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Electric Remote Toy Car: An Overview

Electric remote toy cars have taken the world of children’s toys to the next level with their electric power mobility and remote steering control. These toys, unlike old-fashioned pedal cars or die-cast models, offer more advanced functionality and are perfect for providing kids with hours of entertainment. The range of options available with electric remote toy cars is immense, with a variety of sizes, models, and shapes to choose from. These electric toy cars are built to resemble real-life cars, ranging from sports cars to monster trucks, and are constructed with durable chassis, wheels, and working headlights. The high-end models in the market even come fitted with doors that open and close and possess working dashboards to mimic real cars.

Therefore, parents looking to buy electric remote toy cars need to consider a few things. Firstly, the age and size of the child, as some models are bigger and require more advanced skill levels to control, while some are smaller and designed for younger children. Secondly, the type of terrain the car will be used on, some require flat surfaces and some can handle rougher terrains and off-road conditions. Thirdly, the quality of tires and battery life, which can affect the longevity of playtime. Additionally, these toys are perfect for outdoor playtime, providing exercise, encouraging imaginative play, and improving spatial reasoning skills. They can also be used for racing, obstacle courses, and just plain old cruising around the neighborhood.

Types of Electric Remote Toy Cars

The range of electric remote toy cars available in the market is vast and varied, with prices ranging from inexpensive to expensive. Here are some of the most common types of electric remote toy cars that are popular with kids:

Sports Cars

  • Loading capacity: 40 kg to 70 kg
  • Speed: 5-10 km/hr
  • Battery backup: 45 minutes to 1 hour


  • Loading capacity: 50 kg to 80 kg
  • Speed: 5-12 km/hr
  • Battery backup: Up to 90 minutes
  • Can tackle rough terrains

Monster Trucks

  • Loading capacity: 50 kg to 80 kg
  • Speed: 5-12 km/hr
  • Battery backup: Up to 90 minutes
  • Designed to mimic monster trucks

Formal Cars

  • Loading capacity: 40 kg to 70 kg
  • Speed: 5-10 km/hr
  • Battery backup: 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Designed to mimic formal cars like limousines and Bentley.

Buggy Cars

  • Loading capacity: 50 kg to 80 kg
  • Speed: 5-10 km/hr
  • Battery backup: Up to 90 minutes
  • Can tackle rough terrains
  • Has a cart-like design, and sometimes comes with a cart extension.

When buying electric remote toy cars, parents need to determine the interests of their kids and consider their size and skill level. The cars’ loading capacity, speed, and battery backup should also be considered before purchasing. A range of websites like Amazon, eBay, and Target sell electric remote toy cars. Moreover, toy stores like Toys “R” Us and Walmart have a vast selection of these cars for parents to choose from.

How Fast Do Electric Remote Control Cars Go?

Electric remote control cars are great toys for kids and adults alike. The speed of an electric RC car depends on various factors such as the motor type, battery capacity, and tire size. On average, an electric RC car can reach speeds between 10 to 60 miles per hour.

Here are some examples of electric RC cars and their average speed:

RC CarAverage Speed
Traxxas XO-1100+ mph
Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Pro35+ mph
Team Associated RC10B4.2 Brushless30+ mph

It’s important to note that most electric RC cars have adjustable speed settings, making them great for beginners and experts alike. Some popular websites to purchase electric RC cars include Amazon, HobbyTron, and Tower Hobbies.

In conclusion, the speed of an electric RC car varies based on various factors, and there are plenty of options available for all levels of racers.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Remote Toy Car

When buying an electric remote toy car, there are several factors to consider, including:

Quality of Components

  • Chassis and body: durable plastic or metal construction
  • Tires: quality rubber or composite material with good grip
  • Battery: high-performance rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Environments: some models may be more suited to indoor or outdoor environments

Age and Skill Level of the Child

  • Toy cars vary in size, power, and complexity, and some may be more suitable for younger or older children
  • Younger children may require simpler controls and smaller cars, while older children may enjoy more advanced models with more features and capabilities.


  • Toy cars come at various price points, depending on the brand, size, and level of complexity
  • Some high-end models are quite expensive, but they offer advanced features and excellent quality construction that can justify the extra expenses

Warranty and Customer Support

  • Some toy cars may come with a limited warranty or guarantee, which can provide peace of mind to parents in case of defects or malfunctions
  • Good customer support can provide assistance with issues such as repairs, replacements, or spare parts, ensuring that the toy car stays in good working order for years to come

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

Electric remote toy cars were first introduced in the 1970sThe earliest models were simple and crude, but they paved the way for future developments in design and technology
The most expensive electric remote toy car ever sold was a Lamborghini Veneno model, which fetched $4.6 millionIt was a highly detailed and accurate replica of the real car, complete with functioning features and a high-performance electric motor
The world’s largest electric remote toy car has a length of 2.82 meters and a width of 1.86 metersIt was built by a team in China using over 10,000 components, and is controlled by a remote that weighs over 30 kg

When looking to buy an electric remote toy car, parents need to consider several factors, including the quality of components, age and skill level of the child, cost, warranty, and customer support. Parents can consult a range of websites like Amazon, Walmart, and Target for reviews and advice on the best electric remote toy cars available.

Which Remote Control Car is Best?

With so many remote control cars in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best one. However, here are a few factors to consider when selecting a remote control car:

  • Type of car: On-road or off-road
  • Size: Small or large scale
  • Battery life and charging time
  • Speed and maneuverability
  • RC range and frequency

Some popular remote control cars to consider are the Traxxas Rustler and Slash, the Axial Yeti, and the Losi Mini-T 2.0. Additionally, websites such as Amazon and HobbyKing have a wide range of remote control cars with customer reviews to help with your decision-making process.

Here’s a comparison table to help with your decision-making process:

CarTypeSizeBattery LifeSpeedRC Range
Traxxas RustlerOff-road1/10 scaleUp to 20 minutes35+ mphUp to 300 feet
Axial YetiOff-road1/10 scaleUp to 15 minutes25+ mphUp to 250 feet
Losi Mini-T 2.0On-road and off-road1/18 scaleUp to 15 minutesUp to 20 mphUp to 150 feet

Best Electric Remote Toy Cars Available in the Market

There are plenty of electric remote toy cars available in the market, each offering a unique set of features, designs, and quality. Here are some of the best electric remote toy cars available online:

1. Razor E300 Electric Scooter

  • High-torque, chain-driven motor with speeds up to 15 mph
  • Large 10″ pneumatic tires and super-sized deck and frame for riders of all sizes
  • Recommended for ages 13 and up, with a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs
  • Adjustable speed controls and hand-operated rear brake for added safety and ease of use

2. Costzon Electric Car

  • Realistic design with functioning doors, headlights, and dashboard
  • Built-in horn, radio, MP3 player, and USB port for added playability
  • Two speeds (high and low) with remote control operation for parental supervision
  • Rechargeable 12V battery with an average run time of 45-60 minutes

3. Uenjoy Electric Car

  • Sleek design with dual opening doors and realistic instrument controls
  • Integrated audio system with FM radio, MP3 player, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote control operation for parental supervision and child-independent driving modes
  • Max speed of 3.1 mph, with adjustable seat belt and shock absorbers for added safety and comfort

4. Best Choice Products Truck

  • Powerful 12V motor with maximum speed of 3.7 mph and weight capacity of 65 lbs
  • Realistic truck design with functioning headlights, horn, and built-in audio system
  • Parental remote control for steering and speed control, with child-independent driving for growing independence
  • Includes rechargeable battery and charger, instruction manual, and all necessary hardware for easy assembly

Parents can buy Electric Remote Toy Cars online from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target stores. Online reviews on websites and marketplaces can help parents choose the best Electric Remote Toy Car for their child, as well as detailed product descriptions and comparisons of features, prices, and overall performance.

Which is the best RC remote control car?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best RC remote control car, including budget, terrain, speed, and durability. Here are a few top-picks:

RC CarPriceTypeTerrainSpeed
Traxxas Rustler 4×4$350+Off-road buggyRough65+ mph
ARRMA Infraction 6S BLX$500+On-road GTSmooth80+ mph
Redcat Racing Everest Gen7$200+CrawlerRocky20+ mph
  • The Traxxas Rustler 4×4 is a great option for off-road enthusiasts with a higher budget and a need for speed.
  • If on-road racing is more your style, the ARRMA Infraction 6S BLX is a top-performing GT car.
  • For a more budget-friendly option, the Redcat Racing Everest Gen7 is a durable crawler that can handle rough terrain.


Electric remote toy cars are the perfect toy to fuel creativity and encourage outdoor fun. They offer more functionality, durability, and entertainment than traditional pedal cars or die-cast models. With a variety of models to choose from, parents can find an electric remote toy car that will suit their child’s age, size, and skill level.

Whether you’re looking for a replica of a luxury sports car or an off-road monster truck, there is an electric remote toy car out there for you. With the convenience of online shopping, you can easily compare prices, features, and specifications to find the perfect car for your child. Plus, with parental supervision, you can ensure safe and responsible play.

In conclusion, investing in an electric remote toy car is a fantastic way to provide your child with fun, excitement, creativity, and adventure all in one. It’s time to put down the screens, grab the remote control, and hit the great outdoors with an electric remote toy car.


What happened to RC from Toy Story? ›

He was accidentally left outside during a rain storm and was trapped in a torrent of water. Together the Toys pulled him out before he could be swept into the sewers. In the first film, Buzz and Woody drop RC into the moving truck as they start flying with the Big One.

Why is my kids electric car remote not working? ›

Here are the most common ones: Your power wheels aren't charged sufficiently. Batteries could be loose, flat, too old or inserted wrong. A wire could be loose.

What is the RC Car name on Toy Story? ›

Owner(s) RC (Remote Control) Car, or simply RC for short, is a supporting character in the 1995 Disney/Pixar animated film, Toy Story and a minor character in its 1999 sequel. He was Andy's remote control toy race car who was used during playtime and was later separated from his toys within the years to come.

What is a good electric RC Car? ›

Comparison of the best RC cars for 2022
Best RC car overallTraxxas MaxxElectric
Best RC car overall runner-upTeam Losi Mini B 1/16 scale buggyElectric
Best RC car for kidsFeiyue FY-15Electric
Best RC car for kids runner-upTraxxas Rustler 2WDElectric
7 more rows
Dec 15, 2022

Which Toy Story got deleted? ›

'Toy Story 2' Was Almost Deleted From Its Servers

According to him, some poor, thankfully unnamed, soul at Pixar was in the internal file servers doing some standard file clearance, when they mistakenly put in a deletion command on the root folder for the film. All the character models and assets began erasing.

What happened to Andy's dad in toy? ›

Eventually recovering from polio, he met his wife as an adult and had Andy Jr. BUT, around the time Andy's sister was born, he came down with post-polio syndrome, which he ended up dying from—but not before he entrusted his precious Woody doll to his son.

What was the first RC toy? ›

1898 – Nicolas Tesla features a remote control torpedo in NYC. This is considered the very first radio controlled toy from a device. His torpedo is still considered the first R/C boat.

What is the oldest car toy? ›

5,000-year-old earthenware chariot is found among a treasure trove of relics in a child's grave in Turkey. A toy chariot dating back 5,000 years - which archaeologists believe may be the world's oldest 'toy car' - has been discovered in Turkey.

What is the girl doll in Toy Story? ›

Jessie is a fictional cowgirl rag doll who appears in the Disney-Pixar Toy Story franchise making her debut in Toy Story 2. She serves as one of the primary characters and is primarily voiced by Joan Cusack in the films and most other media, with Kat Cressida voicing the character in the Disney Infinity series.

How fast do RC cars go? ›

A fast RC rock crawler might reach 40 mph at best. RC drag cars, on the other hand, are intentionally configured for short bursts of very high speed. Fast RC drag cars accelerate quickly to top speeds of 60 to 70 mph. Some go even faster.

What is the fastest RC electric? ›

Traxxas XO-1 – Fastest RC Car In the World

That also means you will want to run it on the smoothest asphalt you can find. That's because part of the aerodynamic design means the XO-1 almost touches the ground with a ground clearance of only 0.59 inches.

What is the most popular size RC car? ›

When most people think about RC cars, they usually think of something relatively small. The size of the RC car is based on their scale relationship to the car they emulate, and the most common size is 1/10 scale (or 1:10 scale). The larger the bottom number in that ratio, the smaller the RC car.

Is Toy Story 27 years old? ›

Toy Story officially turned 27 years old yesterday, a striking reminde... TikTok.

What Disney movie almost got deleted? ›

In 1998, Pixar was getting ready to release Toy Story 2. The film was nearly complete and final edits were being made. But when someone hit the wrong button, the movie's files began to disappear. Oren Jacob, the former chief technical officer at Pixar, was an assistant technical director on the movie.

What toys left in Toy Story? ›

In the third film, the only surviving toys are Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Rex, Slinky, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Hamm, a few Green Army Men, the Aliens, and a Magic 8-Ball.

Who is Andy's baby sister? ›

Molly is Andy's younger sister. She appears as a 1-year-old baby in Toy Story and as a 2-year-old in Toy Story 2, where she is voiced by Hannah Unkrich.

Is Emily Andy's mom? ›

It's revealed in the animated series that Andy's mom's last name is Davis, but also Emily's last name isn't revealed. So, in theory, both Jessie's owner and Andy's mom are named Emily Davis. While what happened to Andy's dad remains a mystery, Andy's mom's name could have secretly been answered.

Who is Andy's real mom? ›

Davis (also known as Andy's Mom and Ms. Davis) is a minor character in the Disney•Pixar Toy Story films series. She is the single mother of Andy and Molly Davis.

Why is my key fob blinking red? ›

The red key warning light means there is a security error code. This light illuminates when the vehicle control modules see the ignition turned with a key that is not programmed to the vehicle or when there is an error within the security protocol of the vehicle's security system.

What to do if RC remote is not working? ›

Replace the Batteries
  1. Missing batteries. Check the RC and transmitter.
  2. Installed wrong. Make sure the batteries are in the right slots, facing the right direction, and completely seated in their little slots.
  3. Old batteries. Try some fresh batteries. ...
  4. Corrosion.
Feb 3, 2019

Why do remote control cars stop working? ›

This usually happens because of low batteries, but shock can also cause the fob to lose its pairing. Most remotes can be reset, so check your car's user manual for the resetting sequence. If resetting fails to solve the problem, the fob will need to be reprogrammed.

Why is my RC car not responding to the remote? ›

Check Your Batteries

Put good, fresh batteries in the RC and in the transmitter. Even nitro RCs need a battery pack to run the internal electronics. Make sure it is fully charged. Doublecheck that you installed the batteries correctly, as even one incorrectly inserted battery can cause problems.

Why is my remote not responding to batteries? ›

On the remote control, press the Power button for three seconds. Reinsert the batteries, making sure they are inserted with the correct polarity (-/+), then see if the issue is resolved. If the issue is not resolved, remove the batteries again and leave them out for approximately 1 minute. Then, reinsert the batteries.

What kills car remote battery? ›


Leaving your car key in your car overnight or even on a hook near the car is not recommended. If the fob is too close to your car, it can continue to communicate with it, which could drain the battery.

Can you restart a dead battery? ›

“When a vehicle battery dies, the most common solution is to jump-start the battery using jumper cables and another vehicle. However, if proper steps are not taken, there is no guarantee this method won't cause damage to the vehicle,” says David Bennett, AAA's manager for repair systems.

What is the oldest RC car? ›

- Early 1960's Bill Johnson Experimental Car - In an article in the first issue (September 1970) of 'Pit Stop' magazine, Bill Johnson of Burbank, California is credited with building “in the early 1960's”, an internal combustion engine-powered, radio-controlled, 1:12th scale, model car.

What toy cars are worth money? ›

13 Hot Wheels Cars That Are Worth A Fortune Today
  • 6 1968 Red Baron.
  • 7 1970 Mighty Maverick. ...
  • 8 1969 Purple Redline Olds 442. ...
  • 9 1973 Rodger Dodger. ...
  • 10 2008 Diamond Encrusted Hot Wheels. ...
  • 11 1969 Pink Rear-Loading Beach Bomb. ...
  • 12 1968 Brown Custom Camaro. ...
  • 13 Hot Wheels 1995 Collector Number 271. ...
Apr 3, 2023

What are the tiny toy cars called? ›

Micro Machines are a line of toys originally made by Galoob (now part of Hasbro) in the mid-1980s and throughout the 1990s. Micro Machines are tiny scale component style "playsets" and vehicles that are slightly larger than N scale.

What is the oldest kids toy? ›

The stick may be the world's oldest toy. Animals play with sticks, and we use them to play fetch with our dogs. Children find sticks an endless source of make-believe fun. Sticks can turn into swords, magic wands, majorette batons, fishing poles, and light sabers.

Who is Woody's girlfriend? ›

Jessie | Characters | Toy Story.

Is Boo the little girl from Toy Story? ›

Bo Peep is a fictional character appearing in the Disney—Pixar Toy Story franchise. The character is primarily voiced by Annie Potts. She appears in the first two films as a supporting character, portrayed as a love interest to the protagonist, Woody.

Who is the bad guy in the creepy doll? ›

The Creepy Doll is the titular main antagonist of the song of the same name by Jonathan Coulton. It is a mischievous possessed doll that antagonizes the protagonist of the song.

Can RC cars go on water? ›

If you build a car that's light enough, fast enough, and has enough surface area to its wheels , it will be able to travel on the surface of water.

Do RC cars break a lot? ›

The truth is that generally speaking, RC cars don't break easily when they're driven appropriately, which usually means avoiding crashes. In addition, a regular maintenance routine should be kept up since parts like gears usually need replacing regularly.

How fast is a hurricane RC car? ›

It can run to more than 35 km/h. It has a 2.4 GHz remote control board with a speed controller running on a 30 A electronic speed, allowing you to release the power of this high-speed truck at your command.

What is the most powerful RC battery? ›

The record-breaking Saft battery

The system can be expanded up to 40MW as needed. The battery's Guinness World Record was achieved during commissioning, when the BESS was discharged at the full overload capability of 46MW for five minutes, earning it the title of the World's Most Powerful Battery.

What is the fastest RC car out of box? ›

0-100 in 4.92 seconds. Top speed over 100mph! Simply put, the XO-1 is the most extreme Ready-To-Race® radio-controlled supercar in the world.” That sounds hyper-impressive and the fact that this speed monster is ready to go right out of the box is impressive as well.

Which is faster Nitro or electric RC? ›

Electric Cars are much faster then Nitro cars with upgrades. Typically Ready to Run (RTR) models are stocked with basic parts that are mostly plastic. However, if you are serious into racing you have options to upgrade to higher performing parts and metal parts that are more durable.

What is a well known RC car brand? ›

From Axial and ARRMA to E-flite, Dynamite, Spektrum, RealFlight and so more, the brands RC enthusiasts trust can be found here. Horizon Hobby product lines have earned this reputation because they are developed by individuals every bit as passionate about RC as you are.

What is the farthest RC car range? ›

The greatest distance by a battery powered remote-controlled (RC) model car on a single charge is 116.40 km (72.33 mi) and was achieved by Owen Kuwayti, Tobias Mikkelsen, Shiven Patel, Ishaan Batra and Ryan Lee (all USA), in Palo Alto, California, USA, on 26 July 2021.

How big is a 10th scale RC car? ›

Generally a 1/10 touring car body has a wheelbase of around 255-260mm. There are bodies of different width though, as some are for 200mm wide cars (some drifters, nitro touring cars etc.), and others are for 190mm wide cars.

Is RC the skunk in Toy Story 4? ›

Now, although a Bo Peep doll is as available, just as a Buzz Lightyear doll is also, it's worth noting that the Woody + Buzz + RC came as a Remote Control Car set from Toy Story 1, and yet the Skunk Mobile has not been made into a product from Toy Story 4.

Who is the kid from story that kills toys? ›

Sidney "Sid" Phillips is the main antagonist of the 1995 Disney•Pixar animated film, Toy Story. He was Andy's troubled next door neighbor.

Why is chuckles not in Toy Story 4? ›

Chuckles did not appear in Toy Story 4. It is unknown why, but it was likely due to his voice actor, Bud Luckey's death, but he probably still lives in Bonnie's house, but not in her room with the rest of her toys.

What happened to all of Andy's toys? ›

Like Andy, Molly grew too old for toys and either donated or threw away most of her last toys like Andy. Most of the last toys owned by Andy were given to Bonnie and befriended and joined Bonnie's toys.

Is Jessie Andy's mom's toy? ›

In Toy Story 2, Jessie is given a tragic backstory about her owner, Emily, but there is definitive evidence that Emily is actually Andy's Mom.

What is the pig character in Toy Story? ›

Hamm is a wise-cracking plastic piggy bank with a cork in his belly. Andy gives him an alter ego, Evil Doctor Porkchop, during play but Hamm is definitely one of the good guys.

What is the weird dog in Toy Story? ›

Slinky, often referred to as "Slink," is a toy Daschund with a stretchy Slinky as his middle. He's Woody's sidekick and willing to go to great lengths to help his toy friends.

Who is the scary girl doll in Toy Story? ›

Woody and Forky meet one creepy porcelain doll named Gabby Gabby in Toy Story 4 clip.

Who is the doll girl in Toy Story? ›

Jessie is a fictional cowgirl rag doll who appears in the Disney-Pixar Toy Story franchise making her debut in Toy Story 2. She serves as one of the primary characters and is primarily voiced by Joan Cusack in the films and most other media, with Kat Cressida voicing the character in the Disney Infinity series.

Who is the one girl from Toy Story? ›

Jessie is a rough-and-tumble cowgirl doll with a passion for yodeling. Since abandoned by her original owner, she's sensitive to being left behind; however, she's also an incredibly optimistic member of Andy's toy gang.

Does Toy Story 4 have curse words? ›

Profanity: None. The worst word used is one usage of 'idiot. '

Is Toy Story 4 inappropriate? ›

Toy Story 4 Age Rating

More specifically, Toy Story 4's age rating of G means that, according to the ratings board, there is nothing in the theme, visuals or language that indicate violence, adult content or other matters that the ratings board thinks parents wouldn't want young children to see.

Did anyone cry in Toy Story 4? ›

Woody, Bo, Ducky and Bunny, and Gabby Gabby spot a crying lost little girl. The plan was to get Gabby Gabby to Bonnie, but when they stumbled upon this girl, Gabby Gabby knew it was her girl.

What is Andy's mom's name? ›

Davis (also known as Andy's Mom and Ms. Davis) is a minor character in the Disney•Pixar Toy Story films series. She is the single mother of Andy and Molly Davis.

Who was Andy's favorite toy? ›

Woody is a cowboy doll (although the preferred term is "action figure"). As the toys' leader, and despite his fears to the contrary, he's always been Andy's favorite—no matter what new playthings enter the picture.

What was Andy's first toy? ›

When Andy Davis was in Kindergarten, Woody was his first and favorite toy. A year later, Andy added Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Slinky, Rex, the Green Army Men, R.C., Dolly, Duckie, Teddy, Etch A Sketch, Hockey Puck, Lenny, Mr.

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