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Credit card scams and skimming has always been a major concern for people. Today they are highly misused and manipulated. Fake Credit Card generation is one of the most commonly reported crimes around the world. As these scams are tactically executed, they are difficult to trace.

Fake Credit Cards - How to Avoid Credit Card Scams? | Fincash (1)

However, you can prevent yourself from being a victim of such fraud. Let’s check the prevention methods.

How are Fake Credit Cards Created?

A fake card is generated based on your card information that the scammers manage to get. There are numerous ways the scammers use to do this, card skimming being the most common way.

Credit card skimming is a technique where the scammer will attach a small device, which can’t be noticed in the transaction machine. This device records all your card details, which will further be used for creating a fake credit card.

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ATM, restaurants, gas stations, etc., are usually the target places for such activities. The data is collected and a dummy credit card is created based on the details. This credit card goes through printing, embossing and finally getting magnetized. Once all of this is done, the fake credit card is ready for misuse.

Other common ways of obtaining the card details are using stolen credit cards, photocopies, photographs of credit cards, online details from fake websites phishing emails that scam users to fill in their personal details for accessing their data, etc.

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How to Avoid Credit Card Scams?

Credit card manipulation and fraud are usually calculated and tactically planned. You’re more vulnerable to such traps if you are not aware. However, you can always be alert and prevent yourself from such scams. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Always check the ATM machine thoroughly before inserting your credit card.

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  • Do not share your Bank account details with any unauthorized personnel.

  • Never use cards for paying at unreliable restaurants, or stores, etc.

  • While paying at a gas station note the station number and check for hidden cameras or devices.

  • Make sure you read your mails thoroughly to be aware of phishing emails.

  • Keep a tab on your account balance and credit reports for fraudulent activity and unauthorized transactions.

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  • After making a transaction on a website, do not forget to logout from your account.

  • Never share your OTP (One-time passwords) with anyone

  • Always proceed with online transactions on a secure network. The website should with https:/ rather than just http:/. The ‘s’ here stands for secure.

  • Memorize your credit card CVV number and then put a small opaque sticker or simply erase it.

Victim of Credit Card Scam?

Lost credit card details can become torture, especially when the fake credit card is already created. Ensure that you keep a track of all your credit card expenses. Monitor your credit card statement on a regular Basis. In case you find something mysterious report to the respective credit card bank immediately.

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A credit card is a great way to Handle your expenses, but you always need to stay alert. The more knowledge you have about such credit card frauds the safer your finances will be.


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