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Allen Sportshas been trusted by outdoor enthusiasts around the world for more than half a century. Our products are designed, built and tested to the highest standards of quality, earning top-rated reviews for their ease of use, value and rock-solid reliability.

We’re based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with facilities across the United States and abroad. Our racks, strollers and trailers are sold both online and through an extensive network of dealers in 12 countries.

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Dick Allen began his career working on aerospace technology for the Apollo program, until government cutbacks eliminated his job in 1967. That’s when the Harvard-trained physicist embarked on a new mission, transforming his hobby into a brand new industry. A cycling enthusiast and inventor, Allen wanted a way to carry bikes on his car for weekend trips around New England with his family. He was tired of hassling with twine and dinging up his car, so he set out to create a better solution — not only for himself, but also for the growing market he foresaw.

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Working long hours in his Massachusetts garage, he drafted designs during the day and constructed them at night. His built his first prototype with electrical conduit, metal strapping and fire hose casings for padding. After testing out the trunk-mounted rack on family excursions, he knew he had a winner, and founded Allen Bike Racks.

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Dealer acceptance came quickly, and by 1971 Allen Bike Racks were sold nationally through several major bicycle distributors. Over the years, Allen Sports has been awarded many patents for our trailblazing technology, and we continue to build on our tradition of innovation, quality and service.


At Allen Sports, we’re committed to producing the highest quality, easiest to use racks on the market. We also take pride in our outstanding service, earning our customers’ loyalty and lifetime satisfaction. If you should ever have questions or comments, please contact us

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We help you get out there.

About Us (2024)


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Depending on your industry, there may be more things that you'd like to include to assert your brand's position in the market.
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Apr 1, 2024

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What should an About Me page include? ›

For the most part, an 'About Me' template will include the following components:
  • Introduction. The introduction of your 'About Me' page is definitely one of the most important parts. ...
  • Mission statement. ...
  • Your story. ...
  • Your niche or competitive advantage. ...
  • Positive feedback or awards. ...
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