33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (2023)

33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (1)

Car logos are everywhere. Some car brand logos are incredibly straightforward—a letterform or a pattern—and some are more complex.

Car logos sometimes have hidden meanings or special significance to the car manufacturers.

Here is our list of the meanings of common car brand logos.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (2)

Audi Logo Meaning - Audi cars of the four rings logo, representing the four pre-merger companies. These companies have a manufacturer of bicycles, motorcycles and small passenger cars. The company was originally a merger of four companies, so each ring is a symbol of one of the companies.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (3)

Mercedes-Benz Logo Meaning - Apply for Daimler company registered in June 1909 pointed star as a car flag, the symbol of landing on water and air mechanization. Coupled with a circle around it in 1916, set with four small stars in the top of the circle, the following Mercedes "Mercedes" word. "Mercedes" is the meaning of happiness, meaning Daimler's production of car owners who will bring happiness.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (4)

Volkswagen Logo Meaning - Volkswagen automobile company in German the Volks Wagenwerk, intended for public use vehicles, marking the VW for the full name the first letter. Signs such as by three with the middle finger and index finger to make the "V", said the public company and its products win-win-win.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (5)

Toyota Logo Meaning - Toyota's three oval logos are from early 1990. Large oval logo on behalf of the Earth, in the middle by a vertical combination of two ellipses into a T-word, on behalf of Toyota.

It is a symbol of Toyota is based on the future, confidence in the future and ambition, but also a symbol of Toyota is based on the customer, the customer guarantees, a symbol of the user's heart and the heart of the automotive manufacturers are linked to a sense of mutual trust, Yu said Toyota's superior technology and innovative potential.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (6)

Ford Logo Meaning - Ford logo Ford English Ford "blue-white. As founder Henry Ford, like small animals, so the logo designers Ford English painting into a pattern of small white rabbit look like.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (7)

BMW Logo Meaning - BMW logo middle, on behalf of blue sky, white clouds and stop rotating propellers, Yu said a long history of BMW origins, a symbol of the company's leading position in the aero-engine technology, but also a symbol of the company has always The aims and objectives: in the vast space, with advanced technical skills, the latest concept to meet customer wishes, reflecting the vigorous momentum and the new face of the ever-changing.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (8)

Rolls-Royce Logo Meaning - Rolls-Royce Rawls · Luolao, Lewis Automotive logo two "R" overlap, a symbol of you have me, I have you, reflect both harmony and harmonious relationship.

Lawers Laois logo In addition to the double R, the famous trapeze signs. This flag is an idea taken from the corridors of the Louvre in Paris art statue of the goddess of victory in two thousand years of history, she was a dignified and noble figure of the artists to produce a source of passion. When automotive art guru Charles Sykes was invited to the Rolls-Lo Lewis Motor Company design marks, a goddess-like etched in his mind immediately makes him produce inspiration. So an arm stretched to the Goddess of the body with a veil floating in the air.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (9)

Ferrari Logo Meaning - Ferrari logo is a leaping horse. In the First World War, Italy has a performance very good pilot; his aircraft had this one will bring him good luck in the Yamaha. In the first Ferrari racing after winning the pilot's parents - a pair of Earl couple suggestions: Ferrari should also be in the car printed on this horse, bring good luck in the Yamaha. The pilot was killed, the horse became a black color; the logo background color of Modena canary.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (10)

Peugeot Logo Meaning - Peugeot Automobile Company, the predecessor of the Peugeot family, brothers Pierre in the early 19th century opened a production of the see-saw, spring, and other iron tools, small workshops. These iron products, the trademark is a mighty lion, it is a sign of the company is located Frendo repair Kundi province, invincible metaphorical. Reflects the three major advantages: Peugeot see-saw hardened wear-resistant serrated teeth like a lion, saw themselves as the backbone of the Lions flexible, see-saw performance like a lion to the unimpeded.

In 1890, a Peugeot car, to show that it's high-quality, the company decided to still follow the "lion" trademark.

10Aston Martin

33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (11)

Aston Martin Logo Meaning - Aston Martin car flag is a fly in the Mirs, respectively Note Alston, Martin English words. Yu said the company like Mirs heaven sprint speed and lofty aspirations.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (12)

Bentley Logo Meaning - Walter Owen Bentley in 1919 produced the first one, four-cylinder racing car with a badge, the above is a pair of hawk wings surrounded by Bentley at the beginning of the letter "B". Four-cylinder car is no longer in production, while "B" word badge is still the symbol of Bentley. Bentley's car logo is based on the company name the first letter of the "B" as the main body to give birth to a pair of wings, like volley soaring eagle, the logo still in use.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (13)

Lincoln Logo Meaning - Lincoln car is owned by Ford Motor Company brands. Mounted at the front of the middle surrounded by the elongated shape of the cross star, a symbol of dignity and solemnity. Lincoln Motor Company is Mr. Henry Leland founded in 1907, acquired by Ford Motor Company in 1922. The initial production of aircraft engines for the industry. Lincoln is a brand named after the president's name, designed for the production of the high-end car of the president and head of state.

Lincoln cars outstanding performance, elegant styling, and unparalleled comfort, since the 1939 U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, has been the White House selected as the presidential limousine.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (14)

Jaguar Logo Meaning - Jaguar's name origin can be traced back to 1937. June SS Motor Company officially took over the car companies Sunbeam (Wolverhampton). Sir Lyons was very much hope that can car called Sunbeam, Sunbeam had many world racing champions, which can be described as a "victory" sign. Unfortunately, within the company there are some problems. Finally, forced to abandon the use of the name of the Sunbeam as a company. Sir Lyons last name-the Jaguar chose a clear pronunciation in various languages, it is named according to the World War I flying machine.

Also known as Jaguar Jaguar, Hong Kong people also known as "Jaguar", the reason for the transliteration of the English JAGUAR, it identifies the car is designed as a jaguar jump, vivid, concise image of strong, dynamic, contains the power of, rhythm and brave.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (15)

Chevrolet Logo Meaning - Chevrolet brand, said patterned bow, Chevrolet is a Swiss racing driver, engineer Louis Chevrolet name.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (16)

Lexus Logo Meaning - Lexus symbol of English pick up the car the first letter, that is, LEXUS first letter "L".


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (17)

Lamborghini Logo Meaning - Lamborghini company logo is a whole body full of strength, is preparing to launch a fierce attack on the opponent. Is said to the pigheadedness Lamborghini is this not to be outdone, also reflects the characteristics of the Lamborghini company's products because the company's cars are high-power, high-speed sports car. The trademark on the front and rear eliminating the need for the company's name, only a stubborn cattle.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (18)

Cadillac Logo Meaning -The selection of "Cadillac" in the name of the royal nobility to the French explorer, Anthony Simmons, the founder of the U.S. city of Detroit Cadillac to pay tribute to trademark graphics crown and shield composition. The crown symbolizes the Cadillac family coat of arms, seven pearls on the crown metaphor for the royal blue blood. The shield symbolizes the heroic army of Cadillac. The shield is divided into four equal portions.

The first and fourth decile is full at the end of the Clemens family coat of arms, dark brown stick to the middle across three of the same Blackbird separate the two, one the next. Three birds mean the shamisen, one of the sacred, and also means daring and enthusiasm of the Christian warrior wisdom, rich, intelligent mind and perfect character. The second and third decile is due to internal intermarriage, when another piece of territory added to the Clemens family property, these 4 equal to Clemens coat of arms was adopted. 4 and so on since the beginning of the colors that vast land, enriched by the fame of the Clemens family, brave and bold; silver unity, love, virtue, and rich red marks action.

Across the bars represent the brave knights in the Crusaders war. Cadillac trademark of bravery and honor of the ancestors of the founder of the Detroit City.

18Alfa Romeo

33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (19)

Alfa Romeo Logo Meaning - Alfa Romeo logo began in the early 1930s, which is the emblem of the City of Milan City medieval Milan lord Weisikangtai of the Duke family crest, the sign of the cross-section from the Crusaders from the Milan out the story of the expedition; the right part of the badge of the Duke of Milan; snake swallowing Sarah fast pattern, according to mythology, one of them saying symbolizes Weisikangtai ancestors had repelled the suffering of the people "Dragon".

In short, While the old badge accompanied the Alfa Romeo sports car has been known to become one of the well-known trademarks.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (20)

Volvo Logo Meaning - "Volvo" (Volvo), also translated as "rich". The logo is composed of two parts by the icon and the word mark. Volvo graphic logo is composed by the dual-ring wheel shape, and point to the upper right of the arrow. The middle of the Latin word "Volvo" means rolling forward, signifying the wheel of the Volvo car rolled forward and thrive promising.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (21)

Mazda Logo Meaning - Mazda Motor Corporation, formerly known as the Japan Industrial production car named after company founder "Matsuda", because "Matsuda" pinyin MAZDA (Mazda), so people used to call the Mazda.

Mazda initially in the oval into the hands holding a sun, meaning Mazda will have tomorrow, Mazda traveled all over the world.

Mazda with Ford after using the new logo, the seagulls fly in the oval and form the "M" word. The "M" is the MAZDA first uppercase letter indicates that the company will fly to the infinite creativity and sincere service, the new century.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (22)

Pontiac Logo Meaning - Pontiac logo, composed of two parts of the letters and graphics. The letter "PONTIAC", taken from the name of a place in the U.S. state of Michigan: graphic car marked with a cross mark the arrow.

The cross marks said Pontiac is an important member of the General Motors Corporation, also a symbol of Pontiac car safe and reliable; arrow represents ahead of Pontiac's technology and research spirit, indicates that the Pontiac car traveled globally.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (23)

Lotus Logo Meaning - Lotus cars marked, in the oval on the floor inlaid with abstract lotus shape, above in addition to the word "Lotus" (LOTUS), also the founder of Chapman Name Name (A.C.B CHAPMAN) four letters of the alphabet "A. C. B. C superposition made.

Lotus is a British Chapman, founded in 1951, mainly produces sports car, the small scale, in the fierce competition changed hands several times, Lotus is owned by DRB-HICOM through its subsidiary Proton, which acquired it following the bankruptcy of former owner Romano Artioli in 1996.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (24)

Renault Logo Meaning - 1898, Louis Renault, the three brothers in France, Renault than Yang Ancient create. It is one of the oldest car company in the world. Renault sedans, official cars, and sports cars.

Renault logo makes up the pattern of four-diamond, symbolizing the Reynold three brothers to blend with the automotive industry, said, "Renault" to compete in the infinite space (4D), survival and development.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (25)

Buick Logo Meaning - The shape of the "sword" pattern Buick trademark for a total of graphical trademarks are installed in the car radiator grille. Three different color sword (from left to right, respectively, for the three colors of red, white and blue), in order of priority in different height positions, giving a positive, continue to climb the feeling, it said Buick top-level technology, Buick is the courage of the warriors of Dengfeng.

Buick cars marked in English come from the surname of the company's founder David Buick. The whole trademarks are the wings of the eagle is about to fall on the Buick on the letters of the alphabet. It symbolizes the Buick Eagle ideal habitat is to be the old adage: "Families with plane trees, in order to provoke the Golden Phoenix.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (26)

Porsche Logo Meaning - Porsche cars marked in English with German Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche's surname. The graphic logo company is located in Stuttgart's coat of city emblem.

The word "PORSCHE" trademark top, that the trademark is owned by the Porsche design company; the trademark STUTTGART"the words in the top of the horse, the company is headquartered in Stuttgart; trademarks of the middle horse said Stuttgart a place rich in a valuable species of a horse; the upper left and lower right of the trademark pattern of antlers, Stuttgart is a good place for hunting; trademark the top right and bottom left of the yellow stripes represent the mature wheat color, a metaphor for the bumper harvest of the trademark in black on behalf of the fertile land, the trademark red symbolizes the people's wisdom and love of nature, which form a superb deep meaning, delicate and beautiful pastoral landscape, show the insurance McNair brilliant in the past, and foreshadowed a bright future for the Porsche, the Porsche sports car's outstanding!


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (27)

Opel Logo Meaning - Who often watch TV sports channel spectators, will see large-scale international sports competitions circle lightning "emblem, that is, the identity of the German Opel. Circle lightning ", which means the Opel's strength and speed is unmatched; Opel is always full of vigor and vitality.

German Opel company is a subsidiary of General Motors, is a window of the GM in Europe. Founded by Adam Opel, it has been one hundred years of history.

Opel company's sponsorship of the football World Cup, European Championship, the Davis Cup, League Cup tennis tournament and other major world sports competitions, making the Opel company have a high reputation in sports, no doubt, to bring its good returns.

At present, Opel has more than 100 markets throughout the world in over 20 countries. Opel cars for five consecutive years the location of the car's number one brand in Western Europe accounted for 12% of Western European car market share.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (28)

Fiat Logo Meaning - Italian Fiat company was founded in July 1899, has been more than 100 years of history. Now Fiat is Italy's most important automobile manufacturing center and the largest private enterprise groups. The early establishment of the Group's only production car, then quickly diversified products in the fields of commercial vehicles, ships, aircraft, trains, farm tractors, and construction machinery.

The Fiat (FIAT) Italian Automobile Factory of Turin (Fabbrica Italiana Auto-the dotmobi Ledi Torino) translation abbreviation "fiat" in English the meaning of the word "law", "license" "approval". The company's logo has been used to "FIAT", just different shape and color improvement.

Such as 1921, The Scarlet Letter white circular logo; font vertical pull workers trademark in 1931; 1959 the company launched a new car and the logo bigger to do round the corner; 1965 Guizhi wound red and white circular logo as the official emblem; the establishment of joint-stock companies in 1968 a new logo in the four boxes, each with a letter; a factory in 1991, Fiat 600 switch on the front face of the five cable-stayed straight bars, the rear is still the identity of the four boxes.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (29)

Rover Logo Meaning - Rover is Mascot from the world's most famous homeless family - Viking's pun. The "Rover" the word in English with the meaning of the Rangers, mariners.

Since 1902, this flag will be placed in the position of the middle of a car before. In the 1920s of the 20th century, the Vikings helmet image and triangle badge attract a generation of young people like Rover car.

Later, standing in the Rover is sign the Vikings gradually to his head, but he still took the helmet. Accurate and consistent logic is to let the bow of the National People's Congress ships in the Virgin statue. Viking ship bow and sails in 1929, first appeared in the signs of the radiator, as an auspicious symbol of the centuries-old runs through the Rover car.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (30)

Hyundai Logo Meaning - In 1947, Chung Ju Yung create Hyundai Motor Company, through 50 years of development, it has become Korea's largest automobile manufacturers, and enter the ranks of the world-famous car companies. Its trademark is used in the Oval italics H, H is the Hyundai Motor Company English Name HYUNDAI capital letters.

Modern first reflects the concept of the "Hyundai Motor Company in the world to take off in 2000; followed by Hyundai Motor Company is also a symbol of development in harmony and stability. The trademark oval, which represents the car's steering wheel, can be seen as the Earth, during the H together exactly represent the mean of a modern car all over the world.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (31)

Skoda Logo Meaning - The meaning of Skoda trademark: a huge ring a symbol of Skoda impeccable product for the world; bird wings symbolizes the technological progress of worldwide product marketing; a right flight of the arrow, the symbol of advanced process; the outer ring in the black color symbolizes the Skoda company more than 100 years of tradition; central covered with green, the expression of the Skoda people focus on renewable resources and environmental protection.

Skoda Felicia brand car trademarks now production Guizhi of the bottom part of the leaves, said the victory. In addition, the Skoda trademark a legend: It is said, the plant manager from the Americas back to an Indian servant, and this person is very diligent, the mask is also very beautiful, so on the selection of his mask as a trademark, which is now Sri Lanka Kodak Arrow trademark.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (32)

Chrysler Logo Meaning - Chrysler is named after founder Walter Chrysler Motor Company. Graphic trademark five-pointed star, like a medal, it embodies the Chrysler family and employees their lofty ideals and aspirations, and always the pursuit of endless and win in the competition's spirit of struggle. The five-pointed star of five parts, respectively, on all five continents in Chrysler cars, Chrysler cars all over the world.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (33)

Suzuki Logo Meaning - The Suzuki logo is S is the S in the first SUZUKI logo SUZUKI's first capital letters, it gives the feeling of infinite power, a symbol of the unlimited development of Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Suzuki Loom Manufacturing 1909 Suzuki coast of Shizuoka Prefecture name of the county to create, in 1954 renamed Suzuki Automotive Industry Corporation. The company mainly produces mini-cars, light trucks, motorcycles and so on.

Since 1979, the company produced mini-cars in Japan sales in the first place, Suzuki SPORT SWIFT GTI had won the first prize in the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship. In 1983, the Company and Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. production Alto mini-cars, already occupies an important position in the field of domestic mini-cars, the crazy little mouse said.


33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings (34)

Citroen Logo Meaning - In 1900, Andre Citroen, the invention of the herringbone gear. In 1912, Andre Citroen began employing shaped gear as the Citroen product trademarks. Later, Citroen has organized two trips across the continent and across the Asian continent, Citroen car became famous.

French life, cheerful, and love fashion, like the novel and beautiful, Citroen car on the performance of France of this character, all the time exudes the romance of France.

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What car brand has 3 circles? ›

Toyota is one of the most recognizable brands in the world thanks to its 3-circle logo.

What is the meaning of brand of the car? ›

The term "brand" is usually used to denote the manufacturer - you have Toyota Motor Company (or simply Toyota). " Make" is usually used to denote the model of the car - that would be Corolla (for you). In the automotive world, you would repeatedly hear/see "make and model" being used when asked about a car.

What are the car logos on cars called? ›

Every car bears a name and every brand has a badge, and that name and badge make a difference. Behind the creation and evolution of automotive emblems there's often tradition, folklore and mystery. So we've compiled a bit of history on the most famous automotive emblems — from Alfa Romeo to Volvo.

What does the Infiniti logo mean? ›

What Does The INFINITI Symbol Mean? INFINITI's name was inspired by the ancient infinity symbol, which was first used by mathematicians to mean unending. The mathematical infinity symbol looks a bit like a number 8 lying on its side.

What do the Audi 4 rings mean? ›

Four interlocking rings symbolised the merger of four automobile manufacturers based in the German state of Saxony: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer became Auto Union AG, then the second-largest motor vehicle manufacturing group in Germany. Here are brief details of the roots of today's AUDI AG.

What car has three diamonds? ›

The name "Mitsubishi" refers to the three-diamond emblem. "Mitsubishi" is a combination of the words 'mitsu' and 'hishi. ' Mitsu means "three." Hishi means "water chestnut," and Japanese have used the word for a long time to denote a rhombus or diamond shape.

What car brand has 4 rings? ›

That's when, in 1932, the four companies Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer joined together to form Auto Union AG, which would later become AUDI AG. And the company needed a new logo. The four interlocking rings were born.

What does the Toyota symbol mean? ›

In 1990, Toyota debuted the three overlapping Ellipses logo on American vehicles. The Toyota Ellipses symbolize the unification of the hearts of our customers and the heart of Toyota products. The background space represents Toyota's technological advancement and the boundless opportunities ahead.

What car has a lion emblem? ›

Since 1850, PEUGEOT has been represented by the Lion symbol.

Which is the No 1 car brand in world? ›

1. Mercedes- Benz. Since 1886, Mercedes-Benz has been around and doing wonders with technology and its tremendous output amongst all the other automobile companies. This car brand has always set the bar high for the other automobile companies, by consistently being on the top with its car sales and manufactures.

What car has a dragon logo? ›

Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romeo logo is arguably the best badge in the automotive business. It's elegant, sleek and filled with mystery. Until now, that is… You see, the red cross on the left is the symbol of Milan, while on the right, you'll see a dragon/snake eating a man.

What car has a diamond logo? ›

It becomes a metaphor for the company in itself. When somebody talks about the 'diamond brand', you know immediately that they mean Renault. For the past 90 years, the brand identity has been summed up by the letters in the name 'Renault' and by the diamond-shaped logo.

What is the Acura emblem? ›

The Acura logo, introduced in 1990 for the 1991 model year, is, according to Honda, a caliper — a design tool used for measuring that can also be interpreted as a skewed "H" (for Honda) or a stylised "A" (for Acura).

What does the Lexus logo mean? ›

The “L” almost looks a little like an arrow, or a curved road. According to the company, the emblem helps to symbolize the smooth curves that capture the rounded and aerodynamic quality of Lexus vehicles.

What is the Mazda symbol? ›

The Mazda logo we see today is actually a highly-styled “M” with its arms raised like wings, symbolizing the brand's “flight toward the future.” This emphasizes the wide “V” angle in the middle of the “M,” which represents the automaker's self-proclaimed creativity, vitality, flexibility, and passion.

What is the price of Audi? ›

The newest model in the Audi line-up is the Q7 with a price tag of 82.49 - 89.90 Lakh.
Audi Cars Price List (May 2022) in India.
ModelEx-Showroom Price
Audi Q7Rs. 82.49 - 89.90 Lakh*
Audi A4Rs. 40.49 - 48.99 Lakh*
Audi A6Rs. 59.99 - 65.99 Lakh*
Audi Q5Rs. 59.90 - 65.55 Lakh*
10 more rows

Who makes Infiniti? ›

Who Makes INFINITI Vehicles? INFINITI is the luxury automobile division of the Japanese manufacturer Nissan. Founded in 1989, the INFINITI headquarters is located in Yokohama, Japan and remains one of the most prestigious luxury automakers in the world.

What is a Citroen car? ›

Citroën is automobile manufacturer based in France. André-Gustave Citroën started the company in 1919 and it became the first mass-production automobile company outside the USA. Citroën was the first to create a sales and services network that goes with the automobile. Automobiles CITROËN.

Who makes the Acura? ›

Honda, the parent company, launched Acura in 1986. When Honda introduced its luxury brand to the U.S., it was originally known as Channel II.

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