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With summer fast approaching, more e-bike owners will be thinking of taking their bikes on holiday or away for day trips and short weekend breaks. Due to the increased popularity of e-bikes, car rack manufacturers have needed to design specific racks that can take the extra weight associated e-bikes. In this article I will be looking a 5 of the best car racks for electric bikes currently available.



A few years ago it was difficult to find a car rack suitable for transporting e-bikes, but due to their massive rise in popularity there has been a surge in demand for e-bike specific car racks capable of handling the extra weight involved.

Electric bikes can typically weigh anything from 13kg all the way up to nearly 30kg – this extra weight means that a car rack designed for carrying regular bikes may not be suitable, unless you own one of the latest generation of lightweight electric bikes.

Another important consideration is tyre size – a lot of new e-mountain bikes have ‘plus size’ tyres, meaning you will need to factor this into the equation if you own such a bike.

Below I have compiled a list of 5 of the best car racks for electric bikes from some of the top manufacturers including Thule and Westfalia.

5 of the Best Car Racks for Electric Bikes | eBike Choices (1)

What type of car rack is suitable for an electric bike?

Generally there are three kinds of car rack available for transporting bikes – roof-mounted, towbar mounted and boot / tailgate mounted. In my opinion the only type of rack suitable for an electric bike is the towbar mounted rack – I would advise against the other types as these have weight limits that may not be suitable for heavy e-bikes. If you have a lightweight electric bike then you’ll have more options, but I would still recommend something heavy-duty and high quality.

The best car racks for electric bikes are…

So on with the list. I’ve hand picked the small selection of bike racks below based on their quality, price and customer reviews. I also happen to know a couple of people who use the Thule racks listed below for transporting e-bikes on day trips and short holidays.

5 of the Best Car Racks for Electric Bikes | eBike Choices (2)

The Peruzzo Pure Instinct 2 Bike Towbar Carrier is a durable towbar mounted carrier rack that’s ideal for two electric bikes with most modern wheel sizes and a maximum load weight of 60kg.

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This rack can be tilted forwards away from the vehicle whilst fully loaded so you can access the boot of your car, it also easily folds down for storage when not in use. The fitting system allows you to secure the bikes quickly and is also lockable. The carrier has been finished in a tough, scratch-resistant powder coating and comes with a 13-pin plug and rear light board.


Material: Steel
Max Bikes: 2
Max Individual Bike Weight (Kg): 30
Overall Size Mm (H. X W X Xd.): 280*610*630 Close 580*1100*630 Open
Easy Loading Flip Down System: Ok
Homologated Rear Lights: Ok
Plug Adaptor: 13 Pins
Rapid Fit System: Ok
Bike Fitment: Frame + Wheel
Max Size Frame Section (Mm): 60 (Using Bike Grab Arms)
Max Bike Size: 29″”
Max Tyre Width (Mm): 102
Max Distance Between Bike Wheels (Mm): 1200
Distance Between Tube Arms for Bike Frame Support (Mm): N.a.
Distance Between Bike Carrier Trails (Mm): 250
Locking Rack to Car: Ok
Locking Bike to Rack: Ok
Product Weight (Kg): 14.6

Buy from Tweeks Cycles

2. Thule Easyfold XT 2-Bike Towbar Carrier

5 of the Best Car Racks for Electric Bikes | eBike Choices (3)

The Thule Easyfold XT is designed to transport E-Bikes and heavy mountain bikes thanks to its 60kg load capacity. The mounting of bikes is straightforward thanks to detachable bike arms which also feature Thule’s AcuTight torque limiter knobs that ‘click’ when optimal torque is reached.

This model features adjustable pump buckles with extra-long wheel straps to ensure the easy fastening of wheels up to 4.7″ wide, which allows the transport of fat bikes, as well as including a large distance between its wheel holders. Another great feature of the EasyFold XT is that even when the bikes are mounted to the rack, you can still access the boot thanks to the smart foot pedal tilt (as seen in the video).

It’s also easy to transport the bike rack thanks to its integrated carrying handles. And when it comes to safety and security, you can lock your bikes to the bike rack and your bike rack to the towbar with the assistance of the included locks.

  • Easy To Mount
  • Foldable
  • 60kg Load Capacity
  • Max. Number of Bikes – 2
  • Load Capacity – 60kg
  • Max. Bike Weight – 30kg
  • Dimensions – 123x63x68cm
  • Folded Dimensions – 31x63x68cm
  • Weight – 17.9kg
  • Fits Frame Dimensions –22-80mm
  • Detachable Frame Holders – Yes
  • Distance Between Bikes – 22cm
  • Wheel Mounting on Adjustable Holders – Pump Buckles
  • Tilt Function (With Bikes) – Yes
  • Fits Cars with Exterior Spare Tyre – No
  • Rear Lights – Yes
  • Power Connector – 13-pin
  • One Key System Compatible – Yes
  • Lockable Bike-To-Rack – Yes
  • Lockable Rack-To-Vehicle – Yes

Buy on Amazon

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Shop all Thule towbar-mounted e-bike carriers on Amazon

⭐⭐⭐Best for transporting electric mountain bikes and fat bikes⭐⭐⭐

3. Westfalia BC 60 Towbar Mounted Bike Carrier

5 of the Best Car Racks for Electric Bikes | eBike Choices (4)

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The Westfalia B60 Bike Carrier is another towbar-mounted rack that is suitable for electric bikes thanks to its 60kg weight capacity. The carrier mounts onto your towbar at waist height without the need for tools.

It folds away neatly when you’re not using it for storage and has a handle, making it easy to carry it to and from your car. The B60 Bike Carrier can hold 2 bikes, or 3 with an extension rail, and the strong and robust design means it’s perfect for carrying e-bikes. When the bike rack is mounted to your towbar, you can move your number plate onto to the integrated number plate holder, connect the lighting board to your vehicle electrics with the 13 pin electric plug and tilt the rack forwards so you can still access the boot. With locking mechanisms on the bike rack and towbar and straps to secure your bikes in place, you can be safe in the knowledge your bikes will be okay on the back of your car.

  • Capacity for 2 bikes, but can carry 3 if you buy the expansion rail
  • Folds down when not in use for easy storage
  • Payload of 60kg with a wheelbase of up to 1300mm
  • Adjustable wheel holders for different sized bikes
  • Thick rubber pads on the wheel holders protect the bike frame
  • Tilts forwards so you can access to the boot when bikes are loaded
  • Integrated number plate holder and lighting board (not LED)
  • Carrier and bikes can be locked individually with just one key
  • Can carry the Westfalia-Automotive Box or Platform tray if you need more storage space
  • Horizontal loading
  • Weight: 18.4kg
  • 5 year warranty

Buy from eBay

Also available from Amazon

4. Thule EUROPOWER 915 Towbar Mounted Bike Carrier

5 of the Best Car Racks for Electric Bikes | eBike Choices (5)

The Thule EuroPower 915 is an excellent quality car bike rack. Designed to carry two bikes of 30kg each, the EuroPower 915 is ideal for carrying heavier e-bikes. The levers have also been improved to make it even easier to mount your bikes.

The space 25cm between the bikes makes it easier to position the bikes without them touching each other. It has an adjustable one hand coupling with low closing force for easy mounting of the carrier. The foot pedal makes it possible to rotate the carrier in such a way that you can still access the boot. A built-in stop prevents the bikes from hitting the ground.

Both the carrier and the bikes are lockable and it’s suitable for almost all bikes and wheel sizes. The carrier is designed to easily fold and keep in the boot when not in use.

• Loading capacity: 60 kg
• Maximum weight bike: 30 kg
• Wheel distance: 25 cm
• Weight carrier: 18 kg
• Removable levers
• Locks bike to carrier
• Locks carrier to car
• Tiltable by means of a foot pedal
• New rear lights with built-in reflectors
• Rear/fog lights
• 13-pin socket

Buy the Thule Europower 916 from Decathlon

Shop all Thule towbar-mounted e-bike carriers on Amazon

5 of the Best Car Racks for Electric Bikes | eBike Choices (6)

  • Design to carry e-bikes and heavy bikes
  • Carry up to two bikes with max weight 60kgs/132lbs
  • Locking clamps with pads to secure the bikes.
  • Quick-releasing straps with pads to conveniently secure bikes.
  • Tilt down for trunk access with bikes on.
  • Lock bike to the rack.
  • Lock rack to the tow ball

TheHalfords Advanced 2 Bike Towbar Mounted Bike Rack is designed to transport heavy E-bikes and has a high load capacity of 60kg. It’s easy to use with great stability, this Bike Rack also offers durability and a touch of simplicity in design.


(Video) Bike Racks For Electric Bikes In 2022
Towbar Mounted Cycle Carriers

Max. Number of Bikes


Bike Lockable to Bike Rack


Bike Rack Lockable to Tow Bar


Dimensions (H) x (L) x (D)


Weight of Bike Rack


Electric Bike Compatible


Fitting Time

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2 Minutes

Load Capacity


Max. Bike Weight


Buy from Halfords £289.99

⭐⭐⭐Best Value for Money⭐⭐⭐

E-Bike loading ramp

5 of the Best Car Racks for Electric Bikes | eBike Choices (7)

The Thule loading ramp is a useful accessory to save you trying to lift a heavy e-bike and getting a hernia! This lightweight aluminium ramp is designed for Thule car racks.

Buy on Amazon

The Verdict

This list contains some of the best car racks for electric bikes currently available – what you decide to purchase really boils down to your budget and the type of bike you have. The best value rack by far is the Halfords Advanced 2 rack – it is the cheapest rack specifically designed to carry heavy e-bikes.

All of the Thule racks featured above are excellent – Thule are a market leader in towbar mounted bike racks and I can testify to their suitability. Quite frequently I have customers come to collect their newly-built electric bikes from me and they nearly always have a Thule rack fitted.

Westfalia are another brand associated with great car racks and their BC 60 rack is also designed with electric bikes in mind.

Finally the Preruzzo Pure Instinct 2 is excellent value for money and it the second cheapest on this list.

(Video) The Best Electric Bike Hitch Rack - For even FAT TIRE eBikes

If it was my money I would be inclined to go for one of the Thule models, that’s not to say the others aren’t as good, it’s just Thule towbar mounted bike racks are the best in the industry and the amount you see on the back of cars is a testament to their popularity.

Shop all Thule towbar-mounted e-bike carriers on Amazon

For more towbar-mounted carriers that are suitable for electric bikes, visit my other website ebikepricecomparison to check price and availability.


5 of the Best Car Racks for Electric Bikes | eBike Choices? ›

The Best Bike Racks For E-Bikes, 2022
  • Thule T2 Pro XTR.
  • Yakima OnRamp.
  • Thule EasyFold XT 2.
  • RockyMounts BackStage.
  • Saris Superclamp EX 2 bike.
  • Hollywood Racks Sport Rider.
  • Yakima StageTwo.
  • VelociRAX.

Do you need a special bike rack for electric bikes? ›

An automotive bike rack is a necessity for many folks when transporting their bicycle. eBikes require special consideration due to the added weight of the electrical system over a traditional bicycle. We do not recommend trunk-mounted racks or other racks that are secured only with straps for our eBikes.

Can I use normal bike rack for ebike? ›

The majority of standard bike racks are NOT sturdy enough to support the extra weight of eBikes, the lone exception is the hitch-mounted platform rack, which is the only viable option for electric bikes.

How do you lift a heavy electric bike? ›

What it Takes to Lift a Bike and E-Bike - YouTube

Can you put a ebike on car rack? ›

Ideally, you'll want a 2-inch trailer hitch.

A 2″ trailer hitch allows you to carry multiple electric bicycle without wobbles and ensure your investment is safe and secure. After extensive research with multiple brands of bike racks, these are the best car racks for your electric bike.

How do you transport eBikes on a car? ›

Bicycles are usually carried on a roof rack, or on a bicycle rack attached to the rear of the vehicle. Whichever method you use it is important that the rack and its attachment are strong enough to carry the bicycle/s, and that the vehicle is not overloaded.

Can a Thule bike rack hold an electric bike? ›

Thule EasyFold XT is a fully foldable hitch bike rack that is super easy to store in the trunk of your car and bring on every excursion. These lightweight and robust bike racks can carry heavy bikes like ebikes, or heavy mountain bikes.

How do I put an electric bike in my SUV? ›

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How do you put a ebike on a bike rack? ›

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How do you transport an ebike in the rain? ›

Depending on how full your vehicle is, consider taking off both wheels and maybe the saddle, wrap the chain area in cling film (saran/glad wrap) and stash the frame across the rear seat. Remember to take enough tools to reassemble at the far end though! A bike frame might fit in your boot/trunk/storage too, like this.

Can you lay an electric bike on its side? ›

It's fine. Lay it on the left side and have the left crank in the up position to help stabilize.

How do you transport a bike on an SUV? ›

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How do you transport an electric tricycle? ›

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