How free apps make money: guide to earn money with apps (2023)

How free apps make money: guide to earn money with apps (1)

Tarun Nagar | September 16, 2019

How free apps make money: guide to earn money with apps (2)

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How free apps make money: guide to earn money with apps (3)

So, the question that we want to bring up is – how to make money with free apps? The article targets the businesses that want to make money from the apps. Thus, for making the things happen, it is important to stick with the appropriate monetization strategy. So, here you will find all the headers aligned with the aforementioned concern in the right way.

Well, all of us are very well aware of the fact that the number of free apps is far more than the paid ones and thus, the main root that arises here is- how to make money from the apps?

Therefore, if you are looking forward to making the money from the app in the right way, you have landed on just the correct post. We have outlined all the right monetization strategies that can help you acquire the proven results in the right way.

The App Monetization Strategies

According to a report in 2015, the below are the most popular app monetization strategy that is used by businesses is also recommended by the top mobile application development company.

Needless to say, there are lots of ways to make money but the major concern is how to find the right ones. Well, in the preceding post, we have lined up all of them.

Know about the best options to make money with mobile apps with different ways:


Well, Advertising can be defined as one of the finest to make money from the apps. Indeed, it is easy to implement and adheres to the external or the third party network.

As a matter of fact, 8 out of 10 free app developing agencies used advertising as the major revenue model for making the money as a wider scale.

Implementing the ads based concept to make money from the app is undeniably very easy and simple. The app owner is just required to showcase the commercials within their mobile app and thus, they can be easily paid from the third-party and commercial ad networks.

The app owner is paid according to the number of clicks that hits the ad or when the user completes the app installation via the advertisement.

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How free apps make money: guide to earn money with apps (4)

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Subscriptions can be counted as the most useful and finest app monetization strategy. The app publishers can proffer free or the appropriate content within their apps for a constrained amount of time and then can charge a subscription fee accordingly so as to allow the users to read the classified and the substantial content published by them.

The most common technique that is being implemented by the majority of free app owners is to provide a free app trial period followed by charging the users who want to continue charging the subscription fee.

The aforementioned monetization strategy is widely used in cloud services, online audio /video streaming, and online news portals.

Selling Merchandise

This is another innovative approach. The owner can sell merchandise in their free app.

Plentiful of e-commerce businesses opt for building the apps to sell goods such as toys, shirts, etc. They can use the app for selling the products by implementing the standards of email marketing.

So as to encourage the versatile categories of app publishers to adopt this monetization strategy, recently, Amazon has announced a service popularly called as Merch that permits the app publishers to showcase their work and promote them in the right way.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases are the one that is made directly from the apps. The In-app purchases are deployed for accessing the advanced and powerful features for making the users’ interaction much swifter and empowered.

In simple words, in-app purchases help the app owners to sell their virtual items in an easy way.

Asper the Forbes, apps that are loaded with the capacity of in-app purchases make the most of the money for the app owners. The trend is expected to dominate in the coming years as well.

Both the UK agencies and the other third-party advertisers are now getting keen on investing their maximum portion of advertising amount on the In-app ads. Reason being, both of help in acquiring the maximum engagement, thus can be said as the highly effective approach for making money.

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Freemium Upsell

As per a mobile application development company, freemium upsell can be defined as the process where the users can download the apps for free but are required to pay for the additional or the premium features. Such typed of features and other android app development services can be used via the in-app purchases that have been infused.

Custom iOS development and Android app development services come will a lot of options for developing the free apps and the owners are using such types of tactics for making the money and for attracting the users.

Transaction Fees

Well, this can be also described as the finest way to monetize your apps. The app owners can charge for the transaction fees for making the digital transaction all the way possible for the users.

For instance, a mobile app can be infused with an option to sell the products to the users for which the app owners can charge the fees. The publishers can begin by charging a very low fee for every transaction that happens. Going in this way can help the owners to make a considerable amount of money without investing much.

Bottom Line

Well, with bountiful of app monetization models the app owners can definitely make money from their free apps. In the niche of custom iOS app development, there are lots of ways that can help you to figure out the right way to make money from the iOS apps as well. The app owners can hire app developer as well for gaining substantial information about the ways via which they can make money out of their apps.

The above headers are really helpful reaping the maximum out of your app, in case they are implemented in the right way. Hire app developer in case you look for a more sophisticated solution and a digital marketer as well that can set the grounds making the money in all the correct and justified ways.

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How free apps make money: guide to earn money with apps (6)

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How free apps make money: guide to earn money with apps? ›

Free apps are monetized through various means, including advertising, in-app purchases, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing.

How do apps make money if they are free? ›

Free apps are monetized through various means, including advertising, in-app purchases, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing.

Do free apps make more money than paid apps? ›

Freemium and Free-to-Play

Freemium apps typically make more money than paid apps, but it may take more time to build profits. If users choose to keep using the free app version, you can still earn some revenue by offering upgrades and premium content.

How much money do free apps make per download? ›

How much money do apps make per download? The average revenue per app download varies significantly but the average is $0.60 to $1.20. How much money do dating apps make?

How much does a 1,000 app download make? ›

$0.002 – this is average revenue per 1 daily app usage that was created using AppsGeyser app maker. For 1000 daily usages, this is $2 per day. Generally 1 app download is at least 2 usages. So 1000 downloads is $4.

How do free apps without in-app purchases make money? ›

Sponsorship and Crowdfunding

In many cases, these apps make money without ads. In order to make the project profitable, they often have sponsors or engage in crowdfunding.

Are free apps really free? ›

Here's an explainer. Just because an app is free to download doesn't mean it will not cost you. Remember the small line of text next to the app listing that says “In-app purchases”. Apps in all categories on the App Store and Google Play have in-app purchases.

What is the benefit of free apps? ›

Free Apps generally receive more downloads than paid Apps. Leading on from this, free Apps make it easier to get tons of more users. This is particularly important for network-based apps, but beyond that, having lots of users for any App is certainly a good thing!

What is the difference between free apps and paid? ›

What's the Difference Between Paid and Free Apps? First question: what is a paid app? With paid apps, customers pay upfront to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Free apps are free to download and typically make money through advertising, in-app purchases, or paid subscriptions.

What is the downside of free apps? ›

Users' expectations for free apps are substantially lower than those for paid or premium apps. There are minimum standards that users thought will become at risk by little apps because they do not give more expectations. The likelihood of negative ratings and reviews is lower among users of free apps.

How much does it cost to create an app? ›

The cost of developing an app can range from $40,000 to $300,000 and up. Many factors influence the price, depending on the complexity of the app development, at 40$ per hour, the average cost will be: Simple App Development Cost – $40,000 to $60,000. Average App Development Cost – $60,000 to $150,000.

Is it illegal to download paid apps for free? ›

Illegal downloading (also known as piracy) is when a user downloads a copy of paid content for free without permission from the owner. This includes music, TV shows, movies, video games, audiobooks, ebooks and sports broadcasts.

How many apps actually make money? ›

Only 0.5% of apps are successful.

9,999 out of 10,000 apps will fail for various reasons. Here are the most common ones cited by experts: Below 1,000 downloads: 67.8% Below 1,000 active users: 17.9%

What is the highest paid apps? ›

Top Grossing Google Play Apps and Games 2022
AppRevenue ($mm)
Google One891
Coin Master521
Candy Crush Saga502
6 more rows

How do app owners make money? ›

An app owner just needs to display commercials inside their mobile application or opt for affiliate marketing and get paid from third-party ad networks. Additionally, advertising is considered the finest way to earn money from apps.

How much can an app make per day? ›

Let's understand this through the pattern of the current revenue potential of industry-leading apps. The apps that rank in the top 200 of the App Store generate about $82,500 in revenue per day. If you extend that bracket a bit and look at the revenues of the top 800 apps, the daily revenue will drop to about $3,500.

How do I know if I'm paying for an app? ›

Find your purchases, reservations & subscriptions
  • On your Android phone or tablet, open your device's Settings app Google. Manage your Google Account.
  • At the top, tap Payments & subscriptions.
  • Tap Manage purchases, Manage subscriptions, or Manage reservations.
  • To see more details, select an item.

What percentage of apps are free? ›

92% to 96% of apps are free.

Free apps dominate the market. 96% of Google Play apps are free and, as seen below, 92% of apps in the Apple Store are available at no cost.

How do paid apps work? ›

What are paid apps? Paid apps are when a user purchases an app for a one-time fee. These apps are often premium and likely do not feature ads.

Can I build my own app for free? ›

There are many free app makers, like appy pie, on the market today, but Alpha Anywhere Community Edition is different. You get the full capabilities of a trusted app development platform to build apps for both mobile platforms.

How do I start an app business? ›

How to Create a Successful Mobile App Startup?
  1. Validate Your Idea: Ideate, Pause, Rethink. ...
  2. Detail-oriented Market research. ...
  3. Choose an Ideal platform. ...
  4. Focus on Designing an Impeccable UI/UX. ...
  5. Product Development. ...
  6. Look for Raising Investment. ...
  7. Create a Strategic Marketing Plan. ...
  8. Have a Monetization Plan in Place.

How do I start building an app? ›

  1. Establish a development team. Developing an app has become easier with the help of various software programs and online tools such as app builders. ...
  2. Conduct competitive research. ...
  3. Outline core features. ...
  4. Create mockups. ...
  5. Plan great app security. ...
  6. Begin coding. ...
  7. Gather and implement user feedback. ...
  8. Launch in the app store.

Can any apps give you money? ›


Well, Swagbucks is one of the best money-earning apps that lets you earn money by doing multiple tasks such as playing quizzes, solving riddles, and more. You can switch open news and other promotional ads to earn more credits using the app.

Can apps actually give you money? ›

Are Money-Making Apps Real and Safe? Most money-making apps provide only a small amount of cash in exchange for completing simple tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, or making purchases. Legitimate apps will also have a wealth of information available about how they pay and protect users.

Do apps cost money if they say get? ›

In the App Store, applications with in-app purchases will have a disclaimer next to the purchase button. If the app is initially free, this note should be beside the Get button. If it's paid, the disclaimer is beside the price tag.

How do free Apple apps make money? ›

The popular and common technique used by the majority of free app publishers is to offer a free trial period and then charge a subscription fee to those who wish to continue to access the app content. This type of strategy is often used for cloud services, audio and video streaming, and online news services.

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