Airtel Call History Details Check Online - EPREBILL Airtel (2023)

If you want to check the airtel call number detailed history (who you called, when you called, and for how long), you can check with simple trick. This is a detailed guide to check the Airtel call history 2023 details of your mobile numbers in India.

We have discussed below some methods, by which you can use to check Airtel call details of a number for free. It makes no difference whether you have a postpaid or prepaid mobile number.

So, if you want to get the incoming and outgoing call logs for any Airtel number, then this post is for you.

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Does Airtel Give Call History in 2023?

First, download the Official Airtel App from Play Store. Now create a new account using your email address. Enter your mobile number after creating your account. Simply select the option to get Airtel call history.

Different Methods To Check Airtel Call History

There are 4 different methods to use in 2023 to check Airtel call history and can able to download Airtel call history pdf file in your device.

  • Airtel Call Details Check Online by SMS EPREBILL Airtel
  • Airtel Call Details for PostPaid Number
  • Get Last 3 Call History Airtel Via SMS
  • Airtel Call History Check By Customer Care

Airtel Call Details Check Online by SMS EPREBILL Airtel

For Airtel Call History details send an SMS to 121 with the text EPREBILL<space>MONTH NAME<space>YOUR EMAIL ID from your Airtel phone number.

For example. To get Airtel call history details of NOVEMBER Month, Then type in this way: EPREBILL NOVEMBER Youremail@GMAIL.COM to 121.

After messaging EPREBILL Airtel through text SMS, Airtel will give you a confirmation message and you got an email shortly with your Airtel Call History.

Airtel Call Details for PostPaid Number

You don’t have to write your email address if you had an Airtel postpaid number. Simply text EPREBILL<space>MONTH NAME to 121.

for example- Send a message like this EPREBILL NOVEMBER to 121.

Within a few minutes, Airtel will send you a confirmation message for their user to check Airtel call details.

Hope, this airtel call details EPREBILL Airtel text SMS is useful to you, Check further to know more ways to get Airtel Call History on your phone.

Get Last 3 Call History Airtel Via SMS

Dial *121# from your Airtel mobile number and choose the call history option to get the last three Airtel call history. That all you have to do. It is the most simplest way to know the Airtel call details. You will get an SMS with your last three call records of Airtel within few minutes.

You may also reach out to the Airtel customer service team to obtain call information for every Airtel mobile number at any time.

Airtel Call History Check By Customer Care

If somehow these above methods can’t be use in your smartphone, then you can contact Airtel customer care to get my Airtel call history.

How to Check Airtel Call History?

To get Airtel call history or details, send an SMS to 121 in the desired format: EPREBILL <SPACE> MONTH FIRST 3 LETTERS <SPACE> YOUR EMAIL ID. The Airtel call history will be sent to your email address in PDF format within 48 hours. By doing this, you will get the Airtel call history last 6 months.

Is It Possible to Get Airtel Call Details of Any Number?

Yes, By sending an Airtel EPREBILL message, you may get any Airtel call history detail of any number.

How Do I Get My Airtel Login Call History?

To know My Airtel login call history for the previous six months, Send an SMS to 121 by entering the month’s name and email address. Text EPRELBILL NOVEMBER

Can I recover deleted call history or contact details?

Now it can be possible, It has been tested that on some Phone it is easy to recover deleted call history, deleted contacts, images, and videos etc. You only need to download the iMyFone Data Recovery software through online and get recover lost data.

Note* In some phones, this software can’t able to provide full recovery so, before using it must read the software instructions and terms & conditions of usage.

How can I get my deleted Airtel call details for prepaid mobile number?

You can get Airtel prepaid call details by sending a SMS to 121. You must send an SMS to 121 with the month’s name and email address (as the format shown above).

I hope, After reading this post you are able to know that, you can get any Airtel phone number’s call detail.

Can I check my Airtel Call Details Online through My Airtel App?

Yes, My Airtel App (Airtel Call Details App) can be used to get Airtel number detail. If you have downloaded My Airtel App then you can also able get more benefits. Like: It will allow you to know the

  • Airtel Account Balance
  • View Airtel Postpaid Bill
  • Do Recharge (Smartpack or unlimited pack)
  • Transfer Balance
  • Track Call, SMS and Daily Data Usage History
  • Get Airtel Customer Support via App
  • More services like Sports, Music, Movie, Utility etc.

How Can I See Airtel Call Details of Incoming and Outgoing calls in Prepaid?

You may send EPRELBILL to 121 along with the month and your email address to know information of all Airtel cellular call details (incoming and outgoing call) on an Airtel prepaid.

How To Get Airtel Call History Last 6 Months?

Through My Airtelofficial app, or by sending an SMS to 121, you may get information about your Airtel last 6call detail history of all numbers.Airtel Call History Last 6 MonthsAirtel Call History Last 6 MonthsAirtel Call History Last 6 Months.

You can also check out the Airtel last 5 call history for your any Airtel SIM number. You just have to follow the same above Airtel call details.

How Can I Check My Call History in Airtel?

You must send an SMS to 121 with the month’s name and email address. For example, you need to send an SMS with the text “EPREBILL>NOV>@EMAILID” to the number 121 if you want the November Airtel call history.
The call records will then be delivered to your email address in less than six hours.

I hope you like the Airtel service. You can also read our other blog from our site which may solve your other queries also.

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Airtel APN Settings 4G 2023

How Can I View My Airtel Call History?

You can view your Airtel call history by logging into your Airtel Thanks app and going to the “My Account” section. From there, you can select “Call History” to view a list of your recent calls.

Can I Download My Airtel Login Call History?

By login into your Airtel Thanks app and visiting the “My Account” area, you may retrieve your Airtel call information. To download the Airtelcall history as a CSV file, choose “Call History” from the list and then click the “Download” option.

How Far Back Does Airtel Call History Go?

The call history in the Airtel Thanks app typically goes back for the last 3 months. However, this may vary depending on the type of plan you have and how long you have been an Airtel customer.

Can I View Call History of Other Numbers Using my Airtel Account?

No, you can not only view the any other Airtel call details history of number. It is illegal to view the call history of any other number without their consent.

How Can I Check my Airtel Call history online?

By entering into your account on the Airtel Self Care website or the Airtel Thanks app, you may view your Airtel call history online. From there, go to the “My Account” area to see your call history.

Can I Check my Airtel Call history Through SMS?

You can check your Airtel call history details through SMS by sending a specific code to a specific number provided by the Airtel customer care. The details of the code and the number can be obtained by contacting customer care.

How To Clear Airtel Call Details?

Go to the “My Account” section of the Airtel Thanks app after signing in to delete your call history. To completely erase your call history, choose “Call History” from the menu and then press the “Clear” option.


How can I get my Airtel call history detailed? ›

Airtel Call History From Using Ussd Code

This Ussd code method is one of the oldest methods to know your last call history, balance details, and your Airtel Sim recharge details. open your mobile phones dialer keypad. type the Ussd code that is *121*7#.

How to check incoming and outgoing call details of any number online? ›

On Android Devices
  1. Launch the Phone app.
  2. If the recent tab is not opened immediately, click on Recent at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on the number you want to check its recent call history.
  4. From the dropdown options on the number, tap History. In some devices, it should be Call details or the "i" icon.
Dec 20, 2022

How can I check full call history? ›

Open your device's Phone app . Tap Recents . Call History.

How can I get Airtel call history by email? ›

How do I get my Airtel call history?
  1. First download Official Airtel Call History App from Play Store.
  2. Now register for new account by email id.
  3. Once your account created enter you mobile number.
  4. Simply click on get call history option.
  5. That's it you will get your last 1 year call history.
Jun 8, 2022

Can we see call logs in Airtel app? ›

My Airtel App also allows you to: Check your Call History.

How can I check my call history from other mobile? ›

If you ever need to view another phone's call log, there are a couple of ways to do so: you can track any phone's call history from the phone carrier's webpage by logging in with the appropriate phone number and password, or you can download a third-party app to track the phone's information.

How can I get phone number details online? ›

Simply type the phone number into Google and see what comes up. Sometimes Google will bring up some paid lookup options.
  1. Click Phone at the top of the page to go to the Reverse Phone Lookup page.
  2. Enter a mobile or landline phone number, starting with the area code.
  3. Click Search to find all available information.
Jul 19, 2022

How can I find unknown number details online? ›

Use a reverse phone lookup site.

Reliable sites include sites like White Pages, Reverse Phone Lookup, and AnyWho. Some sites may not be able to give you the exact name of the caller, but can provide you with a general location of the caller.

How can I get call details of any number without OTP? ›

Q. #3 How to get call details of any number without OTP?
How to get call history of mobile number in 5 Min.
  1. Step #1: Install the Call History App.
  2. Step #2: Then, Open this app.
  3. Step #3: Select country, fill Mobile number.
  4. Step #4: After that fill a Mail Id.
  5. Step #5: Choose Call History and click.

How can I get 6 months call history in Airtel? ›

Is there any way to Get Airtel last 6 month call history? You can get Airtel call history of last 6 months by sharing SMS on 121 along with the month name, e-mail id, and you will receive all the details on your e-mail id.

How can I get Airtel Ebill mail? ›

EPREBILL <Month Name> <Email id>

After sometime you'll receive an SMS with your request ID stating that your bill has been generated and you'll receive the bill with in 6 hours. Also you'll received password to open the PDF(e-bill) you would receive in e-mail.

How do I download my call log history? ›

Open the "Call Logs" feature section. Select a contact from the list to view the call history of that number. Click "Copy Call Logs", "Save PDF", or "Save CSV". Choose where on the PC you wish to save your exported file, and hit Save!

How do I retrieve call history and messages? ›

Navigate to Settings > Accounts and backup > Restore data. Choose your desired device backup, then select the Call logs option and tap on Restore. Tap install and your phone will start downloading the backup. The deleted call logs will be restored to the Samsung phone.

How long does Airtel keep call records? ›

(Data Retention)

Call Data is stored by telecom companies for a period of 6 months, in accordance with the government guidelines. We will talk more about these guidelines below.

How can I find someone's phone details? ›

How can I find someone's phone number and address for free?
  1. 1) AeroLeads Phone Number Finder.
  2. 2) Quick Google Search to find someone's phone number using the address.
  3. 3) Global People Search to find a phone number using the address.
  4. 6) LinkedIn.
  5. How to find a valid phone number?
Dec 3, 2022

Is there any app to get call details of any number? ›

Try Dialpad for free to see how you can have phone calls, video meetings, and messages—in one place!

What does * 57 do? ›

About Call Trace

Call Trace helps you handle obscene, harassing, or threatening calls. It should only be used to trace harassing or threatening calls that warrant legal action. After activating Call Trace, you must contact your local law enforcement agency.

How can I find a hidden number call? ›

This article explains five different ways to track down and call back private numbers.
  1. Call a Private Number for Free With *69.
  2. Check Phone Provider Logs.
  3. Look up the Number With Reverse Number Lookup.
  4. Use a Service to Unblock Private Numbers.
  5. Activate Call Tracing to Unblock Callers.
Jan 6, 2022

What are hidden numbers calls? ›

A hidden number can also be known as a 'private number' - or any call that rings through, but does not show the number. Hidden numbers cannot be identified by Truecaller, unfortunately. However, you can block any number that is shown as 'Unknown' or 'Private' using our powerful blocking feature.

Can I see my full call history iPhone? ›

How do I see my iPhone Call History? To access your call history on iPhone, unlock your device and open the Phone app. Tap "Recents" at the bottom of your screen to see a list of your call logs. For more information about a particular entry, tap the (i) icon.

How do I find old call history on iPhone? ›

Just open the Phone app, and then tap Recents at the bottom of the screen. A list of recent calls will appear. To view the details of an individual call, tap the “i” icon on the right of the call. You'll see the date the call took place and how long it lasted.

How can I see all call history on iPhone? ›

How to check call history on your iPhone
  1. Open the Phone app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Recents tab in the bottom menu – it will take you to your recent phone call history.
  3. Scroll through your phone calls to review your call history.
Aug 5, 2022

How can I get my call history from years ago? ›

How to Retrieve Deleted Call Records on Android Phone - 3 Ways
  1. Open Samsung Android phone.
  2. Go to Settings > Accounts and backup.
  3. Tap Backup and restore.
  4. Tap Restore data.
  5. Select Phone (including Call and message history).
  6. Tap Restore.
Apr 26, 2022

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