20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (2023)

Babies are a major part of the game within Sims 4.

They are the heart of every household in The Sims 4, and it’s common to spend most of your energy and time with them.

What if you could make your gaming experience more enjoyable?You can do that by using the most effective baby mods and CCs for Sims 4!

We’re all in agreement that there aren’t the most ideal versions of our babies in the TS4 game.There are too many aspects missing to make it an enjoyable experience.

A lot of the time, taking care of the babies in The Sims 4 is only causing problems, which is why modifications and customized content are essential.

In this post, I’ll discuss the20 most popular baby mods and CC available for the Sims 4 that will enhance your gaming experience.

They’re all top-quality extensions that I highly recommend!


20. Solace Baby Swing-TS3 To TS4

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (1)

Then, we’ve got the fantastic baby swings, brought back to TS4 by the TS3 version!

This mod adds an actual infant swing into your gameplay, which is available at any time you’d like.

It’s a game-compatible base item that doesn’t need anything other than.It’s available for just 10 simoleons and is available in 14 colors.

Let your kids play!

19. Meeting New Siblings Will Change Relationship

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (2)

Here’s a fun one.At the point at which siblings first meet the baby, they display their gratitude and love for the baby regardless of the situation.

However, things don’t always as simple on the inside.

This is whySzemokais the one who has developed this mod, which permits children to experience negative moods at first when they interact with newborns.

This can affect their relationships later on.

18. Newborn Animation Pack For Sims 4

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (3)

I’ve always felt that the infants on the screen in Sims 4 look a bit too artificial when they’re asleep.When I first came across this Newborn Animation Pack, I was amazed!

This extension adds baby animations to the game.

The baby’s face will change as it sleeps; however, it will also move its arms and hands.

The animations appear realistic, so be sure to check them out in-game.

17. S-Club Ts4 WM Baby Pacifiers 202001

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (4)

One thing that connects all babies is their love of the pacifier.In all honesty, they’re the most adorable pacifiers I’ve ever seen for the Sims 4.

The design was done throughthe S-Clubwho first made them available on TheSimsResource.

This is the only design of the pacifier, the bear head.

There are tons of different colors to pick from.If it’s purple-blue, pink, or red, of either gender, your baby will surely love it!

16. Default Baby Skins & Outfits

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (5)

If you’re bored of the unoriginal and generic baby’s appearance on the Sims 4, I recommend making use of this mod.

It’s a vast collection of Sims 4 baby clothes and skin overlays that dramatically enhance the appearance of your children.

There are many clothing choices for male as well as female infants.

Certain clothing items have animals on them, while others are simply in shades.However, all are stunning!

15. Better Babies & Toddlers For The Sims 4

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (6)

Better Babies & Toddlers is one of the most popular Sims 4 baby mods on the internet.

It is a complete toddler and baby experience in the game that is designed to fill in those gaps created by the game’s creators.

As an example, your Sims are now experiencing different moods when they are talking to their baby.

They also have the option of taking paid time off when the child is born.

However, there are new features and styles added to make the experience truly amazing.

If there’s a mod that I’d choose to download, it’s the one listed here!

14. Baby Skin 7 By Nathalia Sims

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (7)

As for baby skins, here’s a different CC pack that may work with your children.

This is a simple CC pack that provides additional skin choices to the game, and absolutely nothing else.

This is where you can find shades of dark and light skin for your child, as well as the blue and green ones.

They look great in games So make sure you give them a go.

13. More Baby skin options for the Sims 4

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (8)

If you’re not satisfied with the way babies appear within Sims 4, I recommend you try this modification.

It provides a wide range of options for the appearance of your baby’s skin.

It includes a range of skin color options and the amount of hair the baby will have.

This pack also comes with eye colors, baby clothing, and freckles.This means you can completely personalize your baby’s look with this mod!

12. Sims 4 Ultrasound Scan Mod For Babies

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (9)

One of the most exciting experiences parents can experience is when they can see their child through an ultrasound scan.

This is also the time when the baby is born.This incredible mod created byLittleMsSamlets your Sims visit the doctor for an ultrasound test.

Furthermore, the doctor will give them the ultrasound scan format of the images, which you can see.

One of the greatest benefits is that you can hang the images on the walls of your home as a piece of art.

Get this mod and go to the gynaecologist!

11. Sims 4 Bad Parent Trait

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (10)

So far, I’ve only discussed the top Sims 4 baby mods and the CC in terms of how they enhance the gameplay.

This is, however, an extremely realistic modification I’ve attempted in the course of playing.

It’s a mod that’s called the “Bad Parent Trait Mod.” It does exactly as its name implies: it adds the potential for you or your Sim to become a poor parent.

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They will not be as successful raising their children as parents with this characteristic.

They’re more likely to cause a mess when they try to be the best they can!

Overall, it’s an excellent option to experiment with.

10. Parenting Skills For Teens: Baby Mod

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (11)

Sometimes, older sisters and brothers have to be the ones to look after their younger siblings.

When parents aren’t around, the teen Sims can help your kids learn how to accomplish it.

This can properly include all aspects of assignments.

Teenagers will develop parenting skills, and the kids can learn from them.It’s a great thing to own and essential to have.

9. Smarter Baby Care Baby Mod

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (12)

Scumbumboalso created some incredible changes to how we care for our kids on Sims 4.

This mod will ensure that you and your Sims will certainly spend more time with your child and make smart choices about how to soothe it, how often to feed it, and all the other things.

This is a lot closer to how babies are raised in the real world, and I’m compelled to recommend it to you all.

It’s an amazing addition that should be tried by everyone who has the chance!

8. Ghosts Can Have Babies

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (13)

For a long time, ghosts from The Sims 4 have been allowed to fall in love and then get married… however, they haven’t been able to become pregnant.

Then,PolarBearSimsis the one that has created the changes for us!

For those who want to play as a ghost and would liketo have the entiregame experience,we’re certain you’ll be delighted by this mod.

It lets your ghosts become pregnant and have babies.It works in the same manner as human Sims.

7. Less Success For Try For Baby

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (14)

If you don’t want an infant each time you click the “Try for Baby” option, here’s an easy fix.This baby mod softens the chance of having a baby on The Sims 4.

It puts the odds between two and three, so it’s not necessary to continuously create your babies.This means that everything feels more natural.

It’s not the main issue with babies in TS4, but it’s definitely a good option to have.I highly recommend it to everyone who doesn’t want to have new babies every WooHoo.

6. More Sims 4 Baby Options Mod

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (15)

The most effective Sims 4 baby mods and CC are great ways to spice up the gameplay.This is an excellent illustration of this!

This extension will provide you with many new activities you can do with your child.You can now read a story at bedtime to your child and sing a lullaby, or even play outside.

Whatever you want to do, this extension can fulfill it!It’s full of new baby-related interactions that are real and enjoyable.

Thanks toLaska2222for the mod’s creation and for posting the mod on TheSims.

5. Easygoing Baby For Easier Lives

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (16)

Anyone who’s had one child during The Sims 4 knows how demanding the job is!Baby Sims require other Sims to do everything.

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This is the reasonEgurehis the one who has designed this mod to make it easier for the lives of all families.

In this case, the child’s requirements are tempered.They are very easy to satisfy and allow their parents to be away for longer periods of time.

If you’d like to have your Sims become parents and also continue to live their lives as normal, make sure you download this mod!

4. Orphan Children Aren’t Deleted Mod

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (17)

There are many stories of children who cared for others.In addition,Drchillgoodhas made it possible for the Sims 4 kids to be in a position to be able to accomplish that feat by allowing them to pay their bills and care for babies.

By using this mod, it is possible for your child’s siblings to take care of them when the adult Sims aren’t present.

They are able to do a variety ofparenting tasksaside from paying bills and are perfectly able to look after children.

The mod provides an excellent gaming experience, which I highly recommend.

3. Try For Baby In Larger Households

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (18)

Who else isn’t annoyed by the limits of having babies?If you are big-hearted, we must have the number of children we’d like!

Claudia Sharon has indeed done an amazing job of removing the limit.In this way, you can have more than 25 children.

The way that this extension function is byeliminating the limitation of having just 8 Sims in a household.

You can decide to set the new limit at 10 or 16 or even 25, based on the needs of your family.You can then have all the babies you’d like!

2. Sims 4 Maxis Match Newborn Baby Clothes Mod

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (19)

Everyone is aware that babies require lots of love and affection. That’s why you should be ready to provide them!

TheMaxis Match Sims baby mod isan assortment of baby clothing that goes perfectly with any size baby.There are variations for males and females, which means you’re covered.

The greatest feature of the CC pack is that it comes with a variety of styles of baby clothes.

Therefore, you’ll receive a variety of pyjamas and everyday outfits for infants.

1. The Baby Shower Event Mod

20 Best Sims 4 Baby Mods & CC (20)

First, you must installto install the baby Shower event mod!It brings an event into the game that is well-known all around the globe.

In addition, this awesome mod allows your Sims to host baby shower celebrations whenever they are expecting.

This Shower for the Baby Shower event is a breeze to arrange and provides you with more things to do when your sibling is pregnant!Therefore, the gadget is essential!


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Compared to toddlers in the previous versions of Sims, toddlers in the Sims 4 do not drink from bottles, sleep in a crib, or crawl. The new Toddlers also walk unsteadily and may stumble sometimes, but they have improved their ability to run around the house.

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Can you customize babies in Sims 4? ›

While babies are not particularly customizable in Sims 4, players can have influence over the gender of their new arrival.

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Once your Sim gets pregnant, it's time to play with fate. To get a girl, have them eat strawberries and avoid carrots. You can find strawberries in the Willow Creek neighborhood or grow them in your garden with the Seasons expansion pack installed. However, you can only harvest strawberries in spring.

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Get one of your adult sims to bake a cake, and then click on the cake to select it. Choose the add candles option, then 'Have [toddler's name] blow out candles. ' You'll then see a pop up informing you the toddler has aged up and letting you know if you've earned any reward traits by raising them well.

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Is Sims CC safe? ›

It is perfectly safe to download mods and CC. Creators will not stick malware or viruses into their downloads. Creators create content for the game out of a genuine passion for The Sims; however, many creators host their downloads on sites that have pop-up ads.

Can I play Sims 4 on a phone? ›

It's available on both iOS and Android. EA hasn't revealed a lot about how the game will play, but the mobile release will be based on The Sims 4 “legacy challenge,” a set of self-imposed rules that task players with building and maintaining a family across generations.

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Most likely, your baby is in your house hold inventory. Go onto build mode, and over to the side there will be an open box, click that open box, and there should e a crib in your inventory. Your baby is in the crib! Hope that helped!

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They usually look like the parent that is the same sex as them. Recessive genes are present but they're extremely rarely activated. Kids may inherit genes from their grandparents but this will rarely happen if none of the parents display the trait.

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A – Yes you can!

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