20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (2023)

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Adobe Employee Benefits and Perks (San Jose, CA) Education Family Care Social Good Airbnb Employee Benefits and Perks (San Francisco, CA) Time Off Health Benefits Volunteering Apple Employee Benefits and Perks (Cupertino, CA) Discounted Devices Maternity & Paternity Leave Celebrities Atlassian Inc. (San Francisco, CA) Employee Support Ample Benefits Balancing Work & Life Cisco Employee Benefits and Perks (San Jose, CA) Social Events Birthdays Support Facebook Employee Benefits and Perks (Menlo Park, CA) Family Planning Vacation Heaven in Menlo Park Google Employee Benefits and Perks (Mountain View, CA) Pet Friendly Free Food Services HubSpot Employee Benefits and Perks (Cambridge, MA) Vacation Parental Leave 401K Indeed.com Employee Benefits and Perks (Austin, TX) Work Environment Health Benefits Meals Intel Corporation Employee Benefits and Perks (Portland, OR) Career Advancement Small Perks Healthy Living Intuit Employee Benefits and Perks (Mountain View, CA) Pet Insurance Entertainment Family Planning LinkedIn Employee Benefits and Perks (Mountain View, CA) Holidays & Family Support Finances Fitness Microsoft Employee Benefits and Perks (Redmond, WA) Education Sports Car Chargers MVF Employee Benefits and Perks (Austin, TX) Mental Health Employee Engagement Celebratory Trips Netflix Employee Benefits and Perks (Los Gatos, CA) Maternity & Paternity Leave On-Site Theater Free Lunch PayPal Employee Benefits and Perks (San Jose, CA) Health Coverage Education Giving Back Salesforce Employee Benefits and Perks (San Francisco, CA) Student Debt Ride the Wave Travel Assistance Spotify Employee Benefits and Perks (New York, New York) Music-Focused Culture Maternity & Paternity Leave Free Lunch Square Employee Benefits and Perks (San Francisco, CA) Meals Parental Leave On-Site Amenities Twitter Employee Benefits and Perks (San Francisco, CA) Charity Reimbursements and free services Celebrities The Importance of Employee Benefits and Perks Day-to-Day Employee Performance FAQs Videos

Over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has completely revolutionized attitudes to the world of work – most notably, the fact that so many jobs can be completed from the comfort of employees' own homes. This shift has meant staff now not only need more incentives to come into the office – and coupled with a chronic skills shortages in a wide range of industries and phenomena like The Great Resignation – has meant professionals are looking past salaries at what other things companies can offer.

We've looked into the specific benefits and perks of tech companies from around the world to find the companies with the best employee packages. There's a reason tech businesses are often considered to be the best companies to work for. Check out the companies below to see what employees are raving about most, and get your résumé ready if you're interested in the perks of the business.

Adobe Employee Benefits and Perks (San Jose, CA)

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Generous does not even begin to describe the perks and benefits packages at Adobe. Sure, other companies provide things like commuter programs and retail discounts, but this company goes a little bit further. From educational grants to commuter packages, this company is providing its employees with a bevy of perks that can seriously make a difference in retaining top talent.

Adobe recently created a Disaster and Epidemic Time Off Policy, which expands upon the existing Covid-19 Time Off policy and stipulates that you can take up to 20 days off a year if you're caring for family members, or experiencing vaccine side effects – and this policy also now applies to anyone experiencing difficulties with Ukraine.


First off, Adobe offers employees $10,000 per year “for tuition and books for courses, certificate programs and graduate programs that meet the program’s eligibility criteria,” according to their website. Additionally, the company allows employees to set aside pre-tax savings for their children's college education, as well as access to a college admissions and financial aid officers to make the process a little easier on their employees.

Family Care

Speaking of children, Adobe understands the importance of family, which is why they also allow employees to set aside up to $5,000 pre-tax per year for child day care expenses. They even let employees use it for elder care, in the event of an older family member needing assistance. Adobe will even chip in up to $1,200 per year to assist the child care expenses for children up to 13 years old.

Social Good

Doing something good for the world is always a good move, which is why Adobe is so committed to helping employees do just that. The San Jose-based company will match any and all donations and volunteer time up to $10,000 per year.

Best companies for perks and benefits:

  • Adobe
  • Airbnb
  • Apple
  • Atlassian
  • Cisco
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • HubSpot
  • Indeed.com
  • Intel Corporation
  • Intuit
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft
  • MVF
  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • Salesforce
  • Spotify
  • Square
  • Twitter

Airbnb Employee Benefits and Perks (San Francisco, CA)

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As one of the most successful companies in the world right now, you know Airbnb is going to have some amazing perks and benefits for employees that call it home. Yes, free snacks and flexible schedules are part of it, but there really is so much more – including the fact employees can now live and work absolutely anywhere they want.

The way Airbnb dealt with forced redundancies (25% of their workforce) due to the pressures of the covid-19 pandemic was exemplary too – and how companies deal with employees they're letting go says a lot about a company's culture. The CEO wrote a letter to employees about the decision process and created an alumni talent directory, as well as redeploying Airbnb's recruiters to help employees find new jobs.

Time Off

Airbnb employees are given the flexible option to work from home when necessary, but that's become pretty standard in the business world today. However, what isn't standard is a full two weeks vacation during the holiday months, in addition to other paid vacation days and annual travel credits. Plus, Airbnb provides 10 weeks of paternity leave and even more for maternity leave. Not too bad for a company based in one of the few developed countries in the world without mandatory programs in place for that kind of thing.

Health Benefits

Obviously having some kind of health benefits package has been a necessity for companies for decades. However, many skimp on the coverage, leading to a lot of paying out of pocket; but not Airbnb. They provide incredible comprehensive packages for health, vision, dental, and everything in between with no out of pocket expenses for employees, and only 25 percent for dependents.


There will likely be a few companies on this list that match donations and volunteer time with their dollars. However, Airbnb provides their employees with paid volunteer time to get out and make a difference in their community. Plus, they support the initiative so you can find the best place to volunteer.

Apple Employee Benefits and Perks (Cupertino, CA)

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While simply being around all those iPhones and Macbooks would be enough to make any employee drool, Apple does so much more for their employees when it comes to perks and benefits. But with a current market cap of $871 billion, they better!

Recently, in light of post-pandemic labor shortages, Apple actually upped its benefits for its retail workers, including doubling paid sick days for full-time and part-time employees, more annual vacation days, and introducing six-week paternity leave.

Discounted Devices

While just a few years ago iPhones and Macbooks were a luxury, they've become a necessity in the world today. Giving employees a 25 percent discount on these items shakes out to quite the hefty sum, particularly around the holidays. Plus, after working there for three years, you can get iPhones discounted $250 and Macbooks discounted $500. Not too shabby.

Maternity & Paternity Leave

Much like Adobe, Apple offers very generous maternity and paternity packages, with 18 total weeks for mothers and six weeks for fathers. Additionally, the company has added a four-week transition period, which will allow workers to get full-time pay while working part-time after leave is over. Apple will even pay if you're interested in having your eggs frozen to start a family sometime in the future. Now that's a new one.


Every company has social events that involved free drinks, tasty appetizers, and even some live music. However, like most things in the company's culture, Apple goes all out with these events, hiring some of the biggest names in music to perform, including Stevie Wonder, Demi Lovato, and many more.

Atlassian Inc. (San Francisco, CA)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (4)

Atlassian is a software company originally from Australia, and perhaps best known for its flagship project management software Jira (which is 20 years old this year) and corporate wiki program called Confluence – and the benefits they provide for employees are vast and varied.

Employee Support

Atlassian provides a lot of different types of employee support, including personalized care plans to maintain and improve mental health, ample educational resources including an annual learning budget, over 7,000 online courses, and a business book portal. Atlassian won't discriminate against employees who work from home either, and will provide financial support for anyone who feels like they need extra resources to make their remote working environment suitable to their needs. The company's partnership with Bright Horizons childcare, further, means staff can get backup care for their children.

Ample Benefits

Atlassian offers employees health and life insurance and pays 100% of the monthly premiums for employees and eligible dependents. Their 401(k) will allow you to save and invest as part of your income, and Atlassian even offers flexible spending and health saving accounts so employees can compile pre-tax funds.

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Balancing Work & Life

Atlassian has an employee assistance plan – which includes counseling and parenting resources – and these are available for not just employees, but members of their households too.

There's also an annual fund for fitness and wellness reimbursements designed to ensure employees are leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and Atlassian will even pay you to volunteer at a charity! Software companies do have a soft spot after all.

Cisco Employee Benefits and Perks (San Jose, CA)

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Photo: Flickr / Prayitno

Setting up shop in the Bay Area is no easy feat for startups these days. But when you're one of the biggest companies in the area, spending on your employees kind of comes with the deal. Fortunately, Cisco does not disappoint.

During Covid, Cisco employees were surveyed about their workplace experience and used this feedback to better the workplace for them – members of the senior leadership team also ran ‘check-in' sessions (some lasting 75 minutes) to address questions.

Social Events

Designated mixers and social events are a big part of a lot of companies' perk packages. But at Cisco, each department is given its own budget to do with it what they please. Whether you go out to a bar nearby or do battle at the local laser tag arena, it's up to you (and the rest of your department).


Starbucks and Cisco have something in common: they want to make sure you're celebrating your birthday right. But at Cisco, you don't get a free cup of coffee; you get a full day off. Never work on your birthday again, the way it was meant to be.

If you're feeling a little bit self-centered after a day of celebrating your existence, you've got five volunteering days throughout the year to give back – and Cisco will pay you to do it!


Paid perks and benefits are always nice. But studies have shown that a little positive reinforcement goes a long way, which is probably why Cisco has a dedicated recognition platform that allows employees to call out others for going above and beyond for the company. And they come with prizes!

There's also reimbursement available for lab fees and books for courses at universities and other accredited educational institutions. There's also support for parents regarding paternity, maternity, and adoption leave.

Facebook Employee Benefits and Perks (Menlo Park, CA)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (6)

As one of the most powerful tech companies in the world, you know Facebook & parent company Meta isn't going to disappoint on perks and benefits. They exemplify the new business model and their packages do a lot to prove that.

At the start of the pandemic, Facebook pledged to give every employee an extra $1,000 to help them through it. Last summer, the company announced that all staff members could request to work remotely permanently – something that can't be said for other tech giants like Apple.

Family Planning

This perk has made the list a few times now, and you might think it's getting old. However, Facebook's plan is above and beyond, providing four months of parental leave for mothers and fathers within the first year of the birth or adoption. Additionally, they provide up to $4,000 in “baby cash” for new parents, along with reimbursement for egg-freezing and adoption fees.


Vacation time in the U.S. has become notably less important to most companies. But at Facebook, employees get to enjoy three weeks of paid vacation per year. This obviously only applies to full-time employees, which is more than understandable for that amount of time.

Heaven in Menlo Park

The company's headquarters in Menlo Park is a veritable heaven of perks and benefits. From a full arcade and barbershop to valet parking and dry cleaning, employees are treated like royalty as long as they're in Menlo Park.

Google Employee Benefits and Perks (Mountain View, CA)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (7)

Photo: Flickr / Neon Tommy

The perks and benefits discussion started with Google. Their infamously supportive and flexible culture has spurred the recent boom of tech companies valuing employees more than their bottom line. And, from all of us, thank you!

Like Facebook, Google has given staff a one-time additional bonus – this time of $1600 – during the past two years. They've also been flexible about staff going back into the office but had to balance that with some unrest regarding the company's vaccine mandate. The freedom staff get working remotely, however, is not simply Google being nice – according to the LA Times, it saved them $1 billion in 2021.

Pet Friendly

Bring your child to work day is one thing. But on the Google campuses in San Francisco and Mountain View, you are allowed to bring your pets to work freely. Just make sure Fluffy isn't an Amazon fan.

Free Food

Google was one of the companies that inspired tech giants to start offering free food to their employees. However, in addition to the amazingly varied meals they offer, they also provide free beer and wine in the office on Fridays. Talk about TGIF!


Unlike Facebook, Google doesn't have services on-site to take care of employees. However, they do frequently have vendors that come to visit the campus to give employees haircuts, car washes, and various other services.

HubSpot Employee Benefits and Perks (Cambridge, MA)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (8)

As Boston becomes one of the major tech hubs of the country, it's no wonder why they've begun to embrace the perks and benefits mentality of the industry. Hubspot is good at keeping with the times and pledged to make 70% of advertised jobs location-agnostic by 2021.

Hubspot has three routes for staff: @office, @flex, and @home – all of which involve Hubspot catering to staff needs, wherever they are. Hubspot has their own mental health resource center too called HubCare, which has clinicians available for contact via phone, email or video chat.

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You've probably heard the phrase before and get confused whenever you do: unlimited vacation. HubSpot aims to take the stress and theneed to ask permission out of taking some time off, insisting employees simply “use good judgement” when it comes to taking vacation time. And there's no waiting period! Employees get to enjoy unlimited vacation from day one.

Parental Leave

This perk keeps making it on the list and that's because it's important! With so few companies offering something reasonable, the companies that do really stand out. HubSpot is one of those companies, with three months of leave for mothers and one month leave for fathers.


Again, this is another common perk within the list, but HubSpot's shines above the rest. By matching employee contributions at 12 percent, they are truly making a statement that their employees' future is just as important as their”s.

Indeed.com Employee Benefits and Perks (Austin, TX)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (9)

When you're one of the most popular job seeking platforms in the world, you know the importance of retaining talent. Fortunately, Indeed has taken employee care to another level with some pretty sweet perks.

Work Environment

One of the things that remote employees miss the most is the social element of working in an office. At Indeed, employees are treated to one of the most relaxing work environments in the business, with a lax dress code, collaborative team spaces, private work areas, and a social culture that turns coworkers into friends.

Health Benefits

When companies provide health insurance, there's often a catch, leading to copays and deductibles that could ruin you in the event of an accident. Fortunately, Indeed is not one of those companies, as they provide free deductible plans for all full time employees.


Food is the fuel for your brain, which is why Indeed takes the free meal ideal to the next level. With impressively catered meals and unique snacks available at all times, employees will never hit that 2:30pm wall.

Intel Corporation Employee Benefits and Perks (Portland, OR)20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (10)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (11)

As one of the few companies outside of tech hubs on this list, Intel boasts some of the most impressive tech and one of the longer runs. This explains why they're willing to spend so much on employees: they care!

As the skills shortage exacerbated the scarcity of top talent, intel didn't just hope for the best – they increased employee compensation by over $2 billion ($1 billion in pay and $1.4 billion in stock compensation) to keep dedicated staff on their books. They also surveyed all their employees about which working arrangements suited them best, and after 90% said they wanted a hybrid working arrangement, “hybrid-first” became company policy.

Career Advancement

As one of the leading technology companies out there, Intel knows the value of improving the knowledge of its employees. That's why, according to their website, they offer career advisors, mentors, networking events, workshops, tuition assistance, certifications, and internal development opportunities for everyone at the company.

Small Perks

They always say that it's the little things that make the difference at a big company, which is true when you consider that Intel provides employees with a bevy of on-site conveniences, ticket giveaways for local sporting/cultural events, travel perks, discounted shopping programs, and much more.

Healthy Living

Trying to be healthy shouldn't be a full-time job; you've already got one of those. That's why Intel provides innovative health coverage, onsite health and fitness centers, wellness programs, nutritious food options, and local community events that support a healthy lifestyle for all employees.

Intuit Employee Benefits and Perks (Mountain View, CA)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (12)

While you might think a company that deals in nickels and dimes (quite a lot of them in fact) would always be watching its bottom line, Intuit knows that taking care of its employees is the most effective way of being a successful company.

During the pandemic, Inuit “instituted a temporary time-off benefit for all employees that augments regular leave policies should they need additional time to care for family members impacted by school closures or for times they cannot perform their job remotely during the work-from-home period” and provided numerous working-from-home resources to help employees lead virtual teams successfully, keep kids engaged and stay mentally and physically fit.

There's also a wealth of mental health and medical services for Intuit employees, such as the Employee Assistance Program – which can help staff develop resilience and manage stress better, as well as deal with emotional issues like grief, anxiety, depression, or substance use issues.

Pet Insurance

No one is going to perform well at work when they're worried about their furry little friend back home. That's why Intuit makes sure to cover pets as well as dependents so you can have peace of mind for your puppy.


There's nothing better than a little fun thanks to work, which is why Intuit provides the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of entertainment options. Examples include movie tickets, broadway show tickets, tickets for theme parks such as Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Orlando Resort, Six Flags Adventure, and Wild Safari, E-tickets for LEGOLAND, Six Flags, and even SeaWorld.

Family Planning

While some companies feel burdened by employees building a family, Intuit takes care of their own by providing thorough benefits for new children. From parental leave and adoption reimbursement programs to backup day care centers and Well Minds life guidance class, you'll be ready to start a new family, no problem.

LinkedIn Employee Benefits and Perks (Mountain View, CA)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (13)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (14)Retaining talent is hard, and no one knows that more than LinkedIn. As perhaps the most recognizable job searching platform in the world, LinkedIn wants to keep its employees more than anyone else, which is why they offer such great benefits.

LinkedIn has lots of useful employee initiatives such as InDay which, as the company states, means you can set aside one Friday every month to focus on “yourself, our company, or the world”. It also pioneered several covid-specific initiatives like LiftUp, a resource platform and event series created in the name of global company well-being.

Holidays & Family Support

Folks, I think we have a winner. In addition to the generous vacation time, LinkedIn recognizes 17 national holidays, giving employees plenty of time off to spend with their families for any number of important holidays.

In addition to this, LinkedIn provides a wealth of support services for employees that have fallen on hard times or are going through major life events. There's fertility and adoption assistance, childcare, eldercare, and pet car subsidy, as well as paid parental leave and survivor support.


Paying a hefty salary is one thing. But if your employees don't know how to handle their cash, what's the point? That's why LinkedIn provides employees with financial classes that can help them set budgets and invest.


On-site gyms are nice, but they often lack the machines you want or the convenience you need. Fortunately, LinkedIn provides employees with a $2,000 “Perk Up” bonus that can go towards fitness classes, massages, and even child care.

Microsoft Employee Benefits and Perks (Redmond, WA)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (15)

When your founder is one of the richest men in the world (depending on what Jeff Bezos is up to that day), you know that you're going to get some awesome perks. Microsoft delivers on this promise with a few pretty great benefits for their employees.

Many companies recognized during the pandemic that benefits and perks can only go o far – financial support is what a lot of staff really needed. That's why Microsoft gave all employees a one-time monetary gift of $1,500 in the summer of 2021. Microsoft has and continues to offer flexible working schedules for staff, subsidized and discounted childcare, and backup care for children, adults, and elderly members of employees' families.


Improving your career is easy for employees, thanks to Microsoft.In addition to “tuition and textbook reimbursement for approved work-related courses, they offer amazing internal resources such as technical, management and professional development classes, a visiting speaker series, TechFest and even their own library,” according to their website.


Providing on-site gyms and exercise stipends is one thing, but sometimes you just want to go outside and have some fun. In a unique move, Microsoft allows employees to check-out footballs, basketballs, bocce balls, and even bicycles for anything during the day.

Car Chargers

Going green can be hard when your employer isn't on board. But Microsoft is so green that they provide employees with electric car chargers so that they won't have to rush home to get a jump.

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MVF Employee Benefits and Perks (Austin, TX)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (16)

When you're voted one of the best mid-sized companies to work for, you can bet it offers some serious benefits for its employees beyond being flexible around employees working arrangements in light of the pandemic.

MVF – which is actually Tech.co's parent company – emphasizes its commitment to providing employee benefits like healthcare and financial stability rather than “perks” like ping pong tables and arcade machines – in hopes of avoiding the tech industry stigma of flash over substance.

Mental Health

Providing healthcare benefits is one thing, but MVF takes it a step further by providing “a free helpline that offers 24/7 phone support and legal advice for MVFers and their families, plus free counseling sessions,” according to Bjorn Zellweger, CEO of MVF US. Additionally, the company makes a point to offer free wellbeing programs, like biweekly yoga classes, in an effort to make employees feel more at home while at work.

Employee Engagement

Speaking of feeling at home while at work, MVF is big on employee engagement. Whether its at planned social events, in “clubs like wine and cheese, bingo, board game, movie and book clubs,” or on the company's socially-focused Slack channels, MVF is built on a culture of camaraderie, which isn't easy to do with more than 500+ employees.

Celebratory Trips

Just because MVF focuses on prioritizing benefits over perks doesn't mean there aren't some serious perks to working at the company. One prime example is that once MVF reaches its revenue goal, the entire company is invited on an all-inclusive trip to Ibiza, Spain for a fun weekend with coworkers. It's not a retreat, employees don't have to attend classes or seminars, and yes, partying is encouraged!

Netflix Employee Benefits and Perks (Los Gatos, CA)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (17)

As one of the most successful, paradigm-shifting companies of the 21st century, you better bet Netflix takes care of its employees. The streaming giant provides a comparatively impressive level of flexibility for employees, as well as a stellar perks and benefits package that stands on its own.

Maternity & Paternity Leave

Despite being based in one of the few countries that doesn't provide maternity or paternity leave to citizens, Netflix has one of the most robust plans in the world. The streaming company offers a full year of maternity and paternity leave for employees, and even offered an unlimited option a few years ago, before opting to change to a year.

On-Site Theater

When you're creating some of the most watched movies and television shows, it's safe to say your employees deserve a taste. Fortunately, the company agrees, which is why it built a 200-seat movie theater in its Los Gatos office so that employees can watch Netflix movies and television shows on the big screen.

Free Lunch

It may see like a trivial addition to such a stellar perks package, but you can never underestimate the value of a good lunch, which is why Netflix offers them to their employee free of charge. Plus, with plenty of free snacks on site, you could save a bundle on meals while enjoying a healthy diet.

PayPal Employee Benefits and Perks (San Jose, CA)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (18)

PayPal has been around for years and there's a reason; they know how to take care of their employees. Retaining talent is a great way to ensure success, and PayPal has done so in a way that some companies dream of.

PayPal has a whole portal for benefits relating to Covid-19, including guides to help you manage your money during uncertain times like the pandemic, information about flexible working arrangements that can help facilitate staff caring for family members, at-home learning resources, and much more.

Health Coverage

Even when a company provides free coverage, it can be hard to know what you're getting with all the options. That's why PayPal, in addition to paying for coverage, also helps employees out with Stanford Navigator that helps employees research providers and health conditions, and make informed decisions about health care.


Improving technology is everyone's job, particularly at a company like PayPal. That's why they offer education programs to really get ahead, likethe Emerging Leadership Program and Technology Leadership Program, a 2-year rotational program offered to qualified superstar technologists.

Giving Back

Being charitable is easy for big companies, but PayPal wants to get their employees in on the fun, which is why they match donations and volunteer time. They also promote skills-based volunteering that can help you grow while helping the community.

Salesforce Employee Benefits and Perks (San Francisco, CA)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (19)

Numbers don't lie — just ask Salesforce. They've got the finger on the pulse of the everyday employee, which is why their perks and benefits packages are riddled with great ideas and unique changes.

In the wake of Covid-19, salesforce expanded their family care leave, offered a one-time payout for covid expenses, and even provided hotel rooms for employees who needed to isolate away from their family home. They also provided an extra $250 per employee for office tools and equipment and increased backup childcare offerings.

Salesforce instated a similar policy to Hubspot, creating three different ‘types' of working arrangement (Flex, Fully-Remote, and Office-Based) for employees to choose from.

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Student Debt

At this point in the game, pretty much every new candidate has a bounty of student debt hanging over their head. Fortunately, Salesforce knows this and offers student debt refinancing services to help out.

Ride the Wave

The Ride the Wave initiative at Salesforce is designed to congratulate and celebrate employees that make it to the one, three, five, ten, and fifteen-year mark at the company. Between awesome prizes and fun badges, who wouldn't want to work there?

Travel Assistance

Salesforce is committed to ensuring that employees travel with the knowledge needed for a safe trip. To accomplish this, the Corporate Security team utilizes a variety of internal resources, private corporations and government agencies to maintain oversight of worldwide events that may impact employees traveling on business.

Spotify Employee Benefits and Perks (New York, New York)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (20)

Spotify is one of the largest music-streaming companies in the world, and they take that role seriously by providing a truly impressive set of benefits and perks to their employees. And with unfettered access to the world of music, those perks can be pretty cool.

But aside from exciting, music-based opportunities, there's an employee assistance program and a self-care hub, and extensive learning opportunities available through GreenHouse, the company's dedicated team for such. As Covid continued into 2021, Spotify was quick to get with the times and instate a working from anywhere policy, giving employees complete freedom over where they complete their work.

Music-Focused Culture

As you might imagine, the music-focused culture of Spotify is substantial. From employee jam sessions to epic concerts, the music streaming giant makes music a big part of the back end of the company in addition to the front end. Conference rooms are even named after famous music venues to drive the message home even further – although you'll also get the opportunity to visit real music venues, festivals and events as a staff member.

Maternity & Paternity Leave

While it's not as robust as Netflix's year-long option, Spotify still offers a decidedly impressive six months off for maternity and paternity leave for parents to get a good footing before coming back to work. The company even offers to pay for fertility treatment, like egg-freezing, so that employees won't incur those additional costs.

Free Lunch

Seriously, who doesn't love a free lunch? Granted, a large chunk of the tech industry subscribes to the use of this perk to keep employees happy. Still, Spotify takes that trend to heart by offering free lunch daily, as well as an array of snacks to keep employees fat and happy!

Square Employee Benefits and Perks (San Francisco, CA)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (21)

This up-and-coming company didn't get to where it is today by treating its employees poorly, that's for sure. Square has made a name for itself with its innovative technology and its commitment to retaining quality talent at its organization.

Square dealt with the shift to remote working quite well and provided a number of resources for employees with tips on how to homeschool kids and deal with increased levels of self-isolation brought about by the pandemic.


Yes, some companies offer the occasional catered lunch or even a social event out on the town. But at Square, employees are privileged to free, freshly made meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Talk about a deal!

Parental Leave

Square sets itself apart from other companies when it comes to parental leave by offering the same for mothers and fathers. Plus with up to three to four months off, any family will be prepared to take on the world.

On-Site Amenities

Working in the Square office is obviously nice because of the free food, but it goes so far beyond that. They also haveon-site chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage specialists, along with yoga and meditation classes.

Twitter Employee Benefits and Perks (San Francisco, CA)

20 Best Companies for Employee Benefits & Perks 2022 (22)

The 280-character social media company is often in the news for dealing with harassment on its platform. However, their office couldn't be a more supportive place for employees of all levels, as is evident from the perks and benefits package.

Twitter was one of the first global tech companies to say that employees could work from home forever, making the new working world order enforced by covid a permanent fixture of Twitter's workplace. The decision came after Twitter surveyed the company and found that the vast majority of staff wanted to work from home for at least most of the week.


Giving back is a big factor in talented candidates deciding on a company, and Twitter more than delivers. In addition to donation matching, twice a year the company goes on a #FridayForGood trip to help out a community in need.

Reimbursements and free services

Twitter has reimbursements available for staff that many companies don't offer. For instance, some employees at Twitter can claim back up to $1,200 per year in phone bills, and can claim up to $60 a month back for gym and fitness classes.

No matter your tax bracket, doing laundry is a hassle you can do without. That's why Twitter offers its employees free laundry and dry cleaning services, because a clean employee is a happy employee.


It's no secret that Twitter is the voice of the people, but it's also the voice of celebrities, which leads to a wide range of drop-ins and talks from notable speakers like Lena Dunham, Hillary Clinton, and many more.

The Importance of Employee Benefits and Perks

Why are these companies giving away so many perks and benefits, far beyond the expected rewards of salary and basic legal requirements? Because it makes business sense – and even more so during a global pandemic.

With so many professionals leaving their posts or searching for workplaces that match their desired working arrangements, perks, benefits and general flexibility have taken on renewed importance, especially as a metric to decide between companies offering similar salaries.

Investing in your employees, and showing them you care about their happiness and wellbeing is the best way to manage and boost employee performance – and make remote workers feel appreciated. If you treat your staff as the valuable asset that they are, in return, they will put more effort into their work and be more loyal to the business out of genuine affection and respect. This is a sustainable way to ensure staff work hard.

This increase inproductivityandemployee retentionwill pay off inhigher profitsas well as company leaders feeling rewarded by the good karma and stronger relationships at work. You’ll also be able torecruit talented employees more easily, as the best workers will want to work for the most rewarding business.

The twenty companies above all understand this, making them great places to work and more successful businesses because of it.

Day-to-Day Employee Performance

Once you’ve laid the foundation for happy, motivated employees, how do you encourage their performance and allow for personal growth on a daily and weekly basis?

Performance management software can help bring out the full potential of each employee, through clear structure and data-driven progress tracking. It’s really useful software for the finer details of productivity, allowing employees and managers alike to understand what works and what doesn't.

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If you're interested in performance management software for your company, we can help! With Tech.co, you'll be able to find the right software for you at the right price thanks to our in-depth research, which you can find here.


What benefits do employees value most 2022? ›

What to Know About Employee Benefits Trends of 2022:
  • Increasing Healthcare Costs.
  • More Employee Voluntary Benefits.
  • Providing Support for Lingering COVID-19 Effects.
  • More Focus on Employee Mental Health.
  • Building More Savings & Retirement.
  • Expanding Paid Leave Policies.
  • Embracing New Technology.
May 27, 2022

What companies have the best health benefits? ›

Top Companies Providing the Best Healthcare Benefits
  • Boston Consulting Group. ...
  • Ultimate Software. ...
  • FactSet Research Systems. ...
  • NuStar Energy. ...
  • Kimley-Horn and Associates. ...
  • Nugget Market. ...
  • Perkins Coie. ...
  • Arthrex.

What jobs offer the best perks? ›

12 Companies With the Most Luxurious Employee Perks
  • Airbnb's free vacations. ...
  • Reebok's Crossfit classes. ...
  • Genentech's onsite spa and car wash. ...
  • Spotify's free egg freezing. ...
  • Netflix's unlimited parental leave. ...
  • Ikea's paid parental leave, even for part-timers. ...
  • Goldman Sachs' All-Night Scavenger Hunt.
Oct 9, 2017

Which company has the best work life balance? ›

The 14 Companies With The Best Work-Life Balance
JobsSearch Shopify jobs
Work-Life BenefitsAsynchronous Unlimited PTO
51 more rows

Which company pays the highest salary? ›

Highest Paying Companies in India
  • Google.
  • Adobe.
  • Juniper.
  • Microsoft.
  • Intel.
  • Cisco.
  • Infosys.
  • Tata Consultancy Services.
Jun 16, 2022

Which company is best place to work? ›

The Top 10
RankCompany NameIndustry
1CiscoInformation Technology
3Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.Retail
4SalesforceInformation Technology
6 more rows

Who is the largest employer in the United States 2022? ›

A largest employer by state 2022 industry breakdown for all states shows that retail, health care and education remain the primary employee sectors. From 2018-2022, Walmart has reportedly held out at number one of 22 states based on the highest worker count.

What benefits do employees want the most? ›

Above everything, they're looking for time away from work. Paid time off, flexibility/remote working options and paid family leave are the top non-insurance benefits employees want, according to a new survey of 1,500 U.S. workers by benefits provider Unum.

What employees want most in 2022? ›

A salary that contributes to their financial wellness; a sense of safety and stability; opportunities for learning, growth, and career development. All these things are fundamental in order to build a workplace that employees will love and want to stay in. But they're not enough by themselves.

What benefits are most popular with employees? ›

The most desirable employee benefits
  • Flexible hours. Next on the list is flexible working. ...
  • Flexible annual leave. Another highly valued benefit is that of flexible annual leave. ...
  • Free food and drink. ...
  • Training and development. ...
  • Paying for professional subscriptions. ...
  • A good working environment. ...
  • Life insurance. ...
  • Wellness packages.

Which company has the best 401k match? ›

Apple is one of the top employers with the best 401(k) matching contributions for employees. Apple matches 50% of the first 6% of eligible pay contributed to the plan for the first two years of service.

What are the 4 major types of employee benefits? ›

Traditionally, most benefits used to fall under one of the four major types of employee benefits, namely: medical insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, and disability insurance.

Does Amazon have good benefits? ›

In addition to fair pay, employees have opportunities to own Amazon stock, participate in 401(k) plans with company match, and enroll in paid life and accident insurance. Financial counseling and estate planning services are also available, plus paid short-term and long-term disability if needed.

What benefits do employees value most? ›

The most sought-after employee benefits are:
  • Paid time off. ...
  • Flexible hours. ...
  • Paid family leave. ...
  • Four-day work week. ...
  • Free food in the office. ...
  • Student loan assistance. ...
  • Pet insurance/pet friendly offices. ...
  • Fitness perks. Gyms and yoga studios have certainly struggled during the pandemic.

What company has the best retirement benefits? ›

  1. ConocoPhillips (COP) ConocoPhillips has a generous employee matching program—it automatically pays a 6% match after you invest 1% of your income. ...
  2. The Boeing Company (BA) ...
  3. Amgen Inc. ...
  4. Philip Morris International Inc. ...
  5. Citigroup Inc.

How much does Amazon match on 401k? ›

Amazon 401(k) Plan

For every $1 of employee contribution you make (up to 4% of your eligible pay), Amazon will contribute $0.50 to your account in the form of matching contributions. You can get up to a 2% match.

Is it better to have a pension or 401k? ›

Pensions offer greater stability than 401(k) plans. With your pension, you are guaranteed a fixed monthly payment every month when you retire. Because it's a fixed amount, you'll be able to budget based on steady payments from your pension and Social Security benefits. A 401(k) is less stable.


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