Is Tom Holland Gay? Closeness to Harrison Osterfield Raises Questions (2024)

There’s a slew of reasons why people question whether Tom Holland is gay. It’s no different than the sexuality questions that surround any male celebrity. It happens all the time and it derives from our culture’s expectationsof male behavior and the media’s obsession with every aspect of a celebrity’s life. But what is it about Tom Holland specifically that we question his sexuality?


Actually, there’s nothing really special about people wondering about “Tom Holland gay“, but since you asked — Holland is a good looking, young guy so many gay men (mostly) hope to feel closer to a star that also prefers the company of men. Secondly, some others wonder because Holland tends to hang out with his BFF Harrison “Haz” Osterfield A WHOLE FREAKING LOT (and that’s okay!).

Let’s get into the four reasons (and photo “evidence”) why people are asking if the newSpider-Man might be gay.

Tom Holland isin the Public Eye

This is easy. Why people ask questions about Tom Holland is simply because he’s famous.

As one of the Google’stop trending actors of 2016(searched on), his life is going to be even more dissected. The media, his fans and haters want to know everything about Holland; from what he ate for breakfast to whom he’s eating breakfast with. Some other common celebrity questions include how old he is, how tall he is, whether he’s single, or has a girlfriend. And if he doesn’t have a girlfriend, who is he sleeping with? And why is he hanging out with that blonde twink all the time?

The first reason why is that people are generally curious and interested in celebrity’s personal lives.


Gay Men Want Tom Holland to Be Gay

Whenever there’s an up-and-coming actor, particularly an attractive one, the question of whether they’re gay always pops up. It’s rarely ever about what the actor has done. Red flags,slight hints or even if the actor gives off 100% “straight” vibes it doesn’t matter. The question of whether he’s gay will come up no matter what.

That’s because many gay men secretly (or not so secretly) hope that Tom Holland is gay, same as they hope the same for Zac Efron, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, and others. They want them on their team so they can better identify and have another talented representative for the cause.

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There’s also making a “Tom Holland gay fantasy” more of a reality. When a celebrity comes out as gay, they instantly become more attainable than when they’re perceived as“straight.” The fact is, they’re not that much more attainable even if they were, but still it’s a factor.

As we mentioned, “gay rumors” aren’t anything new or much of a surprise. Any well-known actor (and sometimes actresses) will face the gay rumors.

There’s Lots of Dancing in Billy Elliot

Let’s talk about the assumptions and preconceived notions that come with being a male dancer, especially ones involved in a musical theatre. Holland’s first break was appearing in the title role of Billy Elliot the Musical. If you’re not familiar, Elliot is a ballet-loving coalminer’s son. Yeah, none of those words are helping to snuff out the gay rumors.

UPDATE: Tom Holland Does Rihanna Really Well

In an episode of Lip Sync Battle…. forget it just read what Vogue had to say and watch.

Any attempt to describe what followed could not do justice to his truly impressive performance, so please watch and marvel for yourselves at Holland’s amazingly on point take on RiRi’s hit song

To those familiar with Holland, it’s no surprise that the actor and dancer was able to pull this off considering his background in theatre. However to the masses unaware of his Billy Elliot role, the ease in which he performed “Umbrella” in full Rihanna regalia definitely made a many question his sexuality.

And let’s be honest, it’s one thing to be a male actor on Broadway, but to put on sexy female stripper-wear is another. I’m all for it, just saying that the world we’re in, that’s really out of the gender box you’re supposed to be in. In turn, this post got a lot of traffic after the performance. Welcome everyone!


Tom’s Platonic Relationship with Zendaya

But do they have girlfriends?Tom hasn’t been connected to many women as far as we could find online. There was a report of him and Ella Purnell, but nothing confirmed. Then there was a story where the twosome werephotographed on whatGay UK called a “double date”with two young women. On the other side, Holland’s best friend Harrison Osterfeld hasn’t been photographed with any women either, so….

Update: Rumors have flown around the last couple years regarding Tom and Zendaya Coleman’s closeness. While both parties have said publicly that they’re just “mates” (that’s British for “friends”) — there was some drama in 2018 that Holland’s relationship with his female co-star was more than that; that the two were/are secretly dating “on the low“. Coleman and Holland, of course, have not commented on any of it.

In fact, for Zendaya’s birthday this year, Holland posted onto his Instagram re-iterating that the two are just good friends. Whether they’re truly just platonic buddies that have a non-intimate time with one another or dating clandestinely, the uncertainty lends to the rumor that Tom may be hiding more.

All this lack of photographic or internet evidence hasn’t helped to quell any of the rumors of Tom’s sexuality. Especially when Tom and Harrison are so close — the two buddies’ friendship has been assumed to be more than a modern bromance.

Holland Hangs with Harrison (A LOT)

There’s 100% nothing wrong with hanging out with your closest friend and absolutely nothing wrong with that friend being an attractive mate. There’s also nothing wrong with posting multiple Instragram photos with that said best male friend. It’s totally cool that you’re both shirtless together often. And there’s zero problems with hiring that same best friend as your assistant.

However where oursociety is today, these seemingly-normal and innocuous things can and will be bent and shaped intoa gay narrative. Unfortunately, men can’t hang out with men more than what’s socially acceptable without raising eyebrows. That’s especially true for two good looking, well-dressed guys that are spending a lot of time with one another.

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And then you hire your good looking male friend as your assistant? The optics of that career move only fuels the talk even though Holland explained his rationale:

“Once I got cast (Chris Hemsworth) sent me a really lovely email about just make sure you keep your feet on the ground and you don’t let this affect you.” Holland said. “You keep your family and your friends close and that’s exactly what I’ve done. That is why I have brought my best friend with me as my assistant – that is Harrison. He is my best buddy really…”

Some would say “uh huh… likely story.”

What is confirmed is Tom and Harrison’s close friendship. Idon’t see the gay rumors ending anytime soon because Holland and Osterfeld don’t seem to care. They’ll continue looking really happy when together, having fun doing guy stuff (surfing, skating, etc.) and really comfortable putting their arms around one another. Over and over.

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Yeah that’s a shirtless Tom Holland and Harrison riding a tandem bike together. f*ck what you think, apparently.


Again, is there anything wrong with Holland pal-ing around with Osterfield? No, but that’s not how our society want our straight men to behave and since society hasan expectation of masculinity, any action going against our gender roles will have people assuming what’s happening behind the scenes. That’s even though 20 year old guys usually spend a LOT OF TIME with other 20 year old guys.

Holland’s already a well-known name with many big budget films in his portfolio (The Impossible,Captain America: Civil War,The Lost City of Z, In The Heart of The Sea), but he’s set to explode. So, don’t be surprised that the gay rumors intensifyas Holland’s star and popularity rises with the release of two Spider-Manfilms (2017 and 2019) and an Avenger’s sequel (2018). I’m sure we’ll also have more Insta selfies with Osterfield to continue feeding the Tom Holland gay rumors.

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So is Tom HollandGay?

As to whether he’s gay or not? My money is that Tom Holland is heterosexual. Holland has this carefree confidence about him; that’s to say that if he were gay, he would be out there being gay and saying so. Holland also doesn’t seem to care what people think of his close friendship with Osterfield whereas closeted-stars usually do their best to cover-up anything that can be perceived as gay, even the smallesthints of their sexuality (especially with guys they’re dating).

Keep doing you, Tom, but clearly, you don’t need us telling you that.

Is Tom Holland Gay? Closeness to Harrison Osterfield Raises Questions (13)

Update: We’ll just leave this Instagram post from Holland cuddling with Jake Gyllenhall and the caption hashtagged with #husbandgoals

Is Tom Holland Gay? Closeness to Harrison Osterfield Raises Questions (2024)


Are Harrison osterfield and Tom Holland friends? ›

Harrison Osterfield is a British actor, making his debut in a short film Trepidation in 2014. He is also a personal assistant and best friend to Tom Holland. He appeared as a cameo in the school bus in Avengers: Infinity war with Tom.

Who is Tom Hollands best friend Harrison? ›

Harrison Osterfield is a friend of Tom Holland's from way back, according to CinemaBlend. The two met back in school but also worked together on Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War. They've remained close over the years, each sharing numerous pictures together on social media.

What is Harrison osterfield famous for? ›

Harrison John Osterfield (né Davy; born 4 July 1996) is a British actor and model. He first gained prominence through the 2019 miniseries Catch-22, in the supporting role of Snowden. In 2021, he starred as Leopold in the Netflix series The Irregulars, his first ever lead role.

What is Harrison osterfield? ›

Harrison Osterfield is an actor best known for Catch-22 (2019) and The Irregulars (2020).

Are Tom and Harrison still friends? ›

Harrison Osterfield, who plays Leopold on the series, is Tom Holland's best friend and former personal assistant. The two have been buddies for years.

Are Tom Holland and Jacob friends in real life? ›

Spider-Man: No Way Home stars Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon are best friends both on and off-screen. To prove their chemistry, the two decided to take a fun test while being strapped to a lie detector and hoped that they would still remain friends after.

Who is Zendaya's best friend? ›

Both BFFs since childhood, Zendaya and Bella Thorne are the most obvious friend relationship. They met in an audition for a commercial when Zendaya was 7 and Bella was 6. Ever since, they have been best friends because they both live in California.

Who is Peter Parker's best friend? ›

Character information

Ned Leeds is a Marvel Comics character. He is Peter Parker's best friend and is portrayed by Jacob Batalon.

Is Tom Hollands brother his assistant? ›

Tom Holland

Does Anthony Mackie like Tom Holland? ›

Aside from the playful bickering and tongue-in-cheek comments, Mackie and Holland have made it clear that it's all in jest, and they're actually great friends. In an interview for "Spider-Man: Far From Home," Holland insisted "No, Mackie and I are really good friends.

How tall is Tom Holland? ›

Tom Holland has liked an Instagram post claiming that “short men have more sex”. The Spider-Man actor, who is 173cm tall, is currently dating his Marvel co-star Zendaya, who is 179cm tall.

Who is Tom Holland's agent? ›

Holland has been signed up by William Morris Endeavor (WME) global talent agency and is represented by Curtis Brown literary and talent agency.

Who is Spider-Man's best friend? ›

The Human Torch is Spider-Man's best superhero friend because they meet to exchange presents every Christmas at the Statue of Liberty. Johnny Storm even offered Spider-Man his place with the Fantastic Four after his apparent death Peter Parker was the only person Johnny trusted to join his family in his stead.

Who is Spider-Man's best friend in far from home? ›

Ned Leeds is a Marvel Comics character. He is Peter Parker's best friend and is portrayed by Jacob Batalon.

Who is Tom Holland's friend Jack? ›

Jacob Batalon
BornOctober 9, 1996 Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
NationalityUnited States
Years active2016–present
1 more row

Is Tom Holland's brother his assistant? ›

Tom Holland

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