that JJ’s House is “creating styles that are not only timeless, but that represent the best in value”. True to these, you’ll find that JJ’s House offers some great prices. However, when ordering Custom-sized dresses, there’s a $20 fee that applies.


Customers also gravitate towards stores that run a lot of promotions a thee allow them get products for free or for significantly less than the items’ full prices. Thankfully, JJ’s House is one such store that run regular promotions. You can get as much as 80% off prices with certain promotions. Promotions are time-specific, so you’ll need to check the website regularly to know what particular promo is running at any one time. Alternatively, you can submit your email address for alerts; and you’ll get a discount off your next purchase by subscribing for the newsletters.

Payment Methods

You’ll want to find a range of convenient payment methods so that no matter where you are, paying for your order will not be an issue. Thankfully, JJ’s House ticks this box.

You can pay for your order using: Credit/ Debit cards (like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Cartasi, Postepay, Maestro, and more), PayPal, Western Union, and Wire Transfers. This is definitely relatively huge; as most stores supports only PayPal and only the popular cards.


Shipping is always an important consideration in any online purchase. You’ll want to know whether the online store ships to your location, how long it’ll take to get your order after ordering, and how much it will cost to move the item to you.

Shipping considerations

Whether an online store directly ships merchandise to your location is important because except the online store does, it’ll be difficult to receive delivery of your order. JJ’s house ticks this box because it ships worldwide.

Delivery Times

Except you don’t mind how long you wait to receive an order, delivery times will be important to you. The ideal store should offer fast delivery times. In this regards, it must be remembered that all items in JJ’s House are made to order. Thus, its order processing time also includes the production time. Its processing time is 8 – 11 days for Wedding Party, Special Occasion, and Celebrity dresses, and is 11 – 13 days for Wedding dresses.

After processing, the item is immediately dispatched for shipping, and how long you’ll have to wait to receive it will depend on where it is shipping to, and the Shipping option chosen. JJ’s House supports three Shipping options – Super Saving Shipping (which takes 15 – 30 days), Standard Shipping (which takes 5 – 8 days), and Expedited Shipping (which takes 3 – 6 days). However, the Super Saver Shipping can be used for only accessories priced less than $50.

This means that you’ll be forced to go for the more expensive but faster Shipping methods for most of your purchases.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs add to the purchase price in determining the item’s total acquisition cost. Thus, with high shipping cost, even an item that is deemed acceptably priced can easily become too expensive to acquire. Thus, the ideal online store should offer shipping costs that are as low as possible.

Unfortunately, JJ’s House does not offer flat rate shipping. Shipping charges are calculated based on the weight of your order. However, Super Saving Shipping starts at $3.99; Standard Shipping starts at $14.99; and Expedited Shipping starts at $20.99. Thus, to get the accurate shipping cost that applies, you’ll have to pick your items and get to the checkout page.


Many times, customers receive delivery of their order, and their joy turn to disappointment. There are many reasons that could cause persons to not be totally satisfied with their order; thus, customers gravitate towards online stores that’ll allow them return an unwanted item and get either a replacement or a refund. JJ’s house allows returns subject to the following policy

Eligible Returns

First, while JJ’s House allows returns, not every item is eligible. All custom-sized products are final sales, and cannot be returned. Also in these category (final sales items) are personalized items and personal care items (pierced jewelry like earrings, as well as clothing like swimwear and lingerie). The return restrictions on these items are well understandable.

Personal care products just cannot be accepted for health/ hygiene reasons; while custom-sized products and personalized items were made specially for you – to your sizes and taste. However, where you have issues with a custom-sized dress, JJ’s house as goodwill may approve alteration reimbursement for you.

This means that the JJ’s House item that you can return are Standard-size dresses, shoes, and accessories. One of the appeals of JJ’s House is being able to order custom-sized dresses; but the give-off is that there’s no chance of returning such dresses should there be an issue. However, even for these eligible items, to be accepted, they must be in the same condition they were when received. Thus, they must be unworn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, and with all tags attached.

Return Process

If you are not satisfied with your item (for whatever reason), as long as they are Standard Size items, you can return them to JJ’s House. You’ll want the process to be relatively easy, so as not to add to the frustrations of receiving an unwanted product. Thankfully, it is relatively easy with JJ’s House.

You’ll need to submit a return request using the “Contact Us” page in JJ’s House website; and this must be done within 7 days of receiving delivery of the item. You’ll also have to state clearly the reason of wanting the return; and you’ll need to attach photos for verification.

JJ’s House will review your request; if approved, you’ll be sent a return form. You’ll then need to package the item appropriately, including the “return form” in the package, and then mail the package to JJ’s House. This must be done within 7 days of receiving the return form.

Exchange Policy

JJ’s house does not allow product exchange. It explains that all items (even custom-sized items) are made-to-order; as such there is no ready-made dress on hand to be shipped to you as a replacement for any one that you wish to return. Thus, where you return an item to JJ’s House, you’ll have to place a fresh order for any replacement, which will go through the normal production and shipping times.

Cost of Returns

You’ll not want a situation where you have an unwanted item in your hands, but the costs of returning it is prohibitive. Thus, the ideal online store should have return costs that are as low as possible. Return cost typically consist of restocking fees and return shipping fees. Restocking fees do not apply in JJ’s house. However, return shipping fees apply.

Customers bear the cost of shipping the return package to JJ’s house. Also, the original shipping cost is not refunded. This means that when you successfully return an item to JJ’s house, you’ll only be refunded the item’s purchase price. What you pay for its initial shipping is gone; and what you’ll pay out-of-pocket to ship it back is also gone.

Also, though the company conveniently refuses to mention it, JJ’s House is based in China. Thus, you’ll be sending the return package all the way to the Far East. In “simple speak”, that means return shipping will be very expensive.

Refund Processing and Refund

After returning an item to JJ’s House, you definitely will not want to wait forever to get refunded. In this regards, JJ’s house says that it will take about 10 – 15 days after receipt of your return package to get the refund of your payment in your account.

Customer Support Service

Issues with orders simply cannot be completely eliminated; and even if that were possible, there’s still be persons who’ll have a few questions about the company and its operation. Thus, the ideal legit online store will have an effective customer support service for handling the issues and questions that customers will have.

JJ’s House does relatively okay in this regards. First, it provides a self-help resource in the form of an FAQ page. The FAQ holds articles that answers many of the questions that customers have thrown in the past. The page is well arranged, putting answer into different topics to aid navigation. These include: My Order, Product, Payment, Delivery, Returns, My Accounts, and About JJ’s House.

If you’ll want direct contact with a support of the company, JJ’s House supports an email service. To send them an email, there’s an online contact form which can be accessed from the “Contact Us” section of the website. Alternatively, you can use the email address: service@jjshouse.com.

There’s also a company telephone number listed in the JJ’s House website, which is +852 81990571. However, the company suggests that its preferred contact channel is email. There’s also a live chat feature.

JJ’s House Complaints

Before entering the review, we’ll want to look at complaints that real customers have against JJ’s House. Granted, there is no company that one or two persons will not have complaints against. However, complaints can give real insight into a company. For this section, we checked top independent customers’ reviews platforms – Trustpilot.com and Sitejabber.com. In our opinion, JJ’s House have a good enough rating. For example, in Trustpilot it has an average rating of 3.0/ 5 (rated by 2,694 reviewers), and in Sitejabber, it has an average rating of 3.7/ 5 (rated by 1,927 reviewers).

First, on getting to Trustpilot, we saw an unusual yellow page with the following message “Trustpilot has been notified that this business has offered refunds contingent on the removal of negative reviews on Trustpilot. This behavior contravenes our guidelines as it might have a misleading impact on the TrustScore and consumers”. That was the first red flag.

Looking through the reviews, some issues stood out in the reviews. These include: Not fulfilling some order; quality issues; Issues with Refunds; and more

Not Fulfilling some Orders

JJ’s House says that it cannot afford to accept the “buy-many-keep-one” purchase. That is; a situation where the customer intends to buy only one item, but proceed to place order for many, so that when the order is delivered, the items can be checked, one chosen and the others returned.

While the position of JJ’s House is understandable; the problem is how it determines that an order is a “buy-many-keep-one” purchase. Thus, some customers will find that their orders are not fulfilled; and sometimes, these include customers placing an order for two dresses.

For example: Kayie in Trustpilot says “I purchased two dresses… 3 days later I was contacted by JJ House, and they were requesting that I cancel one dress because they felt I would be ordering two and returning one… Now they are asking me to take a 90% refund since I didn’t cancel within their cancellation window. No dresses have been made or shipped, they refuse to fulfill my order…oh yeah and they still charged me for both…”

Poor Quality

It must be said that there are many customers who report being satisfied with the quality of their orders. However, negative reviews that cited quality issues were seen. In our opinion, though the number of these poor quality reviews was not many to come out as alarming, it did come out as significant. For example:

  • Tatiana Jijon in Trustpilot says “The worst experience ever. The fabric is terrible; the stitches of my custom-made wedding dress are visible all over, particularly in the front. The dress is 3 sizes bigger, the tail is not even properly sewn to it. It I plain UGLY. I will not wear that dress on mu special day. The accessories such as the crap is stiff as cardboard and NOTHING matches the pictures. The shoes are of poor quality that you can actually see the glue in the fake and cheap leather. I HATE everything that I ordered from this company… I got the same silly tickets and offers of partial refunds…”
  • Lisa A in sitejabber says “Terrible” The review continued “Ordered a dress on sale, and one not on sale. The one on sale arrived ripped from the inside. I have been back and forth with emails and ticket codes for 2.5 weeks and still no refund of the agreed 40%. As far as I’m concerned, there is no excuse for not accepting a return for a ripped dress in the first place. The return should have been proceed instantly…”
  • Susan c in sitejabber says “Refused to refund money on a dress whose fabric was stained” The review continued “Do not buy from JJ’s House. They do not stand behind their product, and their product is not reliable. The fabric failed 3 months later; they must use a chemical product on the bodice of lace that leeched into the chiffon but it takes a few months for this to happen

Issues with Refunds

By far the biggest complaint you’ll find against JJ’s House will be about refunds. The issue range from customers complaining of not receiving any refunds, to receiving proposals for part refunds.

Even where the company arbitrarily determines that an order is a “buy-many-keep-one purchase”, and bluntly tells the customer that the order will not be fulfilled and should be cancelled; the company still proposes part refund, saying that the cancellation was not done within their cancellation window. What is more, the reviews suggest that JJ’s House will contact you about the cancellation when the “free order cancellation window” has closed already.

Specific review included:

  • ELL in Trustpilot says “Still no refunds”. The review continued “the company removed all the messages. The communication is very bad. Please do not order from these people. Once they have your money, they don’t care about you. AND THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOU. Unless you want only 40% of the money you paid
  • Carol in Trustpilot says “WARNING: DO NOT ORDER FROMTHI COMPANY!! They do not follow the return policy they have listed. I contacted them, within the week of receiving the dresses that I ordered and they want to just give you a discount to buy more of their items
  • Sandra F in sitejabber says “Terrible customer service. Beware, return policy is a lie. I emailed same day I received my dress because I received it damaged, and it’s been 3 weeks and have not heard from anyone. I emailed them 5 times…”
  • Julie S in Sitejabber says “Offering a 60% refund – update”. The review continued “Update – they are asking me to update my review to 4 or 5 stars in order to refund the 60%. I am updating my review to say that they are offering a 60% refund on the dress and the sandals. That’s the best they can do, so I’m accepting getting something back rather than the expensive shipping back to return. They ask me to take my review down before they would issue the refund…”

It should be said that even when a customer receives a poor quality item, if a refund can be processed without hassles, there will not be any problems. Thus, the issue with refunds is one of the main reasons why you’ll find many customers attaching the “scam” tag on JJ’s House.

Sites Similar to JJ’s House:

  • Mirraw
  • Bonanza


  • Offers different categories, and vast selection in each category
  • Offers both standard sizes and custom-sized clothing
  • Provides a measurement guide to add collection of accurate measurement when ordering custom-sized dresses
  • Supports a video technology (for most product) for better view of products
  • You can check out as Guest, without having to submit personal information in creating an account
  • Prices are some of the best you’ll find around
  • Ships merchandise worldwide
  • Allows a relatively fine return window (submit a return request within 7 days of delivery; and ship the return package within 7 days of getting approval)
  • A wide range of convenient Payment method is supported (PayPal, credit/ debit cards, wire transfer, and Western Union)
  • Supports a range of channels for contacting Customer Service


  • Super Saver Shipping option can be used for only accessories priced under $50
  • Custom-sized dresses are not eligible for return
  • Product exchange are not possible
  • Return shipping is expensive (package will be going to China)
  • To many reviews citing issues with getting full refunds


JJ’s House promises to be the ideal destination to get the fashion and supplies that’ll you’ll need to make your special day an unforgettable one, be it weddings, anniversaries, parties, etc. True to this, it offers a vast collection of wedding dresses, evening dresses, and more. You can order standard sizes, or enter your measurement for dresses sewn to your size.

You’ll also find that JJ’s House has some of the most competitive prices in the market; and the quality is largely great. Though, all items are made-to-order; JJ’s Shop has a relatively fast production time; and it ships worldwide, so you can order from anywhere.

However, it is not all smooth sailing. JJ’s House has a return policy that allows you return any standard size item that you are not satisfied with. However, because the company is based in China, and customer bear return shipping cost; it may be prohibitive to return an item. Also, though the company promises full refunds for eligible returns; the customers’ reviews suggest that getting full refunds from JJ’s house is hard to come by.

Thus, JJ’s House is a legit house that you’ll largely find having high quality products at good price points. However, for those few times when you are unsatisfied with an order, you may have to contend with more dissatisfaction in terms of returns and refunds.

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Diane McLean

Aug 21, 2022

byDiane McLean


After ordering a custom made pants and top outfit which cost over $200,when I received it the pants are 5 inches to short. I've rechecked all of the measurements that I sent and they are correct, so the fault is theirs and they won't even talk to me about it. They've offered me a 30% refund, that's the only contact, won't answer emails. I've tried phoning their Cambridge phone number and their Hong Kong number and of course the numbers aren't connected (wrong number, try again)

JaMeece Brisco

Aug 21, 2022

byJaMeece Brisco

Warning on Purchasing from JJ's House

I ordered a white dress from JJ's House and they shipped a Lavendar colored dress. I took pictures of the dress against a white hanging bag on a white door and the dress is clearly Lavendar/purple. We put the dress under several different lights and it is undeniably Lavendar/purple. The tags on the dress says white. When I sent the pictures they (JJ's House) did not respond until I sent a second notice. They told me that the dress is white and that I could return it but for a partial refund. After all of the fees and shipping cost (although their mistake) I would have to lose $60.00 to return the dress. Also, the dress does not look as good as the advertisement on the website. Its clear that the dress is the picture and the dress sent to me were sewn by two different people. I will never order from them again. This is poor customer service!


Does JJS House come from China? ›

JJ's House source their dresses from China although they do have offices worldwide. Nevertheless, it is essential to consider the shipping times ahead of any order and be sure to order well in advance of when you need your dresses by.

How long does it take to get a dress from JJ's house? ›

The process time is 8-11 days for Wedding Party, Special Occasion & Celebrity Dresses, and 11-13 days for Wedding Dresses.

Where is JJsHouse located in USA? ›

JJsHouse.com is at New York, United States of America.

Is JJsHouse American made? ›

Here are all kinds of perfect American Made Bridesmaid Dresses with delicate design for every consumer. You can browse all of American Made Bridesmaid Dresses by different classifications. Buy American Made Bridesmaid Dresses at wholesaler prices from JJsHouse, the leading wholesaler in China.

Is JJsHouse jewelry legit? ›

JJ's House has a consumer rating of 3.78 stars from 2,736 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. JJ's House ranks 7th among Wedding Dresses sites.

Where is JJsHouse ship from? ›

As BBB has received many inquiries for JJ's House, consumers should be aware this business is located outside of the United States at 69 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB2 8DL.

Is JJsHouse a real company? ›

Founded in 2007, JJ's House is the global leading online retailer for wedding gowns, special event dresses, wedding party dresses, and accessories. Customers can browse the vast online selection and choose their favorite dresses with great satisfaction.

How do I return something to JJsHouse? ›

Return Process
  1. Submit a return request at Contact Us to Customer Service within 14 days upon receiving your order. ...
  2. Once our Customer Service has approved your request, we will provide you with a return address as well as a Product Return Form that must be filled in and included with your return.

How do I track my JJsHouse order? ›

Click on "My Orders". In "My Orders", you will be able to get an overview of your order history and their status. Click "VIEW OR EDIT ORDER" for more. If your order is "Shipped", select "Track" to check the current status of your package.

Can June Bridals be trusted? ›

June Bridals has a consumer rating of 3.82 stars from 441 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with June Bridals most frequently mention wedding dress, high quality and bridesmaid dresses. June Bridals ranks 14th among Wedding Dresses sites.

Is JJS house in South Africa? ›

After compare the Evening Dresses In Johannesburg on all the online stores, you will find that JJsHouse is your best choice. We provides all kinds of Evening Dresses In Johannesburg and the amazing thing is that all of these awesome Evening Dresses In Johannesburg are selling at incredible low price.

Is JJsHouse in Ireland? ›

As one worldwide wholesaler, JJsHouse provides a variety of Dresses Ireland Next Day Delivery with great quality and wholesale price.

Is JJsHouse a fake website? ›

JJsHouse has been added to our Do Not Buy list. They are illegally selling one or more dress lines using the manufacturers pictures or pictures from actual people without their permission. These dresses are imitations and not authentic from the actual designer.

Is JJsHouse a real company? ›

Founded in 2007, JJ's House is the global leading online retailer for wedding gowns, special event dresses, wedding party dresses, and accessories. Customers can browse the vast online selection and choose their favorite dresses with great satisfaction.

Does JJsHouse return? ›

General Return Policies

1. Contact our Customer Service to initiate the return process within 14 days upon receiving your item(s). Please note that we only accept products in their original condition, and we cannot process any products that are returned without our prior knowledge.

Where does Azazie ship from? ›

All our dresses are made-to-order and currently (as of 6/9/2016) take about 3-4 weeks for production. After they're made in our warehouse in China, they pass certain quality control inspections and are over to our offices in Mountain View where they're then shipped out to you!

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